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Kylie "Selene" Alexandria - "Zero Fucks"


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Face Claim: Stephanie Joosten

Theme Song: Highly Suspect - Human

Battle Song: System of a Down - Aerials












Overcoming conflicts and moving forward in a positive direction. One needs to keep going on and through sheer hard work and commitment he will be victorious.


When the Chariot card is upright in a Tarot reading, it stands for perseverance, a journey, a rushed decision, adversity, and vengeance. The Chariot card meaning in a Tarot reading is the uniting the opposites. It implies a new motivation to get a stagnant situation moving. It symbolizes that victory is coming and that you are one hundred percent in control of making it happen. You've got this. When the Chariot card is reversed in a Tarot reading, it symbolizes defeat, failure, and being vanquished. It also indicates feelings of being out of control and not on top of a situation. It might also mean it is time to reassess your wants, desires, and goals and make sure everything is in alignment with your best interests. Only then can you forge ahead.





Callsign & Goddess Information:


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In Greek mythology, Selene (/sɪˈlni/; Ancient Greek: Σελήνη [selɛ̌ːnɛː] "Moon") is the goddess of the moon. She is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, and sister of the sun-god Helios, and Eos, goddess of the dawn. She drives her moon chariot across the heavens.In classical times, Selene was often identified with Artemis, much as her brother, Helios, was identified with Apollo. Selene and Artemis were also associated with Hecate, and all three were regarded as lunar goddesses, but only Selene was regarded as the personification of the moon itself. Her Roman equivalent is Luna.







General Information
 Kylie S. Alexandria
Callsign: "Selene"
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Weight: 142lbs.
Height: 5'5''
Hair Color: Ebony
Eye Color: Blue
Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden
Accent: Heavy Scandinavian
Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Married to her Mk. II AEGIS
Demeanor: Cold Professionalism | Isolated
Reputation/Known Facts: The newest in a long line of Marauders, Kylie is the younger sister to the distinguished 'Artemis' of the original 112th Marauder Division. 
Notes: Carrying herself with an aura of cold professionalism, Kylie is projected as the embodiment of focus and commitment to the objective. Displaying uncomfort or uncertainty in prolonged social interaction, the girl clearly has proving herself at the forefront of her mind. To an astute mind, the unending weight residing on her shoulders is something that doesn't seem to be going anywhere.


Health & Status
Mental Illnesses: N/A - Social Anxiety
Physical Disabilities: N/A
Mental State: Stable - Driven


Professional Information
 47th Mobile Infantry
Platoon: First Platoon - Marauder Division
Rank: Specialist
Role: Marauder - Heavy Combat Support
Position: Fire Support
Former: Lance Corporal - 88th Mobile Infantry Div.
WEAPON(S): M134 Heavy Minigun | Spitfire HMG | Y-Rack | Fists
OUTFIT: Mark II AEGIS Suit |  Standard MI BDU's & Tactical Vest w/ Trauma Plate Inserts.
SPECIALIZATIONS: Marauder Mk II AEGIS Operations | Y-Rack | Spitifre HMG | Mark III Morita Variant

-General Specialization
-Weapon Specialization (x1)

-Unit Citation for Bravery (88th Mobile Inf. )

-Completion of Marauder Candidacy

Prior Occupation: Student | Bartender
Known Languages: English, Swedish


Education & Training:

-High School Diploma

-Completion of Basic Training - Mobile Infantry

-Completion of Marauder Candidacy






Sanity Trusted Respected Warming Up | Neutral | WTF? | Disliked Hated


Kristina Sigrun: "My Lieutenant. She is a tried and hardened Marauder and a role model. She was damaged heavily on my first drop with her. I hope we will have the chance to fight beside each other again. She knew my older sister and the Alexandria name and seems to have taken an interest in my progression because of it. I don't know if she is responsible for me being assigned here, but she was waiting for me. I hope I live up to my name - Her name."


Aaron Holtz "The Master Sergeant for the 112th Mobile Infantry. My first interaction with this man was right after I arrived on ship and was discharged from Medical. It was him running into the Marauder Bay  screaming at Lieutenant Sigrun about 'is it true?' - I did not think he was stable. After being on the receiving end of uncomfortable staring, I understand now that he knew my sister, Sonja. It is very strange being in the same place as her, I do not think it was an accident that I was assigned here. He is odd but his company is nice. I think he really liked her, to engrave his helmet and hold onto her jacket after so long.. Is this what having a brother is like?"


Ajax Drivas"Marauder. Battle Brother. I don't know him well, which is mostly my fault because I have this annoying inability to be able to socialize on the ship.. We've dropped a couple times together now and for some reason it's always him that I end up fighting side by side with. He seems competent. I'd like to maybe get to know him more, I just have to figure out how you talk to people first, apparently that's a thing. I don't know how long he's been with the 112th for. He's taken an invested interest in becoming my 'friend' - I do not know the requirements of this role. He says to 'be a good person' so that is where I have directed my efforts."



