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June O'Riley - Kiwi Spacer Medic

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<| June O'Riley |>


<| - |>




<| Physical Information |>
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Blood Type: O+
Eyes: Pale Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 5'2" (1.58m)
Weight: ~110 lbs (~50kg)

Status: Citizen

<| - |>


<| Biographical Information |>
D.O.B.: 24/02/2278
P.O.B.: Space, Sol System

Last Name: O'Riley

First Name: June

Nickname(s): Junebug, Firecracker, Pixie
Mother: Eve O'Riley [DECEASED]
Father: Mike O'Riley [DECEASED]
Brothers: NONE
Sisters: NONE

<| - |>


<| Service Information |>

Status: Alive
Unit: 7th Medical Brigade, 67th Medical Detachment
Current Rank: Senior Specialist

Specialization(s): Biotech Specialist

Past Specialization(s): Combat Medic

Additional Training(s): 

- Field Surgery (in progress)

- Vehicle Operation: Light (Wheels)

- Vehicle Operation: Medium (Tracks)

- Weapon Certification: M55

<| - |>



<| Service Record |>

Deployments: 48



XX/XX/2299 - Recruit (Rct.)

XX/XX/2299 - Private (Pvt.)

XX/XX/2299 - Private First Class (PFC.)

XX/XX/2300 - Lance Corporal (LCpl.)

11/04/2301 - Third Specialist (3Spc.)

13/07/2301 - Second Specialist (2Spc.)

28/07/2301 - Specialist (Spc.)

20/09/2301 - Senior Specialist (SSpc.)



20/06/2301 Humanitarian Service Commendation

20/06/2301 - Medical Accomplishment Commendation

19/09/2301 - Operation Clean Sweep Ribbon

19/09/2301 - Prisoner Of War Ribbon

19/09/2301 - Valorous Unit Medal

19/09/2301 - Veterans Commendation

19/09/2301 - Purple Heart

19/09/2301 - Medical Accomplishment Commendation

19/09/2301 - Emergency First Aid Commendation

20/11/2301Albedo I Campaign Ribbon

20/11/2301 - Medical Accomplishment Commendation

23/11/2301 - UCF Citizenship

TOTAL: 11+1

<| - |>



<| Medical Record |>
08/07/2301 - Shrapnel wound, right knee, no exit, via nearby tank shell impact. Shrapnel surgically removed. Full recovery, minor scar, no long-term damage.

07/09/2301 - Deep laceration, almost full length of right arm, via high-velocity debris. Full recovery, minor scar, no long-term damage.

13/09/2301 - Knife slash across right cheek as a result of Skinny POW blooding. Full recovery, minor scar, no long-term damage.

19/09/2301 - I know this doesn't go here and I'll probably get in trouble for it, but if I die, stick me in a vacuum-proof casket and return me to the void. Don't bury me on a planet. Please. - J

26/09/2301 Deep laceration along left forearm during dropship crash. Full recovery, minor scar, no long-term damage.

25/10/2301 - Left ankle fractured after being thrown onto sloped surface by arachnid warrior. Full recovery, no long-term damage.

31/10/2301 - Minor concussion as a result of multiple gas tank explosions. Full recovery, no long-term damage.

<| - |>



<| Personal Relationships |>
On request! I'll sort these alphabetically.


Armistead, Levi


Arguably the first person I've befriended after my transfer. Way above me in rank and experience, but actually a really decent guy who doesn't swing his dick around or get into anyone's business unsolicited. Screwing with him in the dropship usually calms my nerves (and hopefully doesn't get on his too much), so that's kind of a ritual for now. Someone's gonna have to tell him that shirt looks ridiculous, though.


I got used to the shirt, but the haircut was maddening. He did change it after we bullied him enough over it, though. I got pretty worried when I heard he went down recently, and the rumors of him having lost an arm are pretty unpleasant as well. I occasionally bitch to (not at) him about stuff, and he actually takes the time to listen instead of telling me to nut up like most of his rank would. I like him.


He didn't take the recent deaths well. Yhara, Bal, Carson - maybe all three. It's clear that something broke him, and I'm worried for what comes now. He's a little more bitter now, a little more distant, and somehow it feels like I'm the one to blame.


Armistead seems to have caught himself, and I'm glad he did. He's still a little different and the scars are starting to show, but he's making a visible effort of not letting them get the better of him. I don't know if it's all just an act so we stop worrying, or if he really did get back into his usual rhythm. I'll try to keep a closer eye on him for a bit, just in case.


