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Levi Armistead - The Last Hathorian Corsair

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>>> ...Opening... Credentials Required. Must have at least ‘SCI’ Clearances to proceed.

> USER: ********

> PASS: ****************************


>>> ‘Welcome, User!’


    <ACCESSING FILE = ‘Armistead, Levi’>

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ARMISTEAD - Circa 2301



Name: Levi Everett Armistead

Aliases: N/A

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty-five

DOB: 08/23/76

POB: Unknown alleyway of Virgil's Point, Iskander

FID Number: 2475-6895-LA


Race: Caucasian

Hair: Auburn Brown - Medium

Eyes: Marble Grey

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 177 lbs

Physical Deformities: Type III Right Arm BT, Type III Left Arm BT, Type I Right Leg BT





Rank: Technical Sergeant

Primary Role: Executive Medical Officer - Biotech Resident

Years of Service: Three years (MI), One year (Hathor PDF)

Previous Units: N/A

Known Languages:  Federal Standard

    Spoken Accent: Mild Iskanderan

LEVI EVERETT ARMISTEAD is a 5'10" normal shouldered, male, mesomorph, born in Virgil's Point's alleyways.
LEVI speaks with a mildly noticeable Iskanderan accent including a vocabulary of epigrammatic and eloquent mixes.

At a young age, LEVI immigrated from Iskander to Hathor under adoptive parents, learning to live amongst others in the state of Neubreslau.
While originally enlisted to the Hathorian PDF, LEVI found himself seeking glory and acknowledgement for his actions. However, he valued loyalty amongst his friends while also serving for the pragmatic ideals of the Federation. Some time into his PDF service, LEVI heavily shifted focus from his own success, alongside his own safety, to that of his comrades-in-arms.

As of his unit's raising to MI status, LEVI's work ethic has been unaffected and still proves to have an expert level knowledge of advanced medical techniques - this is consistently proven through his exploits both in the field and on ship.
To date, LEVI has nine tattoos: a black ink forest sleeve with an emanating skull on his right forearm, a combined symbol of Ouroboros and 'Equilibrium' on the inside of his left forearm, a white 'Corsair' tattoo on his left bicep, a black ink sleeve depicting a nun praying on his left forearm, a series of numbers on his left pec; a cannon, a ship, a skull with crossbones, and an anchor co-located on his right shoulder.










Personal Relationships

Trusted/Respected | Friendly | Acquainted | Neutral |  Mixed |  Disliked Hated





Sydney Wyatt - I remember when Syd first came around to the unit, she was innocent and jittery, nervous and unsure; now she's the co-lead of Biotechs with June, she's doing surgery on many people who need it (me included), and I've not seen such a woman grow so confident or competent so quickly. She's a good person, she always has the right mind and the right motivations - I was scared for a time that she was going to end up being more like Elliott or Kai with how they saw the world, how they interacted with the people around them, but she's stayed practically the same through and through. She's one of many medics I trust with my life, granted she's saved mine a number of times now, and I wouldn't have it any other way. She's suffered a lot of heavy loss lately, but I'm there to help her back to her feet and I'm not about to leave her behind.


Avery Dawes - Ave and I have come a long way together; I had some doubts when he first came around, especially when I found out he was only nineteen years old. I figured I'd do the right thing and show him the way, show him right from wrong and what to do when things seem grim... Now here we are - he's still nineteen, but he's a staff sergeant now and lookin' to be the top soon enough. Him and I are always on the same wavelength, the same mindset; we have the same goals and intents in mind, we help each other when we need such help the most. I know he has my back and I have his, I don't have a whole lot of trustworthy people left since Kai and Elliott made their way to the great beyond (or wherever Kai's transfer took him); I'm just happy that Ave is still kickin', now I have to make sure he lives to get out a few months from now.


Etsuko Yamazaki - A Cavalier from a unit long washed under red tape and classified files, she's one of the newer medics that we took into our fold. She's a quiet one, some kind of emotional detachment is obviously present, but she's still human nonetheless. She feels pain, she feels sadness, she feels frustration, but she's a hell of a medic. Coming in as a second spec has certain responsibilities, but she accepted those responsibilities immediately, she's been on the forefront of most drops now. Even with her detachment, she's nice to talk to, she's definitely given me a certain outlook to peer out of. I don't feel like it's my place to fix her, but I want to try helping wherever I can; nobody should live everyday wishing they died a long time ago with their previous brothers and sisters, even if it is a noble belief. She's gone to become a PJ and has long since proved that she's a very capable lifesaver. I know that when somebody is hurt and she's there, she'll do everything in her power to help - she has a tireless force of will that even a Skinny could find difficult to overcome. I know she still hurts from her losses, but I feel like she's adjusting to being apart of our family, having more people to look out for and care about; she doesn't always show it, but I know she does care.


