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Henry Daemon Westfield | "Your local designated gunner." |


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Henry Westfield

((// 2017 - Present ))


Henry Westfield, age 19. Summer camping trip, photo taken by Elliot Westfield.




(Commonly Known) Basic Information:



Name: Henry Daemon Westfield
Nicknames: West
Age: 24
D.O.B: September 22, 2274
Close Kin: 
Elliot Westfield (Father) - Alive
Amelia Westfield (Mother) - Alive
Maya Westfield (Younger Sister) - Alive
Shaun Westfield (Older Brother) - Alive
Homeworld: Terra
Place of Birth: Texas, Houston - Terra
Hair Color: Black, with a hint of brown.
Accent: Westfield has a Texan accent, however, it isn't very noticeable most of the time.
Build and Stature: Westfield is athletic overall, with a decent amount of muscle. He is well balanced between strength and agility overall, leaning towards agility more than sheer strength.
Mobile Infantry:
Current Rank: Corporal - Promoted 07/03/2299
Highest Obtained Rank: Corporal, obtained October 2nd, 2296
Combat Roles: Rifleman, SAW Gunner, (former) Designated Marskman
Date of Enlistment: 
August 22nd, 2296 - October 20th, 2296 112th, Audie Murphy.
Reinstated in the 112th June 30th, 2299, Charles H. Upham
Promoted 07/03/2299 to Lance Corporal
Promoted 08?/12/2299 to Corporal
(Past and Current) Weapon Certifications: MK1 Morita, MK1 Morita DMR, MK2 Morita SAW, MK3 Morita, MK3 Morita SAW

Backstory: (( I'll re-write this up when I don't feel lazy. At the moment, I don't feel like re-writing this. ))





Personal Relationships
Relations: Loved Admired Respected Like Family, Brethren  Good Friends Friends Liked Aquaintance | Neutral | Mixed Dislikes Hates Fears


--[[Mobile Infantry]]--


Naomi Vond - "Ah yes, the infamous Vond. I was surprised to see her when I returned to the 112th. After all these years, she's still around and kicking! Still her happy, mood uplifting self. I first met Vond aboard the Audie Murphy, back when I was a Private. She was my NCO, leading our teams during drops and rescuing the poor fellows who got injured. Sometimes even both, heh. Even back then, I looked up to her. She always seemed happy and I like to believe it made other people happy. It sure made me happier, at least. Now, three years later, I meet her again. I'm glad she's here with us. Naomi is a happy, genuinely caring person, and I'd like to get to know her more. I guess you could say she is God's gift to this unit, in a way, if there even is a God. Never change for the worse, Vond. It's good to have you here."


Aaron Holtz - "Aaron, Aaron. We go back quite a while. I first met him aboard the Murphy. Aaron is a talented soldier, and a good person, even if he doesn't always realize that. He may appear cold, but inside he's caring and warm. Like many others, he took me under his wing and gave me advice, lectured me and the sort (Man, he really is the dad of the MI). He is a long time vet, having been a veteran even when I first enlisted. Naturally, he has gone trough a lot of shit. It seems that getting our name cleared and Vond returning really cheered him up. For the first time, I see him actually happy. It's good to see that. Lord knows he deserves it. I was glad to see him aboard the Upham when I returned, and I hope to talk to him more."


Rodrick Oakwood - "Rodrick is a Sergeant I met aboard the Upham. One of the first people I met and befriended here. We got to know each other during the drop to prove the 112th's innocence and expose Sky Marshall Ortiz. We seem to get along really well, and I'm happy about that. I like his company and its fun to talk to him. He even re-trained me for the MK3 SAW, which I really appreciate. I'll write up on this more as I get to know him better."


07/09/2299: "I've warmed up to him a lot more, and I feel comfortable with him in command. He can get the task done, and is competent overall. Glad to have him with us. Though, you need to get laid, man, heh."


