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Medical + MIPOD: Where we are, and where are we going?


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So, children.


I plan to work closely with Latias in regards to Medical and MIPOD relations, with exercises and fun little shit planned.


Latias and myself have come to an arrangement, and there will be a MIPOD psychic therapy/training room within the Medical Bay quite soon, and more is to follow with this.


and, take notes here.


If you wish to stay in MIPOD, you have to show some sort of drive. If this is just ‘another’ character you have on your selection page, and not someone actively seeking to further their own character via abilities and storyline, I’m afraid you won’t have a place in the division. You take up a slot. Make sure you make that a positive contribution.


And, as always, please message me if you have any questions or concerns.

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