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History of the Federation Fleet


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History of the Federation Fleet


The Federation, being a stellar government of proportions never seen before in human history, requires an immense system to support it and defend it. This is the purpose of the Fleet.


Prior to its founding, all extra-planetary transportation and self-defense was conducted by the now defunct Federal Stellar Authority.  This organization performed the duties expected of a merchant fleet, ferrying supplies and colonists to and from the newly established colonies, as well as providing basic protection from pirates and seditious elements with its merchant marine force. 


This changed however, with humanity's first violent encounter with an Alien Race. In the skies over Hesperus, in the void of space known as Alpha Centauri, the very first Extrasolar colony came under attack from an unknown alien race, known as UAR-01. The toll of the attack was high, with two vessels, the Tsun Tzu, and Reynolds being destroyed by the alien race, before it was driven away by the sacrifice of the warship Reynolds crew- who detonated their own reactor to strike back at the alien.


Although the race known as UAR-01, now identified as a forward scout ship of the Progenitor Ark, would not be encountered again until the battle of Terra Neue, the incident proved to be a wake-up call for the people of Earth.


They were not alone in the galaxy… and whatever was out there was hostile.


In response, the nations of Earth - still largely independent under the banner of the United Citizens Federation came to an unprecedented conclusion: 


If humanity was to survive, it would only be through the unity of all it’s people. 


Thus, SICON (Strategically Integrated Coalition Of Nations) was formed, unifying all of humanity's military, civic and logistical might under one organization. 

In response, the FSA was divided into 3 organizations: 


The naval portion of its military vessels would coalesce into the Federation Fleet, who were charged with defending the worlds of humanity from space, as well as transporting the Mobile Infantry to anywhere in known space.


The FSA Marines, and the armies of the Earth were combined to form the Mobile Infantry, who would act as the primary offensive wing of the Federation, and hold mastery over all ground based combat.


Finally, the logistical and merchant capacity of the FSA was delegated to the Federal Transit Authority, who would oversee all Colonial expansion and support, as well as supplying the logistics of the Fleet and Mobile Infantry.


Following the foundation of the Fleet, it quickly became the premier aspect of SICON’s military might. Consuming 60% of SICON’s entire military budget, the Fleet is viewed as humanity's first, last and greatest line of defense against all that would threaten it, as well as the source of humanity’s pride. Almost universally loved by the populace of the Federation, and equally essential, most of the Sky Marshals who have served throughout the Federations history have been chosen from the admiralty of the Fleet... And it's vessels have been at the forefront of every engagement and campaign fought against the Arachnids, the Skinnies and beyond. 


From police and merchant fleet, to star-spanning armadas of military might, the history of the Federation is ever expanding. Following its refounding after the reconquest of Earth, the Federation Fleet is now at its strongest.


Led by the best and the brightest humanity has to offer, it leads the way to the glorious future that awaits all mankind. The future that only the United Citizens Federation can offer.


Will you play your part?


Join the Federation Fleet and take your place among the Stars!


Service Guarantees Citizenship!    


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