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Federation Personnel File: Johnny Vilish

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General Information 

NameJohnny Vilish

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Place of birth: Magellan, Capitol City of the Planet Samson (Planet within Federation Space)  

Date of birth: 2277-02-08

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Height: 74"

Weight: 176 lb.

Ethnicity: Caucasian  


Personal Information

Family Record:

Harvey Vilish, Adoptive Father, 52 [ALIVE]

Cheri Vilish, Adoptive Mother, 43 [CONFIRMED DECEASED AS OF 2260-04-23] 

Clara Fenway, Biological Mother, 23 [PRESUMED DECEASED/MISSING AS OF 2278-03-25]

Quincy Fenway, Biological Father, 27 [PRESUMED DECEASED/MISSING AS OF 2278-03-25]




Enlistment Information

Service Number: 11381684-17293254SF

Rank: Sergeant

Date of enlistment:   

Location of enlistment office: Fort Novosibirsk, Hecate (Moon of Samson)

Branch: Mobile Infantry 

Training: Basic Training, M55 Certification, CLS Medical Certification. 

Accommodations & Awards: 

https://i.imgur.com/GHUQr9H.pngPurple Heart (2x)

https://i.imgur.com/DiOnhwL.pngVeterans Commendation (1x)

https://i.imgur.com/uo6dpuG.pngSuperior Command Commendation (1x)

https://i.imgur.com/eOc81AL.pngPrisoner of War Commendation (1x)



Medical Evaluation  

Blood Type: A+

Pre-enlistment Injures: N/A

Allergies: N/A

Diseases or Illness: N/A

Immunizations: N/A

Medical Operations: Surgery on lower left leg for T1 Bio Tech replacement, Auto-doc Stasis Tank.

Combat Injuries: Left lower leg amputated. (Replaced by T1 Bio Tech.)

Current Prescriptions: Neurodenazine (Prescribed once a month for Bio implant.)


 - Evaluation Notes [2301-05-03]


- Evaluation Notes [2301-05-03]

 Subject examined to be in good health. Subject has passed the baseline for recruitment and combat operations however immediate focus should be put on Subjects weight and muscle mass, Subject has had challenges with baseline strength tests and training often barely passing. Subject shows great promise with agility and endurance training, situations excelling past the baseline needed. In conclusion subject is recommended higher portions and caloric intake in addition; too daily strength training. This is to be provided personally by the Subject himself or with assistance with Medical Professionals within the unit. Another point of attention is with the Subject's family history of Alcoholism. Subject's alcohol usage is to be limited and or monitored. 


Psychiatric Evaluation

Prescribed Mental Illness: N/A

Past Mental Illness: N/A

Prescriptions: N/A

Overall Mental Health: Stable

 - Evaluation Notes (psychiatrists Opinion) [2301-05-03] {OUTDATED}


 - Evaluation Notes (psychiatrists Opinion) [2301-05-03] {OUTDATED}

 Johnny Vilish is mentally stable so with no history of mental illness this makes him fit for combat operations. However Vilish is hard to work with as he gives short secluded answers. I suspect this because the way Vilish carries himself. Coming from Seamanship he is almost constantly trying to prove himself to his squad mates. He is often sarcastic and can be senseless with his replies; often Vilish voices his opinion out loud sometimes being socially unaware of his surrounding's when voicing said opinion. This of course stems from anger in which Vilish seems to have trouble dealing with. Johnny Vilish when angered is very stubborn and extremely short tempered; when tested expect cruel, viscous insults. The root of these anger problems are not easily talked about with Vilish as he usually makes a sarcastic, or ignorant remark when personal questions are asked about his anger. But the time Vilish has opened up he hinted once at an personal quarrel with a family member saying "Tradition ain't always right, seems that the older generation doesn't believe that one fuckin' bit". When not talking to him about his issues he is rather pleasant to talk too. Vilish seems to posses a talent for making people laugh rather it be situational or even offensive he somehow balances it, Vilish often finds himself in the bar of the ship. one time he has remarked that it's his "Holy place". Vilish can be extremely truthful and straight forward, this can make other's wary of his abrasive behavior. From his past as a Sailor in which we haven't talked much about. However with the limited material I've been given, I've been able to derive that Vilish has a high respect for authority except when it comes to decisions or opinion's he doesn't agree with. In which he will loudly state so often leading to his 'fits'. From what I've evaluated I don't think this makes him unconditioned for combat situations however his anger may land him in hot water due to his usually outspoken rants when facing a separate opinion he doesn't agree with no matter the rank. 