Bal, Ela


I hardly knew her. I hardly knew her, and yet I was one of the people who helped prepare her body for the burial. It... felt wrong, like it wasn't my place, like she deserved better than a stranger. She was always there for everyone, always helped everyone out when they needed help and-... fuck. I'm sorry. It's weird that I know you better now that you're dead than I did when you were still alive. I wish it wasn't like that. I'm sorry.


Barrymore, Blake


I rarely get to talk to Barrymore, so they're more of a friend-of-a-friend than a direct friend, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy talking to them. They're a pretty solid team leader in the field, and I usually try to sneak my way into their squad when Dawes is assigned to command because I know they're going to try and get everyone out alive. I suppose it's a bit unprofessional to be picky like that, but I like staying alive and intact, and Barrymore's a good choice for that. Apparently they were a pretty good jumpball player, too. I'll have to look into that sometime.


Cavill, Luna


My first encounter with Cavill was her sitting in the medbay after a concussion, and supposedly she forgot everything that happened since her birth. Considering she hasn't been sent home yet, I guess she's recovered from that - but then again, there was that whole stand-off with the intel' officer where hammered the guy's head with her rifle butt and risked seriously injuring (or downright killing) him. She did it in defense of another trooper, so I can't really hold it against her too much, but that trooper was being a massive fuckwit, refusing to hand back equipment to the point of letting herself be tortured instead of just handing the damn gun back.


We'll see how her story goes. I hope that stuff stays in the past, for her sake.


Cavill's either shaped up or hasn't had the opportunity to continue all that stuff - either way, though, she's become a lot more bearable as of late, and I'd even tentatively say we've become friends. Maybe it was the teamwork - we did click pretty well together; we crewed a tank, with her as driver and main gunner and myself on the co-ax, and we held off countless bugs like that without any trouble.


...I heard she died not long ago. We were just getting to know each other, so I guess what I'm feeling is mostly regret that I haven't really talked to her much.


Costa, Samantha


Costa is fun. She's... well, she's not the brightest, but that just adds to her charm. She usually lugs an E-pulse 88 around, and I can't really imagine her with anything else. Her and Phillips seem to have a fun rivalry going, and I can see why - both of them are trying to out-beefcake each other, and something tells me Costa's going to win that race now that Phillips has to learn more about medicine and less about muscles. Either way, she's pretty energetic and loud, and I like that in a ship where many just keep to themselves. I did see her in a more vulnerable state a while back, and that just proves to me that there's more to her than she lets on.


Crawford, Frederick


I haven't had the (mis?)fortune of talking to Crawford too much, despite both of us having been around for a while now. He doesn't strike me as the most serious type, and I guess his nickname, Crawfish, kind of plays into that - but everyone else seems to at least not mind him, and usually like him, so who knows? I'd probably end up talking to him more if I spent more time around the bar.


He's dead. I never got around to it. I was holding his hand when A6 was enacted. I felt his hand twitch. I'm sorry, Crawfish.


Dawes, Avery


One of those one-of-a-kind NCOs who command respect when needed, but never demand it. They have a pretty unusual "charge in after me" leadership style that can't be good for their health, but it's incredible for morale to see those in charge of you standing side by side with you instead of bossing you around from the back or running off and doing their own thing entirely. As a person, they're a bit harder to get a read on - I haven't had the opportunity to talk to them without the risk of bugs or bullets at any moment yet.


I think we're friends now. I still have a hard time ever getting to talk to them in private, but we mess around occasionally and they don't tell me off for it (and usually play along with it, too), so that's pretty nice. They also managed to pick me up with one arm the other day to prove a point, which was... I probably shouldn't say that word on record.


If it wasn't for Dawes, I'd probably be dead by now. I'd probably also not know some of the people I'm closest to now. We have a pretty strong bond, and I'd trust them with my life without second thought. I couldn't ask for a better leader in the field, and they're a good friend on the ship as well. We've talked plenty, I've been helping them with getting used to the new leg, and I'm pretty confident in saying that we're good friends. I don't like knowing they'll be done with their citizenship service well before I'm done with mine, because I know nobody's going to be able to fill those boots, and the unit's bound to suffer as a result. Command's been screwing Dawes over, though - delaying and skipping promotions left, right and center.


