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This is an archive of a dead (or at least currently dead) community.

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SSTRP.net is or was a Garry's Mod Starship Troopers roleplay community. It ran fairly continuously between 2008 and mid-2019, with a short revival in the summer of 2020. It enjoyed reasonable success over its lifetime, and was an early pioneer of the now prevalent event-driven model of GMod RP. We did some really cool things: we built out a rich and varied culture and canon that persists to this day, our staff team ran many, many incredible multi-day blockbuster events, and we built cutting edge and unprecedented technology.


It'd probably be naïve of me to say that this is categorically the end of .net, because the reality is it very probably isn't: I and I'm sure many others will no doubt get the SST itch in the future. But I can say with a relatively high degree of confidence that if there is another .net, it probably won't be on GMod, it probably won't be until S&box, and even then that will rely on there being much bigger maps to work with as well as LFS, TFA, Simfphys and etc equivalents readily available for us to build atop. If I do SSTRP again, I want us truly to have a combined arms capability where tanks, transports and air support actually become useful to drop leads.


For now I'll keep the forums up so that people can pluck any content they wrote here for future SSTRPs.


Bit of parting advice: I do absolutely encourage people to take up the mantle and keep SSTRP going (we have a rich history of this - UCF, CoH, PoC, EC, ZC) but don't nucleate and crystallize around leaders who only have ego and bluster to offer: they are in it purely for dopamine hit of an ego trip, but as that subsides and all that's left is a monthly bill for a server, expect them to drop it like a hot potato. Instead invest your time and faith in the quieter people in the room who do it because they enjoy SSTRP.


I'd like to thank everyone who played at SSTRP over the last 15 or so years, but particularly the staff team, who invested so much of their time for so little for so many. I'd particularly like to thank Hicks for the last iteration as his total refurbishment of the Upham took it from an okay map to what I'd argue is the most beautiful starship map on GMod.

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