Miscellaneous Information 

Character Claims: 

I've based Johnny off the character 'Lee' from the movie 'Manchester By The Sea' Including his demeanor, voice, background information and most of his personality is HEAVILY taken from the movie, These can be used by you to immerse yourself on how Johnny sounds and acts when speaking/interacting with him. 


Normal Demeanor



Intoxicated Demeanor:




Saddened/Angered Demeanor:








Relationship Section (If I didn't add you yet. I probably forgot so DM or Comment.)


|| Affectionate || Revered || Trusted || Best Friend || Friend || Liked || Acquaintance || Neutral || Distaste || Dislike || Despise ||

Amanda Rys✞ : 

 || Revered || Trusted || Best Friend ||   

Well I usually don't open up, not somethin' I'm usually interested in. But she is definitely the first person to actually understand shit goin' on with life, Callin' me out for it. Holdin' me accountable when I needed it for a long time. She is a great trooper, but more then that she is someone that I can truly say is my Pal. Someone that I would probably meet in civilian life after we are outta' this shit. She has been there for my rough times and I've been there for her rough times there is almost no-one I'd rather have by my side if I'm havin' a shit time or simply just hangin' out and bored. Always kinda knew her as Problems friend and really didn't expect our relationship to go far. I've enjoyed our time together Amanda don't ever change yea' hear me?


Well Amanda, It looks like I've lost another important person in my life. We keep losin' people and you didn't deserve to go, I would blame it on war or maybe fate. I'm speechless, Every time I open up to someone it's hard to see them go, we'll all mourn you when you are gone. Those days of drinkin' and dancin' again will have to wait until I'm up there with yea'. I'm sorry Amanda I hope your doin' well up there where ever you are now. Down here is hell without yea' anymore. I'm goin' to be fightin' for you Rys, Corsairs live forever. 


Luna Cavill✞

|| Liked || Friend || Trusted ||

I mean, I know I bust her balls bout' her questionable M55 skills, but ey' she has a sense of humor. I mean when I first saw her I wasn't sure of er' in the unit, but after drop leadin' her she is a great trooper. Besides her critical attitude on leading, In which I didn't mind actually making me better in some terms. I've never really had much of an issue with her, now besides some choices I made on a event that happened within the ship, I know she didn't like me for awhile, I felt the beginnings of a friendship slip after that. I still don't know if she is over that, I mean I assumed she is over it as we danced and had a drink together, but I still haven't really got to know her, I'd like it if we could have a drink. Maybe re-coup some of the old shit. I mean I guess to sum it up Cavill, I regret the choices I made but I'm hopin' we can put that in the past if we haven't, and I hope we can get another drink. I mean I also wouldn't mind another invite to dancing, I wasn't sure at first but when she pulled me outta that chair damn that was fun. 


Johnny, It's time you face the thunder. That's what my dad would say, heh. She is a great friend but I fully regret having her in my life from the start and I mean that in a certain non ass hole way, It's hard to explain. I uh, I'm not goin' to use this as my diary but uh, since the minute she got here on the ship and I saw er' it's been different in my life, I don't know bout' the future, but I can only live in the now. Cavvie', she'll figure it out, she has always been smart. I'm goin' to run, run far away like I did with home, like I uh, like I usually do. 


I uh, I feared this would come. I hate that I wish I had you back in my life, even though I said different. I spent all this time dodging and running away from you, from my problems that at the end of the day when it's all over I realise what I've lost, what I've done. Cavvie' if you were here I wish I could tell yea' how much I regret this shit, maybe I'll never change.


