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Important Information and Format

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This application process exists to make sure PACs fit the theme and culture of the server. PAC Moderation will review each application with the following rules in mind:


  • PACs must not use content from another IP, though modifications to it's textures/model can potentially be considered for approval if justifiable. An example of this would be bringing in content from an iconic IP, such as unedited armor from Mass Effect.
  • Everything on a PAC is to be considered IC. Anything on a PAC that is not IC must be removed.
  • Each PAC can only contain 30 MB of downloaded content total. If the PAC is larger than this, it cannot be loaded.
  • Despite being below the MB limit, we'll evaluate your PAC and determine if your PAC contains models that are too high quality or would cause lag to the server. An example of what we would look into is high poly counts, high-reflective specular maps, high detail bump maps, .objs and 4K textures.
  • PACs must be 'grounded' in some degree of reality and make sense to exist within the confines of a military-dictatorship environment. PACs considered unrealistic or that contain content that is thematically inconsistent will be denied. This is Starship Troopers, not High School Musical. An example of this would be making a PAC that features unnatural hair colours, heterochromia or attire that doesn't make sense for the character to have in a military setting.
  • Custom camoflague textures of any pattern (within reason) are allowed, but must follow the color scheme of gray and black. Any camoflague pattern on a character that is of a different color will not be permitted for usage. An example of this would be adding an unedited multicam texture to the clothing on your PAC.


Rules of PAC applications:


  • Applications are done for each individual character you have. Each character should only have one thread. You can apply for your off-duty and on-duty PAC in the same thread in separate posts using the format below.
  • If you change or update your PAC, you must make a new post on your character thread. The PAC Moderation will review the change. Making changes without informing staff in your character thread can result in immediate PAC removal.
  • Your application must show full images of the front, back, left and right sides of your PAC. If your PAC has custom animations, you must show them in video (medal.tv, OBS, Bandicam, NVIDIA Shadowplay, etc) or GIF form (ScreenToGif, MP4 to GIF conversion websites, etc).
  • PAC applications are an OOC process. If a member of PAC Moderation approves your PAC, you can wear it on the server. This does not mean NCOs and division leaders will accept the changes in-character. Your character may be told to undo or remove any changes they've made IC.
  • PACs must not utilize skintones/genders that differ largely from the base model used. This is to help those who have PAC disabled be able to still identify players characters. An example of this would be utilizing the head of an asian person in PAC despite the base model being a caucasian person.





Character Name:

Character Rank (EG: Private):
Character Division (EG: Engineer):

Steam ID:

On-Duty or Off-Duty:
Total size of imported assets (if any):
Images/Videos of the PAC or Imgur link to load:


All images & videos should be contained in a spoiler.


Images must contain all of the groups open and all children visible as well as front, back and side images of the actor. Include descriptions or explanations if you feel them necessary.

Videos must showcase clearly the animation from start to finish. If you are unable to add videos, then note that you wish to show the animations to a member of the PAC moderation team.


A link to load is just the link to load from URL.


Explanation of any IC events leading up to this application (if necessary):


Additional comments:


Thank-you to @Hicks , @Pilotfish & @TinPan with help writing the rules for PAC.

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