We've been through so much together. Dawes is one of the few remaining longer-standing members of the unit, and with every day those numbers shrink further and further. I think they've become something of an older sibling to me. I worry for them after our recent losses, though - I know they were close to them.


...You deserved better, Avery. I'm so sorry. I'll remember you. I promise. I don't know if anyone will ever manage to fill your boots. You should've made it - you were so close. It's not fair.


Elswood, Dorian


Elswood is as much of an idealist as he is a fool. He's good-hearted, but he's stubborn to a fault. I've had to MEDEVAC him once and he held a grudge over it, and then he ended up baking me some cookies to make up for it. I'm not really sure what to make of it all, and I guess it doesn't help that there was a bet on him scoring a date with me. I'm not a kid, I'm a grown woman - use words, not candies, damn it. I liked him more when I knew less about him. On the other hand, he's a good enough instructor, and I suppose a professional enough medic.


Garret, Holly


I like to joke about myself being a princess, given that I pretty much grew up aboard what can only be described as flying trash heap, but Garret probably genuinely deserves that title. I've heard a rumor here and there about her being filthy rich, which makes me wonder all the more about what the hell she's doing with her boots on the ground when her family could just grease the right palms and make an immaculate service record appear. On the other hand, with the way she acts, I'm not too surprised - she does seem pretty down-to-earth. We've also made a pact where I get to fire the main weapon of an IFV next time there's an opportunity, which is pretty cool and probably against all kinds of regulations, but what the hell, right?


Over time, I think it's safe to say we've become pretty good friends. We usually screw around and I poke fun at her and sometimes the other way around, but we both know it's all in good spirit. I've seen her in combat a few times now - she has a habit of getting right up there to the front, which often leads to horrifying (and, in hindsight, hilarious) situations where she's being chased by a horde of bugs as she runs back to us while we try to keep them away from her.


We went through Skinny captivity together, and she took some of the worst of it - but she came out alright in the end. We haven't managed to talk as much as I'd like to recently, but we still have deeper heart-to-heart talks often enough. She's there when I need her, and that's what matters in the end.


Green, Christopher


All things considered, I haven't talked to Green a whole lot. We had a quick argument in the field the other day that could've been prevented if pride wasn't a factor in battlefield decisions, but I suppose everyone's got their weaknesses. Granted, he did apologize, and I'll take a prideful medic over an unskilled medic any day - something he is certainly not. He has an odd habit of being around but never really engaging with people, but maybe I'm just not one of those he typically engages with. All in all, though, a solid enough guy.


Hernandez, Jack


Hernandez is a bit unusual, but not in a worrying way. He has his citizenship sorted and he's going career, but he doesn't seem to have the usual grand aspirations (or delusions) of becoming the next Sky Marshal. We talk occasionally at the bar, and we get along pretty well - though I'll admit that I am a tiny bit concerned about his stance of keeping everyone at arm's length to prevent heartache in case of death. On the other hand, though, I guess I understand it, unpleasant as it may be. I just hope he doesn't end up dying alone one day. He doesn't deserve that.


For better or worse, it's clear he's been opening up as of late. He's been more protective of people, and he's been happier to sit down and get involved in all kinds of talks at the bar. We're coaxing him out of that shell inch by inch, day by day. It's pretty nice to see. Maybe it's coincidence, maybe it's correlation - either way, his change in demeanor has also come with a change in rank; he's been on the rise. We also hunkered down together during an orbital bombardment when I was moving him away from the front lines because he was too messed up to keep fighting, and the guy tried to shield me from the debris. Talk about maintaining distance, huh?


Logan, Vika


One of the newer transfers, and from what I overheard, the replacement for Bal. She's filling some pretty big boots, but she seems decent enough so far. I gave her a tour of the medbay after bumping into her, and ended up chatting for a bit when Armistead joined us. She does a good job in the field, and we've worked together well enough - that is, she's not afraid of saying she doesn't need help with something (or someone, more like), and she seems happy enough to take a risk if it means keeping people alive. I look forward to getting to know her better.


Nkosi, Kai


Your typical NCO: loves his booze, loves his women, loves making you regret cracking that joke while you're all lined up. He gets himself hurt pretty often, which means the guy's either a daredevil and frontline leader or an absolute moron. I suppose time will tell.