Jackie Clarke:

|| Liked || Friend ||

She ain't bad so far, haven't talked to her much but we seem to get along just fine with our comedy and banter. I feel really bad for knockin' her out in the ring, didn't expect that to happen with the right hand but ey' no tough feelings in the Corsairs. What happens in the ring happens in the ring, we've settled our differences. That's all that matters to me. Still a swell person though.


Jacob J. Problem:

|| Trusted || Best Friend ||

Aye, this guy is one hell of a trooper. Ain't no-one that gets the job done better then me and him grouped up. Ever since that drop where we kicked ass on rear guard together, through helpin' me in some rough times. He introduced me too new people in the Corsairs, helped me get blooded really this guy is a true Pal. Though Gettcha' sleep Problem I want you fully ready for ass kickin' when we need too. And uh if there is somethin' you need we got it togetha' like always Pal.


Samantha Costa:

 || Friend || Liked ||

Ey, short little gorilla lookin' girl with messed up teeth. Still ain't no-one I would want on the field layin' down heavy fire. I think we get along quite well, specially when we are drinkin' together. She can shoot down bottles of liquor like it's nothing, Pretty good trooper Costa you do what you is told. But not without me hearin' some lip first like always.


Moira Stuart:

|| Trusted || Friend  ||

Aye, first Corsair that taught me the ideals. Same one that helped me get into commanding. Not only would she make a great leader in the future but right now she is a great trooper on the field durin' combat she keeps her shit together. That's what I like about it, ain't no games when the drop ship door opens. We haven't been talking recently, probably cause I haven't made the effort to know her personally but also she tends to keep to her self, or the core blooded in which I'm not amazingly close with just yet. Moria so far you're still the great leader I know and I'm sorry for your loss with Cross and all, otherwise I hope we get to talk more.


Well, even my times of bein' a bitch about things. Moira is there to help and give Insight to things. I understand why she doesn't fall asleep until later on this ship. I mean I'm glad that I gotta' know her well. I gotta understand er' and even get advice from her. She isn't only a mentor to me, but at this point a trusted friend that I can get behind. I hope we continue this relationship, from day one we've rolled together. And now I'm here in leadership still learnin' from er'. Moira I don't know what I'm doin' still but it's nice for you to be around.



Elliot Yhara ✞

|| Trusted || Liked ||  Acquaintance ||

I don't know what kinda' friendship we have made. From that simply just bizarre night havin' a cigar together. To his long talks with me on the bar couch, I mean I really enjoy em' sometimes. I mean I'd be interested in bein' friends with him. He at-least was able to help me figure out some stuff and I think we have a strong trust of each-other, On the flip side he simply can't understand sometimes what it's like to be on my side when we talk, he gives blanket statement advice that ends up being true. I don't like being wrong especially about myself. I get bustin' balls but sometimes I don't even know if he is jokin'. I mean in this very unique situation we are in, this game. I feel like sometimes he is on my side and sometimes he is against me with what he says and does. It's so much shit goin' through my head when we talk that he is able to read me like a book, Is what he says true? I mean if it is it just makes me feel like shit, but on the other hand he'll pick me back up from bein' a 'pussy' I simply don't know with this guy sometimes. I mean I learned some personal shit from him that I still keep closely guarded as I promised. I just can't tell if he is addin' cards to my deck, or settin' me to fold before the flop. Maybe truth just hurts, and facts just hurt. Though I do like his name for me 'Johnny-boy'. It's kinda' smooth.


Okay, one final talk before he left, One final moment of bickerin'. I can't help but say this guy is right, I mean he pulled me outta' this self pitty shit, I'm dustin' my self off now, I mean I didn't like the truth, I didn't like the facts. But whatever the outcome now I think it's gonna' help me for the better. I'll be seein' you soon Lieutenant Yhara. 


So, I neva' thought I'd be writing this out. Yhara, ta' cut the sad bullshit cause I know that's what you'd want. Basically It's fucked up how you went out and we'll get those bastards that did it. But I just wanted to say, without ass kissin' you too much now Pal. That you've taught me to be a better leader, taught me complacency within the unit, Taught me to stop bein' a bitch and get over my problems, And have given' me plenty of chances. This time I'm goin' to lead and fight for yea' Pal. All the insults and everything you threw, well It made be stronger in the end. 