June O'Riley - O'Riley has long been a person of my concern and worries for no other reason except I want to see her be successful in what she does - she's done more than just be successful, she's become a confident young woman who stands her ground in the face of adversity. She's learned so much about her job, about her friends and comrades, about herself - I haven't seen someone grow so much in such a short time and she's impressed me everyday that she's here. She's a senior now and she's well earned such a rank, she trains the younger medics and performs biotech surgeries like a pro. I'm proud of her, I think she's doing great things now and I only see greater things in the future. It kind of felt like raising a daughter at times; it was a weird feeling, but it felt good to be trusted and to be a mentor to her.


Naomi Vond - Given the short time Vond has been with us, she's made an impact on every single one of us. With a rather strong sense of niceness to her, possibly unhealthy niceness anyways, she's equally as competent. She's been in the Infantry rodeo for a fair bit longer than I, doesn't hesitate taking charge when things go awry, and truly does care about every person on the ship. I trust her, we operate at the same level and ability, we read each other's minds practically. Frankly, I get this odd feeling every now and then that I've worked with her before, but there's no way I could've done that, not in this life anyhow... Naomi and I have been working together for some time now, and I think we work like Yin and Yang. We have the same thoughts on things, the same solutions, and even if we come to gripes about how to deal with something, we compromise after a proper discussion. We do the right thing for our medics, for our infantry, for our engineers. I don't think I'd make it this far without her there - we've seen each other at our low points and have kept each other going.


Ellis Lee Cyrus - Some Hathorian hick with quite the lingual drawl but a knowledge of medical that probably trumps my own. Ellis and I go back to the first days of the Corsairs. Someway somehow, we enlisted on the same day, went to the same makeshift bootcamp on Hathor, and ended up in the PDF together. Imagine my surprise when I found out that we both went medical too. He's seen the best and worst of me, and I've seen all the same of him. My trust in him with my life is implicit, it's expected, and it's known. I've been somewhat concerned about him lately, he hasn't been around too much and he's sticking out like a sore thumb among all the new faces. He should be okay though, at least until he decides to try fighting somebody and follows through.


Carter Sims - Sims is a transfer from another unit, trying to get ingrained in the Corsair culture and simply do what he does best with us. An Aussie with no hesitation of showing it, he speaks with a rough vernacular but with good heart. He's a very competent medic who I've had the pleasure of working with a fair bit. It's a shame I haven't gotten to know him much better, but our schedules don't always align to give for the opportunity. I'll change that soon enough. Sims is a capable Aussie still, his downfall will be his hubris or his need to help when it isn't necessary. Does that make him a bad person? Far from, but it shows that he has much to learn still when it comes to his role in this family. Despite all that, I know that if I put him with a newer Valkyrie, they'll both be okay.


Vika Logan - I met Vika during my month long stint with the Boars; I gave her the best possible guidance I could and I fully expected her to take over in my stead once I departed. Little I expect that I'd end up needing her here with us, but I'm happy she took the invitation. A competent medic, a good person, and very outspoken on her opinions. It may be hard sometimes to get her to play nice with some people, but she can handle herself and I don't need to do any semblance of babysitting for her. I can only hope to protect her as best as I possibly can like the other medics under my charge, I don't want her to go off and die to something that could be prevented.


Moira Stuart - A rockin' blonde who still doubts her abilities as a leader to this day. Met her when she was a simple enlisted woman and now here she is, officer of the platoon. Seeing her success has brought my own into question; it makes me feel like I haven't done enough or I'm doing things right. I won't hold any of that against her though - she's here to do her job and she's made a family along the way. Like many of the officers before her, Moira is a confidant of mine - I can tell her the realities of what I'm dealing with or what needs to change for the sake of others, and she'll listen. It's tough being the big name in charge, but she's handling it well and the new master sergeant is helping her out as best as he can.


Samantha Costa - A real buff lady that joined the unit alongside Dawes, Garret, and a number of others. Sometimes I wonder if I could take her on in a fight, but I like living - sometimes. Anyhow, she's a bit of a brash individual, saying things and making statements that aren't exactly too eloquent, but she's a hell of a fighter. I've patched her up a few times now and she lovingly calls me 'Armsman' - that's how I know she's quite definitely into me. Jokes aside, I trust her with my life. She puts the interests of others before herself and tries to have some bloody fun along the way. I might now know much of her past, but I know her enough know to be content that I can say her name.