Journal Logs - Charles H. Upham:


Entry 1)


"I feel strange being in this place. It's not the Audie Murphy but the walls don't make a home - the people do. This was "HER" home and her friends and crew. I know I wasn't sent here by accident, that's not how they work. I was told "Alexandria, you're being reassigned to a prestigious unit that lost a Marauder and needs replacement" - I thought it was the chance to finally prove myself, to live up to the Alexandria name and earn my callsign- I was an idiot. I became an involuntary traitor and a pawn for my superiors, a heavily armored Knight that would one day be sent to die to protect the more important piece standing next to it.. War is a hell I never had any plans of living through.'


I've never had friends before. 

I've never had time for that.

When the news came to us that she was Killed In Action, I had just finished High School and Dad wasn't a Marauder like mom and those before her but even he understood why I was doing it. "The Alexandria line is an honorable one, Kylie. If you do this, do it for real" they told me. Eighteen years old, I enlisted straight out of school and since that day I have dedicated my entire life to filling her shoes and carrying the name that she helped create.


I'm surprised that this many years later there's still people who remember her and served with her. Master Sergeant Holtz and her- they were close, at least that's what I've been told. She didn't write home much when I was growing up. When she did it was always about finishing school, keeping mother and father out of trouble and making something of myself, never about her friends. He's a strange man, the Master Sergeant. I've seen those eyes before a handful of times- he's seen things, things that should never be seen. I hope he can work through them some day. I don't want to admit it but I think I've started to trust him.


I've been having dreams lately, visions or something. I can't make them stop. I see things, things that aren't there, things that haven't happened. I don't know what triggers them but they're getting harder to hide, harder to wake up from. I'll be deep in conversation and then when I wake up, I'm grabbing someone- like the Master Sergeant. When did you get here? How did you get here? I've known people with PTSD, they saw things too- but.. but this is different. I have to control them, I need to suppress it and like Holtz said- stop overthinking. They'll lock me up if they find out, take away my suit and stick needles in my eyes. Did "she" see things too? Why didn't you tell me, Sonja? I was young but you could've prepared me.."


Entry 2)


"It has been some time since I last made an entry. Much has changed and very little of it has been for the better. I have since been promoted multiple times to the rank of Specialist. I do not know what I did to earn the promotions so I am unsure if I will be able to repeat the actions. Lieutenant Sigrun appears to have made a full recovery from her injuries weeks ago. I have been deployed on multiple drops since my last entry, the majority of which I was sent into to provide support to ground forces after they came under heavy assault. 


I feel at home on the battlefield.

There is no need for manners or smiles.

Nobody wishes to know who you are or where you're from.

There is a simplicity in the face of overwhelming odds and the possibility of death. It is a simplicity that I admire. I was never good at socializing and all of my attempts end up with me saying something awkward that does not add value to the conversation. These are skills I was not taught during my childhood or during any of my extensive training. I wonder if she had so much difficulty socializing and making friends? Seeing as how many people know of her and admire her, I do not believe she shared the same difficulty.


We have a new battle frame that the Senior Marauders were instructed to prototype and field test. It is known as the "mini-barbar" suit and appears to have significantly increased firepower and support capabilities than that of the standard Mark II Aegis. Despite these advantages, I do not like it. It is larger, bulky. It does not have hands. If your weapons malfunction or you are required to retrieve casualties or stationary objective-based items. Or if you are required to open bulkhead doors or any other action that requires .. thumbs - you are a liability and cannot conduct those actions. If the new suit is standardized, I will request not to use it unless for scenario-specific operations where a sole focus on fire support is required.


I had another incident with Drivas. I have attempted to limit my contact with other Marauders in the event what happened with Holtz occurs again. Drivas has made it a point to 'get to know me' and due to the increase in interactions, it was only a matter of time until it happened again. I do not think he will mention the incident, as I convinced him I was merely distracted. 


When you spend your entire life focused on a specific goal with nothing else in mind, making no effort to have a personal life, this is the outcome. You become a shell, someone people do not want to talk to, someone who is blind and crippled in the field of social interaction. I will continue to try and remedy this as I 'want' friends, I just don't think I'll be a very good one. I'm not eager for death, it's not something I am actively searching for or have a desire to meet. I simply don't fear it in the ways that other people do, I have nothing keeping me here. My purpose is to save and support as many lives on the field until I no longer can. When it finally happens though, I hope I make her proud.."



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Update - Beep Boop Edition!



-Callsign/Goddess Lore Added



-Journal log #2 added



-Minor relationship updates


General Information:

-Callsign Added

-Rank Updated 

-Weaponry Updated 

-Specializations added.

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