Julia Xyla✞:

  || Liked || Friend||

I mean I gotta' state the obvious here. I made a mistake and almost killed her, and she didn't have ANY hard feelings about it. Nothing, just simply that she recognized it was an accident and it was my first time drop leading. I mean after the ultimate pussy apology to her, we sat down and had a long conversation, gotta' learn where she was from, where she grew up. I mean she was real easy to talk to her about her aspirations and goals in life openly with me, I mean overall she seems pretty' cool. I will probably talk to her in the future.


I think we had somethin' ahead of us to open up too, I wish we got to know each other more personally, I feel as if I've spent my life rejectin' but also chasin' friendship with people. I feel as If I let you down, I was absent and emotionally withdrawn from you. For that I apologise butcha' aren't here to hear it. I uh, I think when I look up I see you in the stars Xyla, a memory but an amazin' person. Smart and beautiful with a career ahead of yea' only for you to be gone just like that, I feel as if I I'm gettin' deeper to the bottom of the water. I drown this shit back but it just drags me deeper in'. Xylaphone, remember. History is shaped by those who seek it 



Sydney Wyatt:

|| Liked || Friend ||

Yea' Wyatt, it's the American girl with the Australian soundin' name. She seems like a good person, had a long conversation with her at the bar learnin' about where each other. Honestly I enjoyed the talk, she is easy to talk too. Has some sorta' sense of humor I can get behind, I mean really she crosses all the checks on the list of bein' Okay with each other. She was there supporting' me when I made a bad call, and honestly just that effort alone to try and talk to a sorry asshole like me after that drop. Earned some respect from me, maybe a few more talks and drops with each-other then I could truly say she is a friend. 


Aye, I mean it's just been gettin' bettah' with me and er'. From her helpin' save my ass from dyin', keepin' me patched up and also her annoying' banter. I can safely say she's a friend. Now with the whole uh, situation she found herself in I'm a little bit worried bout' her, she should get her head-checked as I figure all this shit out.


Aye, I don't know if we are the closest and generally I don't care, But recently we have been gettin' closer as friends talkin' and hangin' out. Even though she kept tryin' to throw dick-shots thanks to Tommaso and em' tellin' her that tactic last night. It was all in good fun, I'd be interested in hanging out sometime prolly'.


Levi Armstead:

  || Acquaintance || Trusted ||

I mean we really haven't talked a lot, I've seen him throughout my time being here. Even when I was just some private off the boat, he rolled around with the blue shirts. I mean I don't know what he thinks of me of recent due to this whole difference of mind on a situation I've had with my own blood, the Corsairs. I don't think every Blue shirt is the same, And I hope he is someone with at least some moral values, at-least some moral high ground as I do in the blue shirts. I mean he has given me drop advice even when I made a mistake, He didn't shun me he simply showed the ways into leadership this far. I'm hoping we can become friends if I get to know the guy more, Pals kinda' like me and Yhara. 


I think me n' Levi have been getting a little closer, It's nice to see someone from back in the day. I was worried after seein' him from Clean-sweep. But I think he's alright now. I owe em' after that drop, beginnin' to think he is goin' through something from the certain habbits I've seen him take up. But I've been there before and bringin' it up and poking him about it isn't going to help anything just yet. Have to be smooth about it.


Jody Cox✞

|| Neutral ||

Just anotha' street bum with no morals in choices or subconscious on decisions made, Not open to understandin' shit like the rest of that group. I relent whateva' we have on the ship will get figured out eventually rather through talkin', Or the other route if he wants to go down that. guy can call me all he wants when he doesn't know shit. What we got goin' on the ship stays on the ship, In the field he seems alright I trust em' to have my back as any trooper would, just like I have the support of Some blooded. If I'm callin' drops or leadin' teams as usual I'd pick em' If I need a marksman or just a veteran trooper who knows what he is doin'. 