Ridley Wilkes - A Ganymedian you could call her; she's rough and tough, she's seen her own shares of hell already and she hasn't been with the Infantry long. I can't exactly recall how we met, but since then, she's confided in me and gave me the trust to be a confidant to her. From the moment, I am more than happy to help her grow and get past whatever struggles or burdens that corrupt her thoughts and sanity. I've said my own fair share of painful history to her as well, so in a sense, we're confidants for each other and I think we both value that. Despite her tough country gal exterior, she's been growing into a more empathetic person and has been starting to trust the new family that she didn't volunteer to be apart of; I've seen her go off and talk to more people now, getting to know them, getting closer to them - I'm just happy that I got to be the first person to help her along her own path.


Dorian Elswood - Elswood is an older fellow who's been doing his fair share of unit hopping to get by. To my knowledge, been a medic his whole career, served as a master spec previously with another unit, supposedly served as that unit's medical officer for a time while waiting for a transfer to take the slot. Aside from his service record, he's shown to be a fairly down to earth individual, speaks eloquently, has a solid knowledge of technique, knows how to handle a rifle. It'd be quite egotistical if I said he reminds me of myself, but with that in mind, I think he's different and unique enough in his own way. Patched me up when I needed it after Naomi rudely prioritized Musa with a bloody nose - so rude.


Holly Garret - Like a few others, Garret comes from the Roughriders. I could go on about the units she came from before, but I really don't feel like listing that out. Anyhow, she's a yellowjacket, one of their senior specialists and a fairly competent one at that. Now I might not have seen her much in the field on a personal level, but to me, it seems she's two different people depending whether or not we're on a drop. In the field, she seems to be very professional and very capable. On the ship, she's goofy and nonchalant. Frankly, I enjoy seeing both sides - it keeps her human and seeing that keeps me human too. Supposedly she was voted the hottest one amongst a few of her peers, but maybe I'm weird as I don't really look at her like that. She's just a nerd to me.


Paige Sorel - Paige has met some difficulty in adjusting to the Infantry lifestyle, her own father and uncle giving her two different outlooks on the service. Nonetheless, here she is as yoked as ever and trying to carve a path for herself. I've offered help to her on a few occasions though most of them are dragging her to a bed in her drunken stupor. Her and I have talked a bit recently, she's been trying to figure out why people are the way they are around here; I don't know the answer to that question outright, but I hope that she does her best to stay true to herself and remain untainted by the cold-blood that runs through people's veins as of late. I won't lie, she's attractive in a different light now that I've talked to her a bit, but that's something for another life maybe.


Berndt Reinmann - He's yet another Roughrider pick-up that we got, but he's a medic, not just Infantry. He hasn't very much graced us with his presence on the field, but he's a known face on the ship. What I do know of him is that he's a grizzled man, he's been doing this for quite some time and has been hopping from one unit to the next for years. His knowledge doesn't befit him as a second spec, he knows much more, and he emanates an aura of understanding - if that makes sense. He's the kind of guy that you can walk up to and expect a sensible answer, one that isn't derived from bloodthirst or frustration. We've gotten him promoted to something more deserving of his caliber; when he gets to drop, he shows that he isn't a good guy on the ship alone. He's got a good heart no matter what and I don't envy the loss he's endured to become the man he is today. All I know is that I'm grateful for his efforts like many of the other medics; someday they won't need me anymore.


Valerie De Groot - An Engineer who's shot up in rank fairly quick; she's recently had a pretty bad share of unnecessary surprises and drama, got demoted too because of a spat, but I don't see her as a person who deserves it outright. She's genuinely good in her own way, riding the lines of a good heart with a morally gray guide, and she's also a very competent engineer. From what I've heard, if it wasn't for her constant presence with the other engineers during the end of Allillion, I don't think we would've seen success to the extent we got. I should mention she's pretty fun to be around, pretty funny to see how she gets when she decides to drink a fair bit too.


Daniel Phillips - When Dan joined, he didn't know a lick about being a medic. He joined off of whim and interest from my perception of it; he was very excited and immediately told Amanda and Erin... He's faced a lot of loss very early in his career and I'm hoping it builds him up stronger in some manner, I can't let him get beaten down when he has so much more he can do for himself and others. A kind-hearted man who likes to shoot the shit with his friends, loyal to his beliefs and to the cause. I think it goes without saying that he's fairly built too so dragging people isn't of any hassle to him. We got your back in medical, Daniel.