I might just be entirely out of the loop, but he's a... Private First Class now? I'm not sure if that's related to re-enlistment or poor career choices, but he came out of nowhere like that and nobody really addressed it in any way, form or shape so I'm guessing it just is what it is. Probably none of my business anyway. What was my business, though, was that he cracked De Groot's jaw after a dispute - apparently someone forgot to search a high-value POW, who then shot himself with a hidden handgun, and a fight broke out over who was(n't) responsible for it. I wasn't involved with the situation and couldn't say who was right or wrong, but I will say that I'll make sure not to spar with anyone who has tier-one BT limbs now that I've seen what they can do firsthand.


Parker, Silvia


Parker's a fun one, and I'm not entirely sure how I'm supposed to describe her. We don't talk much, but when we do, it's like hanging with an old friend - we make fun of each other pretty often, but we're also there to support each other as needed. I shared my blooded cell with her while we were POWs, or more accurately, she let me stay in hers, and I still really appreciate that. I guess she's something of a big sister to me? Not the needy or weirdly power-trippy kind, but the kind you can always count on - the kind I would've liked growing up, I guess. Anyway, she's good, and I hope she makes it as far as she wants to.


Phillips, Daniel


Phillips is a beefcake, but one who didn't forget his charms in the gym. He's a pretty laid-back type and fun to talk to, and while I haven't really had the chance to get to know him better beyond the occasional chit-chat, I think he's totally the type to get wasted with and then talk about every topic from A to Z until one of us passes out. He was part of Rys' Tower Squad, or inner circle I guess.


We've been bonding a little more lately since he joined medical, and I think he's starting to become a friend. I like talking to him. He usually seeks me out whenever he has questions (and more importantly, he's not afraid to ask questions), which is not just a pretty good sign for whoever might end up as his patient, but also pretty flattering.


He'd totally rock one of those Hawaiian leaf skirts. We talked about it and came to that conclusion. All jokes aside, though, he's grown on me. He's a good guy, he still has his head on straight, and he doesn't look for (or cause) trouble without good reason.


Poor guy's been struggling lately, and I get that. Between the horrors of imprisonment by the Skinnies and him losing a lot of friends, he starting to crack a bit - we talked for a while and had a heart-to-heart talk, and it's left me with a lot of questions on my mind. I thought I got over those deaths, but... I don't think I really did. I just found a way to deal with them by pretending they're all still alive. I offered him some advice and pretended I was doing great, and that he'd get over it in time himself, but I'm not sure how convincing I was.


Polo, Draz


Polo's a... I'd say gentle giant, but the fact that he wields an E-88 into battle would make that a little awkward and untruthful. He's not the brightest of the bunch, but he's a nice guy and he helps wherever and whenever he can, sometimes even at his own expense. Overall, he's one of the few people that stand out without causing trouble, and that's pretty admirable. He also helped me out with some bandaging when I couldn't do it myself- try to wrap up your own arm and you'll see what I mean-, so I guess I owe him.


Correction - he is a gentle giant, but he's also well-aware that you can't be gentle with certain people or creatures. I've been meaning to talk to him more, but poor timing and medical duties have kept me from actually doing that. It's clear he cares about the people around him, though, and he's even willing to put his life on the line for others even if they don't necessarily know or even notice him, and that's admirable. I hope I'll manage to return the kindness, or at least let him feel like (and know that) he's appreciated.


Roloshalt, Svetlana


We talked for a bit after Yhara's, Bal's and Carson's burial ceremony. I guess it's a weird conversation starter, but we ended up exchanging promises for our burials - if she dies first, I'll do my best to bring her home to Saint Petersburg, and if I die first, she'll try her best to have me spaced in a vacuum-proof coffin somewhere in the void. I should talk to her more and actually get to know her better, though.


Ryland, Cameron


Ryland is one hell of a mixed bag - we had a long and ultimately pointless fight about how he wants me to do my job because I tried stabilizing a critically wounded trooper before moving him - no, not fully treating, not even partially treating, just stabilizing to prevent death during transport. I didn't get the chance to because he kept breathing down my neck, and the guy died. I respect the guy as a fellow trooper and know that he wouldn't be in his position if there wasn't some weight to his words, but at the same time he's pretty uncompromising and petty as a person from what I've seen and dealt with. It doesn't really bother me because I know he's not the type to suddenly shoot me in the back when he gets a chance, but I liked knowing I got along well enough with everyone in my unit. C'est la vie, I guess. Maybe we'll find common ground in the future.


