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Naomi Vond: "Mom of the MI" | 2016 - Present

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Update: The Devil's Tattoo Edition!

"There is no peace here, war is never cheap, dear. Love will never meet here, it just gets sold for parts."



-Format Updated - Organized by Faction


-Cassidy DuBauer - Added

-Peter Mgabi - Added

-Cassie Newman - Added

-Berndt Reinmann - Minor Update

-Sam Costa - Moved to Graveyard

-Ainslie DeClare - Moved to Graveyard

-Mayumi Asuka - Moved to Past

-June O'Riley - Moved to Past



Just a month overdue!

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Update: 'Staying Edition'

"As dark comes the night, we all die young."



-Adm. Jeremy Nash | Moved from 'Past' + Update ;)

-Krzysztof Lu | Added
-Molly Keymeulen | Added
-Dexter Sorrenson | Added
-Max Sable | Added
-Floyd Barrett | Added
-Scott McGowan | Added



General Information:

-Professional Status Updated

-Timeline / Service Record Updated

- Unit Updated


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