Katherine Hohenzollern - Katherine has apparently been with medical for awhile but I think it was during a time I was away that she came around; she's recently resurfaced since I've been back around and she seems to be an aspiring field surgeon. I got to know her a fair bit during the training I was running with her for basic wound treatments, got a drink to discuss more about each other to build that rapport. From the sounds of it, she has big dreams and I hope I can help her achieve them - she's a nice person, she picks up information fairly quick, and once you break through her shy side, she's a pretty good conversationalist.


Shay Musa - Musa is a bigger fellow, definitely on the socially awkward side to some extent, but he is a good guy. If I need something smart or philosophical, he'd be the first man I ask. I think he's gotten along with the normal guys pretty well, almost as good as Mosely does. I don't envy their roles, practically becoming the black sheep wherever there's anti-psychic sentiment. There's been some events recently and all I can say is that I hope things get better - he's been tormented a fair bit recently and he deserves a break.


Johnny Vilish - I recall talking to him when he was struggling as a Corporal; he needed guidance and support, I offered that shoulder for him to lean on alongside Moira. Granted that was a month ago or so now before I left for the Boars. It seems he's gotten his head mostly on his shoulders now, he's a Sergeant leading drops and squads. He doesn't falter much if at all, but I know he has some personal things that have gotten him a bit ate up. Once I make the effort to know him better, maybe I can help him with those troubles too. It's my job, right?


Max Sable - Despite what little interaction I've had with Max on a personal level, he's sharp in the field. I'll happily refer to him as a commo god, at least when it comes to being a radio transmission operator, working the long range to MOBCOMM more often than not. He's the reason why I've been able to get plenty of people out of the field when they've been in desperate need of help, very competent as a long ranger, equally as good with a rifle and killing bugs. I owe him a lot for his efforts to say the least.


Frederick Crawford - I don't really know Crawford. I know he's a Lance Corporal, I know he has a slight temper issue, but I know that he's a decent small team leader, he's pretty good at killing things. He's quite personable too. At some point, I'll get around to talking to him, but at the very least, he can count on me for help if he gets hurt.


Draz Polo - A young and bustling private who got his hands on an eighty-eight. He's brave enough for sure, he rushes in to do his job with little to no hesitation. I haven't talked to him much personally, but we do make a decent team together. He follows orders, does what he needs to do, and makes it out alive all the same. I should probably make the effort of talking to him soon.




/ § /


Elliott Yhara  - One of the last originals with me; he died during an operation while I was in a coma. It wasn't even during Operation Clean Sweep. Got a gunshot wound to the stomach and circumstances stopped my people from stopping Death from taking his life. He never got blooded, he didn't need to, and in the end, he proved he was a real Corsair through and through. His death has marked what is likely to be the end of a generation; I don't think anybody is gonna replace his depressingly witty humor or his stone cold bluntness. Not a whole lot of people at his funeral knew who he was either - the crowd was filled with new faces and names. . I left my flask with him so he can get one last drink in his departure. Far is the reach, Elliott, far is the reach.


Kai Nkosi  - The last original blooded Corsair aside from myself and he had to transfer out. I wasn't present when he made that decision, I just know that he didn't like being the senior most gunner for the platoon. If I had to guess, he moved on and took a demotion so he was more in his comfort zone; I don't blame him. I don't know if he got the news about Elliott yet, he probably did, but I doubt he's super affected by it. We were all close together, but Kai always knew how to keep his emotions bottled up, it made him a better gunner. Maybe we'll meet again someday.


Ela Bal - Words don't describe the pain I felt when I woke up from my coma to hear that Ela passed away; she was in the main room hanging on until the very end, seeing the people she loved and cared about. She was a great medic with great aspirations and it feels like I've failed her, her death hangs over me to this day just as much Elliott and Carson. I look at the scarf she knit for my birthday and tell myself that she should've been able to give it to me directly, but I wasn't here. I see the evil-eye necklace I gifted her for her birthday and I wonder why she didn't keep it on. She wore it so much and suffered so little that I started to believe the necklace really was protecting her, but she didn't wear it for Clean Sweep and now she's gone. Such a good person and Death decided it was her time to go - maybe we were blessed too much by her presence, Death got jealous of our happiness, and gave us a wake-up call... I'll find your mother, Ela; I'll let her know the truth and get some answers for you.