He's dead. I can't say I really liked him or his odd vendetta against medical, but he was still fighting on the same side and ultimately just trying to look out for his own. I hope he's keeping that same energy in the afterlife, and I hope his friends will be alright.


Rys, Amanda


My first-ever interaction with Rys was when she staffed the bar and started slinging drinks around like a pro. I don't know if it's just some sudden talent she noticed, or if she used to do it professionally, but she seems to know what she's doing there - both in the actual, practical bartending sense and the easy-to-talk-to sense. She plays along with most jokes and running gags, and she seems pretty lighthearted overall - though I'm starting to think she's taking some of those dumb jokes a bit too seriously, or the wrong way at least.


Rys is a mixed bag. We had a heart-to-heart talk about opening up and forming bonds on RnR recently, and ironically we've been talking less and less since. I'm not sure if that's cause or coincidence, but it's a bit weird. Still, she's generally the same and whenever we do talk, and I'm probably just worrying over nothing.


She was killed in action during a night assault on a major hive, along with countless others. I barely managed to escape that mess myself. You won't be forgotten.


Shepard, Eric


Part of me thinks we got off on the wrong foot, and for once I don't mean that in the "things got better" way. He started off as a visitor in the medbay, we screwed around a bit and talked and just shot the shit, and I figured he was an alright guy - maybe a little rough around the edges, but generally alright. More recent encounters with him haven't been as pleasant, with him usually causing trouble in the medbay or just being a nuisance there, bothering personnel and all and then refusing to leave. Maybe he'll wear himself out eventually, or find something better to do with his time.


Vallas, Riley M.


It was bound to happen, I guess, but I didn't think it would - people usually just call me Riley, but this guy's name actually is Riley. Stuff gets pretty confusing for both of us, but it's become an inside joke. He gets a bit odd sometimes, shifting from lighthearted and easy to chat with to... well, kind of crazy, I guess? I'm just a tiny bit worried that there's something going on in his head, but he doesn't strike me as the type to actually snap - though I do feel a bit sorry when I imagine what must be going on up there before he falls asleep, if he even manages. I don't recall him ever asking about sleeping meds, though, so there's that. In combat, he's pretty reliable and not the type to stand out much - which, all things considered (especially considering other Corsairs), is a good thing.


I... think he's been reassigned as of late, or kicked out of the unit entirely. He tried to kill himself a while back, and I guess that means I was wrong - he did snap, just not in the way I thought he would. I haven't heard anything about his fate, and I'm almost afraid to ask about him in case it's something grim. I hope he's recovering and far, far away from the war, wherever he may be.


Vilish, Johnny


I don't know a whole lot about Vilish, truth be told. What I do know is that he's incredibly stubborn and he really doesn't like it when medics do their jobs, much less when they do it on him. I've had to treat him and verbal gunpoint before. That act is going to get the guy killed one day, and one of us will get the blame for it. I don't look forward to that.


Vilish has changed a lot over time, and for the better. I wouldn't say we've become friends, but I'm not tense around him anymore and I've had the occasional chat with him here and there without either of us actually needing anything from the other.


Vond, Naomi


Oh, man. Vond is as much of an inspiration as she is an enigma to me. I take pride in my ability to read people, to figure them out and work out their intentions based on body language, tone, choice of words - you get the idea. But Vond is a mystery - I can't ever seem to get a good enough read on her, and I can't figure out what kind of person she is in private. During RnR, she tends to keep away from people and relax in the sun or otherwise on her own (which, frankly, I can't blame her for, we are a pretty rowdy bunch), and aboard the ship it's hard to really get a one-on-one talk going. She laughs like everyone else and it's clear that she cares deeply about the people she serves with, but I've got a hunch that she's trying to hide something. Not some deep, dark secret or anything of the sort, but whatever lies beneath that unfaltering smile of hers. Intriguing is a good all-around descriptor for her.


She's become less of a mystery to me, and arguably more than a friend. A little playful banter here and there, and we've started occasionally chatting and screwing around. I'm still relatively sure she's like that with just about anyone, but it's a nice thought that we're slowly becoming friends. She arranged a whole funeral ceremony for Yhara, Bal and Carson, and risked her neck and career for it in the process.