I mean we may have not been best friends, but at the end of the day we were brothers one way, through blood or through the unit. I'll miss em' he was a good trooper and to see em' taken out on the field like that, It pisses me off. Cox I'll uh, I don't know if you want me to talk to Hadar about yea' or anything, I'm sorry things didn't go as planned but I was really tryna' help you out man, anyway all is not lost. Corsairs live on forever, I'll see you soon.


Tim Turner✞

|| Liked || Acquaintance ||

The kid has some weird dreams and ideas, nevertheless he ain't bad too hangout with. I like guy. He ain't bad at Poker taught me some good shit for Texas hold em'. I mean until I started to beat em' at his own game, I don't know the guy to well. He is a good trooper from what I've seen. Competent in second in lead, and as a infantryman.

He was always a good trooper, and we recently started bein' good friends. He taught me how to play Texas hold em' and if we ever get that boat Tim, it's goin' to be Tim's Titan I'm thinking, I think you'd love it, I'll sail it in your memory.. me and the uh boys are plannin' on gettin' together to play a game in your honor, I think we'll send the winnings to your family back home. You went out like a hero, Tim I aspire to be as brave as you.


Tommaso Avellino:

|| Trusted || Dislike ||

I don't know why, but I can't put the past away. Even though him and his fuckin' street rat friends call me a snitch WHICH I WILL NEVER GO DOWN AS, My decision arguably saved the unit from a much worse problem, And even though he goes after and threatens the people I call friends. We still have the past with us, The mindless recruit is still in me. The recruit that would go out on the lake with em', Follow every order cause he looked up to his leader, That would drink and party, That would even go down with the guy if he had too. Well that part of me is still there, I wanna' keep the history between us. I don't like most of his friends, I have no history and they are just mindless drones following the general opinion. But Tomm is different, It's because of our past and everythin' we've been through since I was just a tiny recruit. 


Naomi Vond:

|| Friend??||Trusted || 

Aye, anotha' person with Irish heritage in this ship. I mean like I'm Irish but she is like REALLY Irish, I'm more of American descent of Irish, But damn she got red hair and freckles. On a serious note, I mean her medical core has saved my ass from literally dyin' so I owe her that much. I mean she ain't that old don't know why she calls herself the Mom of the M.I, I mean fuck I've seen er' around since I was just a rookie. Still looks really young, don't know how but maybe it's like medical secret knowledge. We aren't great friends and and we barely talk on a normal basis. But I'd be willin' to change that, I mean for now I kinda' view er' as someone to run to when I got a boo-boo. And occasionally drop a pickup line on, probably shoot the shit like usual. 


Well Vondi-pop, Vondcom. We've been chit chattin' regularly. We've had some personal-ish talks. Don't really know her too well but I'd like to, I don't know if we are friends or Pals. I mean I consider er' a Pal. I don't see er' around too often.  Usually our talks are in groups and It usually consists of me callin' her old and joking around, then turnin' it around and calling her young so she doesn't smack me ova' the head no-more. It's nice to actually knowa' veteran of the ship and everything and actually be somethin' more then just ey' your my Doc. I'm keen to get ta know her more. I'm hopin' our talks won't involve me bedside in the med-bay.


Devin Sinclair✞

 || Liked || Friend ||

Not a bad guy' so far, I think he looks up to me, young impressionable kid. I like em', Not a lot of sense yet but it will come to em'. Specially' if he keeps workin' on his craft of leadin'. Some people it comes naturally some it don't, I think he is a slight natural to it. I mean he had my back durin' some shit times and we are both from Samson. Not a lotta' shit to say.

This one really hurt, I wanted to uh. I really wanted to teach em' and help em' get to bein' squad lead, I liked the young kid, he reminded me of myself in a way. He had a bright future ahead of him and for him to be taken' like that it just really sucks, I was there when he left this world. Fuck I just don't understand sometimes how precious life is, Sinclair I'd love to meet yea' family and I'm sure your bein' lived on through them'. Samson proud brother, Samson Proud.


