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7th Medical Brigade, 67th Medical Detachment; Standard Issue Loadout


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Below is an overview detailing the standard loadout for all Mobile Infantry Medical Personnel. Individual medics are granted some freedom in modifying the amount of items on their loadout for their respective kit and additionally, individuals specializing in a specific role may be granted additional equipment. If it is not on this list, you do not have it unless explicitly authorized by Medical's Senior Staff or explicitly provided prior to a drop or combat operation.


Additional information on many of these items and their application can be found under the "Med-Tech Master List' - Medical personnel are expected to familiarize themselves with the tools of their trade.


Additional documentation can be found HERE.




-Morita MK4 Carbine Rifle (10x24mm)

-Morita MK3 Service Rifle (10x50mm)
-M12 Peacemaker Pistol (10x24mm)
-OKC-2290 Infantry Combat Knife
-MX-90 Fragmentation Grenades
-M30 Colored Smoke Grenades


-M3 Tactical Helmet
-M3 Armored Harness (Gen 2)
-AF/PRC-180 Handset Radio
-LIFEPAK (including battery and 2 sets of QUIK-COMBO REDI-PAK Electrode Pads)


-Emergency Trauma Bandages
-Combat Gauze
-Compressed Gauze
-Asst. Chest Seals
-Kerlix Dressings
-Asst. Tourniquets (incl. Junctional)
-Asst. Cravats
-Darpafoam Injector
-XStat Injector


-Cricothyrotomy Kit
-Nasopharyngeal Airway Kit
-Bag Valve Mask
-Transfusion / IV Start Kits
-Asst. Needle Kit

-Hemostatic clamps
-Surgical Utensil Kit (Surgeon Certification Only)
-Intraosseous Infusion Kit
-Pulse Oximeter

-Handheld Plasma Cutter



-Tranexamic Acid



-Cyclofenal Sublingual

-Lorazepam (Pre-Dosed Syrette)
-Epidrenasorapine (Emergency Usage Only)

-Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
-Whole Blood Units
-Ringer's Lactate Solution

-Saline Wound Wash

-Chlorhexidine Scrub

-High-Output Battery Operated Flashlight
-Zip-Stitch Kit
-Asst. SAM Splints
-Foldable Stretcher Board
-Duct Tape
-Fluorescent Red Marking Tape
-Medical Tape
-Thermal Blanket
-Nitrile Gloves
-Sharpie Markers
-Asst. Towels

-Portable Oxygen Bottle

-Asst. Hot / Cold Packs

-Asst. Biohazard Disposal Packs




-2x Straight Hemostats Forceps

-1x Curved Hemostat Forceps

-1x Scalpel Handle #3

-2x Scalpel Blades #10

-1x Needle Probe

-1x Pen Light (extra)

-1x Scissors

-1x Kocher Tweezers

-1x Suture Set (extra)

-2x Alcohol Wipes

-2x Antiseptic BZK Wipes

-1x Skin Holder

-1x Amputation Blade

-2x Amputation Bags



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