I found out a bit more about her lately, and while I'm never really going to be sure how she feels about me personally, I do consider her a friend. I know she respects me on a professional level, and she said she'd have my back with a certain matter that threw me off my rhythm for days - naturally, I'm back on track now, and it's ultimately thanks to her. I owe her a lot more than I'm willing to admit sometimes, and she's one of the few people on this ship I'm not afraid of opening up to. I guess it's that motherly charm.


Wilkes, Ridley


A relatively new addition to our unit, but I don't mind her at all. She's proactive and eager to take responsibility, and simply steps in where others might not want to. I hope she'll join the NCO corps sooner than later, we could use a few more of her type. As a person, she's pretty relaxed - we sat around a campfire, talked a bit, swapped some food around and I mistook one of her candies for a space brownie - the kind that bakes you back, I mean. (Un)fortunately that wasn't the case, but I skipped it anyway.


We've talked more, and I think we've been getting along pretty well. We spent some time together at the ball (or at least so I was told; the whole evening is a haze thanks to whatever drinking game we played) and I guess we traded some secrets or something, because we seem to be a lot closer than before. It's... odd, but I don't mind making new friends.


Wyatt, Sydney


I watched her deploy with the command squad one mission and then change her colors to red for the next one. She looked a little shaken after everything that happened, but I can't really blame her - that was a pretty bad first deployment. I've been meaning to get to know her better; she seems alright - haven't had the chance to, though.


Over time, Sydney shot up in the medical division. I'm still not entirely sure what I did wrong, but she blasted through the all the ranks while I sat still at mine, and now she's my boss. I'd lie if I said I didn't feel a little snubbed by that, or if I claimed I didn't feel a little jealous, but in the end it is what it is, and it's not like she doesn't deserve it, I guess.


She's probably going to run the BT department, but I don't mind that too much - it's probably an awful lot of work and I'm honestly not entirely sure if I have the je ne sais quoi required to do that myself. I'll always feel a bit weird because I started on this path first, but it is what it is. I can't really blame her for getting lucky, or even for doing a good job. She probably doesn't even know about this whole struggle to begin with, so I can't exactly hold it against her, either. I just need to get over myself, maybe even talk to her about it and see how she feels. I have a feeling we'll just laugh it off.

Yamazaki, Etsuko


One of my newest acquaintances. I haven't really worked her out just yet, but we were pretty much on the same wavelength throughout the first time we met. Didn't get to talk for long, but she seemed alright, at least until after the deployment later that day. Something must've happened that got her into a pretty bad mood - she was talking to Armistead about all this stuff that happened, about dead friends and other really heavy stuff and couldn't get her mind away from all that. I hope I'm not witnessing the first signs of a breakdown.


Turns out I had a pretty wrong read of her. Yamazaki, Zaki, Yam-Yam (I hate-love that one) - she's... wired differently, I guess, but she's still someone I'd consider close without much thought or hesitation. I'm no shrink and I don't think I'm the type to ever become one (let alone become a good one), but I'm still doing what I can to help her... well, I don't wanna say 'get normal', that's just rude, but I'm trying to help and I think it's working. She's been slowly warming up, and I think we, collectively, managed to help her get over her fear of physical contact... even if that does mean I get my head flicked by her whenever I make a dumb joke, but that's worth it.


I think she's probably one of the people I'm closest to on this ship, or in this unit. Even if we don't talk at length every single day, I think we have a pretty solid connection - we grab coffee together, we usually float towards each other during deployments, and I like to think we rely on each other. I guess sometimes you just don't need words to show how you feel about someone. Of course, I could tear her head off every once in a blue moon when she commits to what I can only describe as another "Yamazaki Moment", but even so, she means well and it's hard to stay mad.


I like her, and I'd argue she's one of the people I'm closest to, if not the person I'm closest to, but sometimes it's hard to deal with her condition. Every now and then, she'll say or do or not do something that I wouldn't let anyone else get away with, and occasionally I wonder if there's ever going to be a final straw. It's... complicated. She doesn't understand what she's doing, but the matter of fact is that she's still doing it.


...I haven't seen her in so long, and the very few times I did, she was... different.

<| - |>


<| VondPOP! Cards |>

A holographic card of a 'Maj. C. Dooley' in black Pathfinder regalia and Rhodesian hat.

A small trading card displaying a portrait and caption of a 'SSgt. R. Oakwood'.

<| - |>

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