Artemis Mosely - A lot was happening in Artemis' life before she left; the final straw was Naomi saving her life and preventing her from committing suicide when she was just taking too much psychic assault. It broke her, she was tortured beyond belief having to live through the pain of needing to take LP. She transferred out days after that incident and supposedly had to go to some form of psychic rehabilitation center, let alone the counseling she needs to undergo. I feel terrible seeing her leave, she was one of the first people I confided in about myself amongst all the new faces when they transferred in initially. I hope you're well, Art, truly.


Riley Vallas  - Such a young man whose mind was ruined by the horrors of war - he did everything he could to be correct and by the book, he aspired to be a leader and had ample opportunities to be one. His mental stability slipped through the cracks; all the efforts we took to try and help him didn't do anything, and it was too late for us to get him the help he really needed. He had to transfer - went to the rear where he works as a personnel clerk now, at least that's the last I had heard about him. He was a good guy and he really didn't deserve what happened.


Raven Rez  - Her and I first met during an operation that was just honestly no man's land with mortar hell mixed together; found out she transferred from Kurosawa, apparently the old man ate it after so long of helping us out here and there. She's a good gal, she has her shit straight, and she was more than willing to give lip to anybody who warranted it. It ain't often you find a Specialist willing to speak their mind and make it known that you're an idiot - sadly she decided to transfer out of here and back to the seventh, Lord knows why she felt motivated to do so. I thought she was doing well here and I can only hope she does well back over there.


Kyung Hui-Ying - Kyung left shortly after I had departed for the Boars; to my knowledge, she wasn't blending well with the unit and wasn't getting the experience she wanted or needed. She requested a transfer to a place more suitable where she would be better used and she'd get better experience. She was good at her job too, at least, good at learning her job. It wasn't everyday we got someone who was prior service and she was from Hathor - knew the language she spoke given how much time I spent in Gauss. I hope she's alright.


Elizabeth Cross - I didn't know Elizabeth all too well or at least all too deeply. Having to arrange her final moments aboard the ship was difficult - it wasn't everyday that such an opportunity was thrust upon me. I remember watching every person she cared about and knew walking up to her bedside, saying their final piece. I remember the tears so many people shed as she grew more and more pale, but I won't forget the smile she maintained the entire way through. I knew she was tired but she saw her goodbyes through to the end - we gave her one final song to carry her along to the great beyond. Elizabeth - Stuart is doing good, she's doing very well actually; you'd be proud of her and we're all proud of you.


Luna Cavill - Luna was an odd one but she was nice. Her priorities were a bit off but I knew her intentions. She didn't get along with everybody, they made that much well known to her, but she still persevered where she could. She was happy with Elliott, she was happy with the rest of us; I don't think she ever planned on dying with the Corsairs - she died fighting the good fight and that's all most of us can ask for. Seeing her not live right now to her fullest potential saddens me and I wish I was there to do something about preventing her death. I hope you're okay, Luna.


Tommaso Avellino  - I don't know the circumstances behind Tommy's transfer out of here, I wasn't around when he boarded the shuttle out. He seemed to be doing okay before he left; maybe he wasn't getting away with what he wanted. He was a hard-ball and did the worst a Lance Corporal could do within the enlisted mafia. I guess I can chalk it up to him just not able to work things out with us: the people, the changing culture, the leadership. Whatever his reasons, a lot of people miss him, me included.


Erin Winchester - Up and coming only to be done dirty by one of our many enemies, Erin was good company to all of us. Him and Phillips were inseparable and yet here they are, separated through means which Erin couldn't control or change. I won't forget how awkward he was around people, especially those of the female gender, but I think that made him more enjoyable to be around. I'm sorry that Death took you so soon, Erin; if only we could've done more to delay his grasp.


Amanda Rys - She was too young, too bright, to be stuck in a place like this. She knew what she signed up for, but to see it actually happen to her like so many - it's saddening. The warrior poet herself fell prey to Death and couldn't fight him off with her words or wits. She died a while ago and it still bothers me to this day, but I know it really bothers Vallas and Phillips. I recall how beaten they were when it happened, the whole ship was dragged down by her loss. If she ever sees this, I hope she knows that we all miss her greatly.


Joe Daughtery - An older fellow who entered the service from being a simple worker; he had a family, and to my knowledge, they all had died. I don't know what else had to live for, I don't know what his reasons exactly were for choosing to sign up. Maybe he was just bored like I was and wanted something different to do. Whatever the reasons he might've had, he was killed for some disciplinary situation. He was a brash man with a fair temper, but he wasn't heavy-hearted or stone cold. He was a good man with a rough way of showing it, shame he went out the way he did - nonetheless, I drink to Gramps among many others now.


- Tactically acquired from Luckish who shamelessly stole it from Ace

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