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Samantha Costa: More Gorilla than human

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Jenette Goldstein, who played Vasquez in Aliens, turned up to casting  thinking it was a movie about immigration. Bill Paxton's illegal alien  comment within the movie was an inside joke.: MovieDetails


Name: Samantha Manuela Artista Costa

Rank: Private

Service ID Number: 76582

Branch of Service: Mobile Infantry

Gender: F

DOB: 03/21/XX

POB: Arza II, Arza System

Height: 5’8


Personal bests:
Deadlifts: 624 lbs
Squats: 459 lbs
Bench Press: 421 lbs








Growing up on the 567th floor of the overpopulated underhive world of Arza II, Costa had gotten used to living in poverty since a very young age.
At the age of 7 she began doing odd-jobs for the local prominent gang, the 567th Cutters, as a duct-rat. Smuggling illegal wares back and forth, collecting information and sending messages.
At the age of 15, Costa managed to secure a contract with one of the many mining companies, spending several years in the copper mines on Arza Prime. Until her father got arrested for dealing illicit substances to a known anti-federation activist, which landed him a life-sentence in one of the many mining camps. With this added scrutiny to her name, the contract was quickly dissolved and Costa once again found herself stranded deep underground in the poverty stricken hallways of Arza II, except this time without family or a home to go back to.
This in turn lead to her joining the 567th Cutters, easily working her way up to the rank of Enforcer at the age of 18.

A group of the Copperheads, one of the many gangs the Cutters had been at war with in the past, made their way onto Cutter territory one day, harassing the merchants and putting up their graffiti. It was Costa that got dispatched to beat some sense into them and to return them to their own territory. Unfortunately things got out of hand, which resulted in the death of two of the Copperheads. This left a rather large target on Costa's back, as the Cutters had no interest in rekindling the war with the Copperheads.
Knowing she'd never survive a day without the support of the gang, Costa saw no other way to get out than to walk into one of the many recruitment posts, leaving her old life behind.



Description:  A mountain of muscles with a sickly pale skin due to spending most of her life underground. If working out was a personality, Costa would have it. She holds a crooked nose on her square face.




Friends, enemies and targets

The Roughrider Rejects



Avery "Dee" Dawes



Ever since we got transferred to the Corsairs, we Roughriders have to stick together.

Dee is obviously the leader of our gang, and if anyone fucks with her, they'd find themselves having a little 'accident'.

She's smart, cares for us and never fails to step up when shit gets real.

She's saved my ass more times than I can count, and I hers.

I'd kill for her, all she'd have to do is ask.


Need to keep strong for her, no matter what bullshit goes on. She's got too much shit to deal with, and needs to be able to rely on me.


God, there's so much shit I want to talk about with her...

Is it fair for me to even bring it up? Don't she got enough shit to deal with already?

Fucking selfish if I started unloading my shit on her. Fucking selfish.

I see how she's hurting with Lizzy, and now Crawford as well.

No, I won't bring it up. Won't bring anything up.

She's looking for a rock to lean on, and I'll damn well make sure it's going to be me.



Elizabeth "Bizzy Lizzy" Cross



Back in the Roughriders we used to be damn near inseparable.

We're still close, but kind've... Drifted apart a bit I feel like.

Still, I know Lizz'll be there for me if I ever need her, and I damn sure hope she knows I'll be there for her too. Don't matter what she needs. Someone's ass kicked? Got it. Someone threatened? Got it. Someone to talk to? Shit, you know I got it.


Whatever happens, I'll still be proud to call her one of my better friends.

And she totally hooked up with Dee that one time.



Still can't believe she's gone.

She's gone, and I'm still here.

She's gone, leaving behind her family and people that loved her. Waited for her to come home.

I could've saved her. I should've saved it.

It should've been me.



Holly "Holls" Garret




Our gang's second.

Holls is absolutely the coolest Wasp I've ever met.

Sure, she's small as shit, but just one look at her should tell you she's a real killer.

She told me she was a model once. That people paid her money just because of how she looked.

She made Earth sound like a... Really weird place.



Tomasso "Tommy" Avellino




Another member of our little gang.

This guy. This fucking guy.

Words cant describe the kind of dumb shit me and him can get up too. Sometimes I feel like we share the same brain.

He's prone to starting shit, but never has to worry, I'll always have his back in a fight.

Recently found out we share the same... 'Hobbies'.



Max "Saber" Sable



Sable's my brother. My guy. My dude. My man.

No shit,  one of the most dependable guys I've met.

Funny enough, we never really spoke too much back in the old unit, but now?

Now we're family.

He never really fit in too much with the others, but that don't matter none to me.

'Cause I'm still loyal to him to the end. No matter what happens.



Blake "Balakay" Barrymore



Another one of the Roughrider Rejects, like me.

I don't see Blake around that much anymore, maybe she keeps busy at times I don't? Who knows.

Still, she's a good dude. Strong, too. (Not as strong as me, fuck you Dawes.)

Had her sign a Jumpball card of herself for me, that was pretty cool.

I keep it on me at all times now, sort of a good luck charm I guess.



Mike "Schmort" Haruhiro



Mikey was one of my best palls back in the Roughriders, so imagine how happy I was when she showed up here out of the blue!

Turns out I was wrong.

Would've been better if she would've stayed away.

Can't believe how much she's changed. Were we ever really friends? Was all the time we spend for nothing?

I see how she treats me and the other Rejects and it just breaks my heart.


How does she get to live, while Lizzy doesn't.

Should've been her.



 The Corsairs 




Levi "Arms" Armistead



A cool medic, an even cooler guy.

I've seen this guy defuse fights like it was second nature. Not what I would've done, but still.

Had to be one of the most level-headed people I've ever met, the type to just fix shit with his words.