Grant Sterling:

 || Liked || Friend ||

Young kid, lotta' trooper in em'. If he works on his craft he can be a good NCO one day, He has a good head on his shoulders. I'm happy to show em' values he'll take in life, Like I said our talks about gettin' blooded. Well he has the right view on it, I'm excited to work with em'.

Well I mean I've been teachin' em' and seein' him prosper, even before he got the corsair tattoo. Frankly I love to see it and we are becoming' good friends. I kinda' feel at fault for his capture as I was leadin' that drop but I don't think he holds anythin' against anyone. We got him' back and that's all that matters to me in a way, Sterlin' will be a good trooper and good leader, I can feel it.


Mike Hawkins ✞

|| Neutral || Liked ||

It's sad ta' see a private go, lotta' future. lotta' fight. I liked the kid, damn shame.


Carter Sims:

|| Trusted || Best Friend ||

This guy I owe almost everything too, He not only took control of the fucked situation that almost led to my death. But he brought me from deaths door back to the living world, Not only was he a good friend from before that I could joke around with, drink and honestly just be a Pal doin' goofy shit and tearin' up the bar scene. But now I trust em' with my life, and I expect to see em' in the ship more.


Shoji Nakatami:

|| Acquaintance || 

I don't know much about em', seems like a good trooper. I wouldn't say much, he does his job and he does it good. I've been hangin' out with em' and he doesn't seem that bad.


Cameron Ryland ✞

|| Acquaintance || 

Aye, He seems like a good engineer' really helped me out with the drop and also was behind my back on the bar brawl situation, I respect em'. However that TON usage, even though it wasn't fully reauthorized by me it kinda' did open up TAC later that saved our asses.

We lost anotha' Corsair, someone I was startin' to warm-up too. He's been here longer then me and It's sad to see a veteran end like that, but nevertheless Corsairs never die. I'll see em' in history and the stars.


Marceline Voyna:

|| Trusted || Friend ||

I can't believe I've blown her off all this time', literally didn't quite understand how good ova' friend she is. And uh it's weird since how she acts, we somehow don't kill each other.  I mean complete opposites when yea' think about it, but we somehow get along real well. Opposites attract? We gotta' plan togetha', and I'm hopin' we stick to our guns.. Get ta' command together, figure out the unit then we can' both go into the Pathfinders like we want to togetha', Only time will tell ina' hurt business like this.


Ela Bal ✞

|| Trusted || Friend ||

I don't know what to say, Bal after everything that happened I blocked you outta' my life and we stopped talking. I couldn't let my pride outta' the way. I over-reacted and now I'm stuck ina' place in life. The biggest regret I'll have, I'll never know how things would be after I accepted your apology.. Never know how we'll have another drink. I'm sorry our time was so fucked up cause of me, I don't know what I'm doing sometimes. I can't just grow up, but after sayin' good-bye. I'm goin' to try and change not only for you but for Cavvie' and anyone else I've let my pride break apart. Jesus Bal I'm sorry, If tears could build a stair-way to heaven. I'd climb it and bring you back down. Please I don't know if you will ever' truly forgive me, but I just wanna' let you know up there I'd do anything to turn back time and accept your apology.


Helena Clenmore ✞

|| Neutral ||

Clenmore really wasa' model trooper, She made mistakes but at the end of the day I was proud to lead her, She went out coverin' my ass and the others and I wish that she made it out. I was lookin' forward to seein' her more but. It's how life turned out, what I havta' do is follow her promise. Make sure her folks at home know about er', that's something I'm not lookin' forward to.


Draz Polo.

|| Liked || Acquaintance ||

I've gained a lotta' respect as I've gotten to know him, He'sa giant guy and even though he isn't the smartest dude. He is still one helluva' trooper, I look forward to seein' him on the field. 


Brooke Miller. 

|| Liked || Acquaintance ||

Talked to her and she ain't to shabby. Able ta' have a drink with her and just talk the night away, Second person I've met on this boat that talks like me. And she can take a joke doesn't cry ova' ball bustin' so I'm keen to talk and get ta' know her more. 


