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Dead's unban appeal

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Hey, lads, it's me again, just wanted to say I apologise for the actions that I did ages ago as I was just and I quote myself saying being "Memey", I get that what I did was wrong of me and I know that I shouldn't have done what I did, back then I only saw it as a sincere joke and honestly I thought it was a funny one at the time the whole situation transpired. I'd like to say however given the time I've had to think about my actions alone that, I've not only improved on what I should/shouldn't do around people aka: (not doing rape RP as a joke). I get it we all have moments of when we can kid and joke around. I did try to reach out to the fellow victim of my actions and I did reach out and apologise. Sting was someone who can verify me doing this. 

Why should I be unbanned?
I believe that I should be unbanned due to the amount of time I've had to look over the events that unfolded I know what I did was wrong and as always I'd learn from my mistakes and grow as an individual and try to improve my RP abilities. 


Why were you banned?
I was banned for committing Rape RP, with someone.   


Do I feel that I deserve a second chance?
Personally yes, since I thought of it as a joke. now I have learned from my mistakes and know when and what to do in situations, my main intentions at that time was to "meme" around and not try to damage anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable, my main intentions were to make people laugh.


Do I feel that it was unfair?
No, I'd just like to say when I did commit this offence I thought it was during downtime as I live in GMT.


Did an Admin reach out to help me?
Yes, Sheamus told me I should make one ages ago as I did, however that request was denied and felt as if the person who read my request didn't really care. 


Are you genuine about the appeal?
Yea I miss talking to my old ''friends' that I created on the server. 


How do you think you can resolve this situation (RP)?
Two ways we can fix this situation we can ignore the situation completely, or we could wipe out that old character and execute him for his crimes towards a fellow member of the Mobile Infantry.


Do you have the name of the person who banned you?
No, as it happened ages ago


Do you remember the person who looked over your appeal?
Yes, it was Jimbow as he was the owner at that time.



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9 hours ago, Xalphox said:

 is also relevant

May I say Xal that was a year ago, time has given me to develop from that time. When I lied a year ago back then I was scared of losing my character and as you've seen from my previous return as I believe a that previously had been killed by a CB. I've learned my mistake from my first ban as this was sorted by sting rolling over 70. You can look at it as a positive or negative, however, I feel that I'm well equipped enough to return to the server and this community.


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might be a tad late, but i'm just seeing this now

this wasn't handled by me, and i don't believe it was handled by jimbow for as far as I know
this was handled under Lit and Optic at the time, so I can't say I'm too educated on how any of it went down

sst is also closed now so idk if this helps or not
good luck either way friendos

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