Jackie Knoxx "Jackie... also a veteran from the Murphy days. She, well-- she changed, a lot. For the better, I'd say. She was an enlisted trooper, just like I was. Constantly kept getting into trouble it seemed, because her behavior and attitude were more that of a teenagers. You'll understand then why I was surprised to see her not only alive, but at the rank of Sergeant. I got to talk to her, and it seems that she, similarly to me, grew up and matured over the years. Though, I can't help but feel that she went trough something particularly traumatizing, as she doesn't feel comfortable talking about the days of the Murphy and in-between now. I'm happy that she matured as a personality, but I hope that whatever caused it won't ruin her daily life after she retires, as she is planning to do now. Hell, to complicate things, just as soon as we got to talk and I mentioned how she is still alive and fine after all these years, she loses a limb. Don't die, Jackie. Not till you retire."


Brooke Greene - "Brooke, a gal who has seemingly recently joined up with us, just like myself. I got to know her in the tower at Hoy, and she seemed like a pretty cool person. Little did I know that two days later she'd be saving my ass in the same tower. I don't even know this gal that well, and she comes running down the stairs and /bridal carries/ me over to the dropship like it's nothing. I honestly don't even know what to say. We have barely even talked and you risked everything to save my life.  My memories of the few moments after I fell down the building are all hazy still, yet I remember this bright as day. You quite literally saved my life, and for this I will be forever grateful. Thank you, sincerely."


Valerie Faust - "Yup, another Audie Murphy veteran. I never really got to know her that well, but I did and still do consider her as a friend. We met aboard the Murphy, and went on quite a few drops together. She is an interesting person. Has a German accent, and largely keeps to herself. However, I like that about her. She doesn't try to be someone who she isn't. She's just... herself, I guess you could say. Maybe we'll get to know each other better, I hope so, at least."


Berivan Seydar - "A Rookie trooper, seems to have joined the 112th almost the same day I came back. I haven't gotten to know her that well yet, but the times we talked, she seemed like a nice person. She seems to have a good mood all the time, and is actually pretty interesting to talk to. I'm sure that with time I'll get to know her better."


07/09/2299: "A while has passed, and, honestly, she's all right. Quite a friendly face, keeps people's spirits high, and takes care of them. For what she lacks in skill and experience, she makes up with her character. I'm sure she'll get better and find her strong-point in the MI. Seems to have already done so; she has joined the engineering detachment. Good for you, Seydar. One thing bugs me, she doesn't exactly seem like the person you'd find in the middle of a war. I hope you stay alive till the end of  your career."



--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--



(KIA) Lauritz Villano - Lauritz... Lauritz was one of the first people I met aboard the Audie Murphy. I think he was the first, actually. He was new himself, however, he showed me around the ship and we became friends. Over the months, we got fairly close. Then, during one drop in some research institute underground, he got killed by a bug. He got snatched around the corner, and we couldn't shoot the damn bug because it was too dark. We were risking killing him. I'm having a hard time writing this. I remember walking around the corner and finding his legs--. Then, we went further up to try and find him. We found him, or, well... what was left of him. His mangled upper body was laying down, lifeless. His loss taught me a valuable thing in the Mobile Infantry, and that is, you might lose friends and people you love at any time. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next decade, you never know. Rest in Peace, Villano.

(KIA) Friedhelm Wolf Another Audie Murphy vet, and one of the first people I could call friends aboard the ship. We went on many drops together, and I was glad to have him around. It wouldn't be an overstatement to say I was sad when I found out he got killed. I wish he was here today. I hope to find out someday how he died.



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On 7/11/2019 at 5:00 AM, sarduker said:

Logan Kent! My buck-a-ro!

forums dying so there's no real point anymore :( but westfield thought kent was a pretty decent trooper, he didnt know him much so he wouldn't be able to say much about him. he seems like one of the more sincere and less-cringy enlisted guys around



also westfield got promoted haha :D so updating that


so with this last update i'm letting this rest until lit makes the server go un-rip or smth lol gonna add kent if this isnt dead

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