June O'riley. 

|| Liked || Acquaintance ||

Well ta' be honest I've always found her tolerable, She can dish it out and well from what I've seen she has some sorta' sense of humour. I was a bit ofa' dickhead to er'. But I think we've gotten a little bit past that. I look forward to chit chattin' with her again. Hopefully it isn't involvin' my limbs gettin' replaced.


Ainslee DeClare

|| Neutral ||

Seems lika' competent leader in her duties. I haven't talked to her too much but when I have it's been on mostly positive levels, I look forward to workin' with her, or becomin' friends.



Daniel Phillips 

|| Neutral ||

We've know each-other for a super long time, I haven't really gotten to know him. As in we aren't real great friends and haven't sat down to actually get ta' know each-other, however we are both veterans and seem to be competent in what we do, well at-least I think I am for the most part. 


Holly Garret

|| Neutral ||

We haven't really ever sat down n' talked, Like I think the only time I've seen her and spoke ever was the simulation room. I kinda' always knew her as just Dawes Girlfriend or tha' engineer girl. I mean oly' shit she's been her longer then me. But from the very short time I've seen her maybe she hasa' sense of humor? I'd be intrested in speakin' again.






- If you were one of the people that he has given the tape too, maybe at this moment sitting in your office or bunk or even at a table in the bar. You would catch it in the corner of your eye, Maybe you had it put away in a drawer, maybe you had it out inspecting it the whole time you were reading his personnel file. You could have had it in your bag. However it has brought you to this moment in your life, your looking at it now. You would slowly enter it into whatever modern or old gadget that allows you to play this ancient format of audio, A voice would crack to life of that being recognized as Johnny Vilish -

"Aye.. is this thing workin', Goddamn I should have just went with a P.D.A recordin'. Ahh fuck it, *Clearing his throat* So congratulations you have your hand on the 'Till Death Did Me Part' part one tape. This isn't really anythin' spooky or special so don't be bouncin' off the walls just yet, It's just my favorite songs compiled onto about ninety minutes of tape I had to put in these things. I mean I had to do somethin' with the empty tape and cassettes that came with the case! So enjoy, rewind times should be on the back as well as genre. Part two copies are in the bottom locker of my bunk. Don't be fuckin' snoopin' they are only available to you when... well I'm sure you can put two and two together here, unless your like Cavill, Moira, uh... Cawthorne, Bal. Then I'd expect yea to be stupid! any-way that's enough of me reducing' those poor people to tears. Enjoy the music."
- Now taking it out you would look at the back of the cassette. A list of songs separated by genre and times they come on in the track would be pasted onto the back, you may have put the tape away, or put it back into the device to forward it to your favorite track of the list. What have you chosen to listen too? -


Jazz N Soul -

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - December, 1963 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTUhnIY3oRM&list=PLe1qGsYHU1xexSUGp805awIYhMViHciuR&index=48

Thee Sacred Souls - Will I See You Again? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63MO1jPE8BE&list=PLe1qGsYHU1xexSUGp805awIYhMViHciuR&index=43

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5zDRtEC0x0&list=PLe1qGsYHU1xexSUGp805awIYhMViHciuR&index=7

jimmy Ruffin - What becomes of the broken hearted - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZfnKqAGlfY&list=PLe1qGsYHU1xexSUGp805awIYhMViHciuR&index=19

King Harvest - Dancing in the Moonlight - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eHBLHVHjWg&list=PLe1qGsYHU1xexSUGp805awIYhMViHciuR&index=28

Delegation - Oh Honey - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4vQ9fl5r9o&list=PLe1qGsYHU1xexSUGp805awIYhMViHciuR&index=64


/ OOC I will probably make this a in game collectable that hot links to a playlist, and I'll update it on the page if I have nothing else to do. //-




Miscellaneous Information & Photos:




(Photo taken from personnel's social media, Taken circa 2295. This photo shows Johnny Vilish at his former Job. Johnny was assigned as a general crewman on the Murdoch Stout. A Heavy Cargo & Fishing Vessel. Vilish is recognized

from his former employer as being a valuable worker but also breaking the local crew's record for the largest fish caught. Vilish caught a 695 pound 'Big Fin' on a voyage 500 miles from Magellan.)   
















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