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Former Sky Marshall Ortiz was forced to resign, our truth has been broadcasted to all Iskander local media, and possibly the entirety of FEDNET at this point. We have returned to the Federation.


Our goal has been reached; our journey to prove ourselves innocent has came to a close, and now we're home..

Your effort and perseverance has made this day a reality and now we can continue on what we signed up for.

The family we lost before, now have their names cleared;

The comrades that couldn't be here, now can rest easy knowing we are now home.


When this all started we all signed an Oath; to keep our integrity as the 112th and continue following the beliefs and disciples of the Federation.

You all have followed up with this end of the deal and now it's time for us, the high command to follow up with our end.

Those wishing to retire, may. Granted with Citizenship.


Those that chose to stay with us, we won't have any breaks. The Federation has us set course back to the AQZ, where we will be assisting the Morita Battalions there.

It's time for us to set our foot in the Third Bug War.



[Pick out a form and fill it out, for retirement. Approval from Major Asper is required.]

((Just sign off your characters name at the replies. This is a Character PK and will not be able to bring these characters back.))





Elaine Asper


Alpha Company Commander

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