Heard from some of the guys that he offers counseling too. Or at least... "Little talks."

Something to think about, I guess.






Elliot Yhara



One of our Staff Sergeants.

At first I didn't know what to think of this guy. He always just seemed so... Cold. Unapproachable even. Not anymore, though. Something changed. Maybe I got his respect? Fuck if I know.

He's a pretty solid guy, from what little I've seen of him. (And to be fair, most of it's been during drops.)

He's probably the only person on the Bassilone that calls me Sam, which is... weird. Maybe I should hint for him to give me a cool nickname instead?




Helena "Jinxy" Clenmore




Haven't really spend too much time with Clen yet.

First time I met her, I tried to pick on her for being all tall and shit, now we're kinda friends. Funny how shit works, right?

I've also never met a more accident prone person in my life, holy shit.

Going to start calling her Jinxy now, because she is cursed.



Joseph 'Gramps' Daughtery



Me and the old man get on like a house on fire.

He's shown countless times that I can trust him to watch my ass not only in the field, but on the ship as well.

Hell, me and him got the type of loyalty and brotherhood I haven't seen since I was with the Roughriders.

Just hope he doesn't get a heart attack or whatever kills old people.


Guess I spoke too soon, were a bullet what got him in the end. A friendly one too.

Rest easy, old man.




Jody Cox




Oh man, this guy.

Cox' a good dude, little bit of a nutjob even. And that's strong, coming from someone like me.

The guy's crazy dependable in the field. The type of idiot to take a talon for you. At least, that's the feeling I get when he's around.

I feel like we haven't really been hanging a lot on the ship, though.

Maybe I can ask him to work out with me sometime?



Kai Nkosi




Staff Sergeant Nkosi really reminds me of the type of guys I used to hang with back home.

The type who never had it easy, had to grow up fighting for everything they had.

Hell, I probably would've ended up the same as him if I hadn't left home when I did.

What fucks me up is how he seems to care about us, but at the same time doesn't hesitate to put one of us down if he has to.


He would've been a great fit in the gang, back home.



Frederick "Fishman" Crawford



Fishman's an alright sort, I think.

Heard somewhere his family's got a fuckton of money, must be nice.

Me and him can't have had a more different childhood, but we're both here. So I guess it ain't really matter in the end.

Should probably hang with him some more.
Maybe get him to buy some junk off of me?

Dude's got money enough.



Marrie "Rat" Moore



Whatever I thought about the Rat before don't matter no more.

She tried to run. Tried to desert.

Only thing she managed to do was get Silva murked and Armsman fucked up.

Can't believe they gave her some lashings and called it quits, nah man, fuck that shit.

I don't give a shit what anyone says, I'm going to make sure the bitch doesn't make it out of this.



Riley "Twink" Vallas



This dude creeps me out, no clue what it is. Maybe his eyebrows? (Or the fact he has none.)

Maybe it's how he just sits there. All quiet like. Staring.



Artemis "Freak" Mosely



Fucking psychics, man. They're the worst. She's the worst.

Don't even need to do anything to prove she's the worst.

Don't like her and I try to keep my distance, only to get shit from Dawes for being a dick.

When I tried to talk to her, I apparently insulted her, and got shit from Dawes for being a dick.

What the fuck am I supposed to do?

Oh yeah, let's not forget about how she came crying to me about how I was mean to her.

Fucking psychics, man.


Heard she did beat up the Rat a bit, which was kind of cool, I guess.

For a mental freak.



Naomi "Vondcom" Vond



Our unit's mom.

Vond's nice. Too nice.

Whenever she's around, I feel calm. Relaxed. Chill. I hate it.

She makes me drop my guard way too easy, like she could've been a fucking shrink, y'know?

This one's got some darkness in that lil' head of hers, I can just tell.

Still, she gives out lollipops all the time, which is pretty cool I guess. Too much sugar for me.

Maybe I can convince her to do protein bars instead? Jerked meats?


Oh, yeah. She's also the head of the medics or something, I guess? Kind've weird, because I thought that was Armsman's job. Whatever, as long as they patch me up when needed.



Ellis Lee "Glasser" Cyrus



Oh man, Glasser's a fucking trip.

Dude's a certified nutjob! I love him.

He don't speak good like me, but whatever, I know what he says most of the time.

Ain't really been hanging with him too much. Only with Tom, really. But that don't matter, I still like the guy. Should chill with him more often, see what kinda' dumb shit we can get up to together.



Johnny "Villain" Villish



I've been hanging with Villain more and more lately. He's a solid dude!

Maybe a little too moral for the unit, but whatever. He still fits in proper if you ask me.


Lately he's been growing out his mustache proper, god does that thing look dumb.

Maybe I'll get some guys together and shave it off while he's sleeping.... Would be kinda funny.



June "Firecracker" O'Riley.



Picture this tiny little chick, right? Shove her full of energy, attitude and lesbian tendencies. Then give her a medic patch, and bam. That's O'Riley.

She's good fun to banter with, and a pretty decent Doc' from what I've seen so far.

Shame she mostly hangs out in the medbay though, makes it hard to chill when we're on the ship.


Could also do without the aggressively sexual lesbian comments.... But whatever.



Daniel "Meat Head" Phillips



Big boy here's a relatively new addition. Dude doesn't really know what he wants, I feel like.

As soon as he got a taste of being a Lance, he switched to being a Doc'. Guess we can always use more of those though, so whatever.

He swung about an Eighty Eight for a while, which was pretty cool.

Overall a pretty tight dude to hang with.




Tim Turner



What kind of a name is Tim Turner.

I don't really know the dude too good.

Man's already turning to vices to deal with shit. Can't really call him out on it though, would make me a hypocrite.

Long as I can make a buck from it, and it don't affect his shit in combat, I don't really care too much.







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