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Eternity med bay | Spaceship interior, Futuristic interior, Sci fi ...

The flicker of eyelids invites unwanted light into the brown, bloodshot eyes of the woman sprawled on the hospital bed. A fleeting battle was lost as she finally gave in and opened them, letting out a yawn and stretching out her arms, her metallic fingers rigidly moving one by one. The medical bay was bright, as it usually is. People coming and going through it seemed quite quiet tonight. 

Her body slips up along the bedding on the mattress, propping her back up against a set of pillows. The mechanical hand moves up to rub at her eyes to loosen the sleep as the other grasped at her PDA, propping it on her lap. Her squinting eyes focus on the pad, blinking a few times to correct her blurred vision.

“One… Six… Three… Ah.” She says, clapping her lips as she punches her code in with her metallic index.

She seemed passive for a good moment, contempt. Her face then grew grim, her skin growing ever-paler. Her breaths started slow and long but quickly grew in speed and shrank in length. The metallic finger began dragging upwards, scrolling through what seemed to be an article.

N-no No. No no no no NO NO NO!” She exclaimed, starting at a whisper before quickly leaning into cries of hysteria and pain.

Medical staff are quick to run to her side, trying to calm her as her breaths become uncontrollable, rivers of tears running down each cheek as she panicked in their arms, flailing in a distraught manner.

She gained a family, a place where she found individuality and purpose. Devoted herself to keep them all alive. She failed that promise, she failed herself, her friends, her duty and her family.

She failed.

(It's hecken small but I wanted to gauge my main's reaction as she was away when the finale happened)

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