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Riley Menelaos Vallas - The Pretty Boy

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Name: Riley Menelaos Vallas

Rank: Lcpl.

Years of Service: 0

Decorations Awarded: Purple Heart, Two Bronze Stars, Distinguished Service Medal

Service ID Number: 39205-48303-RV

Branch of Service: Mobile Infantry

Gender: M

DOB: XX/XX/2278

POB: Leigong, Hathor

Height: 6'2

Notable Physical Traits: Feminine features, smooth and soft skin, thin looking

Specialization: E-44, RTO, M55, Morita Mark 3. 










Key Personality Traits: Outward, Friendly. 


Description:  A Hathorian male with very feminine like features and a very pretty face. Fine brown hair and blue 









 Corporal Mason Laitinen (K.I.A.) - I don't remember the first time I met Laitinen, felt like ages ago. I remember him for being my family, my best friend, and as one of our Leaders. When he was dying, my entire body froze, when he was surrounded in that damn tavern. I shoulda volunteered with the rest of Alpha, told em 'We're going to get our leader' back. I listened to Nkosi and didn't, but then Vond came up and volunteered. I was the first one to volunteer myself AND Alpha. We all went. We dragged his body back a mile, and got him on a Medevac. I was next to him the whole time. At least until I was dragged away by the Medics, after I found out he was dead... I couldn't stop crying. The only thing I considered family out in these parts of the Infantry. It hurt. Like I had been shot in the heart, and the only thing I have to remember him by is this god damn tape I keep playing, every god damn day. Its like he's still there, without having even left.

I keep thinking about Laitinen, somedays, somedays I wont. These missions we're constantly on keep me wondering, and keep me constantly losing track of time. It definitely doesn't feel like he's here anymore, he's gone. I don't feel much anymore, how many people get injured its starting to effect me. He's out here, far in the deep of the black sea, his coffin just floating around for either someone else to find. 

Your family dies at some point, I don't remember how he sounds or looks anymore.

Sergeant Avery Dawes - Dawes is an inspiring individual, one of the people I felt I could depend on at any point. Could drag us back out from hell itself and we'd make it, that's who I think Sergeant Dawes is. I keep my Sergeant Dawes trading card on me at all times, its a sign of luck for getting out alive. I don't know what she thinks about me, so it concerns me in a way.

I don't know if Dawes hates me now, I  really can't tell anymore or she thinks ... He... They think I';m incompetent.They've kicked me off twice from squad lead, without talking to me or demoting me. I can't understand what's going on there in her head and it pisses me off that I'm not getting anything. Wish they'd tell me somethin.

Corporal Benjamin 'Benny' Lennox - Lennox and I went to high school together, dated our entire time through High School and I remember those days fondly. At the same time, those memories are a bit faded as I can recall. Whenever he join the PDF, and I went to work for Glencore, we tried to keep up a Long Distance Relationship for awhile. Did not work out that well when we stopped talking two years ago. Then, I enlisted and I found out he's here too, so I'm tryina get back with him a bit and see how it goes. Who knows.

Specialist Holly Garret - I like Garret but I had this weird feeling Garret's started to hate me these recent days? And that's been a big worry for me, I don't know why, I just don't like when people I like hate me.

Warrant Officer Naomi Vond - It feels weird that sometimes I'll kinda look at Vond and all I'll see is some mom, and I sometimes subconsciously call her my other mom. Its hard to look at her sometimes with that look she gives, and usually I'll go to her for advice ... Or cry. If Vond were to ever ... go, I don't know what I would do. I'd probably be fine, I'd probably cry for hours as she's one of the figures who I don't want to go. But she's also an infantry medic, so there's always that risk.

Sergeant Elizabeth Cross (K.I.A.) - When I think of  Corporal Cross, I think someone more compared to a PERSON, a best friend. Well, not a best friend I don't even think she considers me as such. I usually call her Big Sister as a joke, but she has that sisterly vibe in a way.  Someone I want to keep with me through the Federation, a good soldier and someone dependable. She's a leader, just hope I don't annoy her honestly. 

When I heard Cross died, I just sat back into my seat and didn't really feel much. Made me feel shitty that I'm not feeling anything anymore. Cross is dead. That's as simple as it is and she's not coming back. See ya 'round, Crossy.

Warrant Officer Mosely - Mosely made me realize what it means to be a Soldier, despite the consequences of being it. What is good and what is necessary are two different things, I like to be good but I also like to do what is necessary. She has my respect for showing me what it truly means

Master Sergeant Elliot Yhara - I never looked up to Yhara, that doesn't mean I don't respect him. I found out Yhara's not actually from Hathor, so whatever I typed about him from being from Hathor is now moot. But, I also found out what Yhara did... it scared me for a bit, I didn't know what to do. It took me some time to realize what he did was for a reason, was for the betterment of the unit. In some way, I understand why he did it, they weren't fit for this job.

Private First Class Paige Sorel - Sorel feels like a friend, dunno if she's pissed at me or not, or I just haven't been talking to her that much. Saw her take down Wu Chang, that felt good out in the field. I like Sorel, she's got that spark that if you make her your buddy, she'll fight for you and you'll fight even harder to protect. She's just that god damn cool.

Third Specialist Chad 'Chadley' McKenzie - I don't remember the new people all that much anymore, even after I talk to em that much my brain just can't seem to keep remembering. McKenzie isn't sbad, he's pretty friendly and I mesh along with him. He's got the guts for being an Engineer and I think he'll find his way fast in the branch. Who knows, I feel like he'll try to date one of the people we hang out with. 

When I said this, I had been actively talking to McKenzie, we're good friends but I can't ever get it into my head we're friends, it feels like we're work friends and that really is all that it feels like.We talk, bully Bal, can't think of much else.

Corporal Stuart - Stuart's good people, I stuck my neck out for them cause I thought they were First Class material. Still haven't seen much of that First Class material yet. Maybe whenever I can, I'll test their skills on a drop. But, I do like Stuart, she called me pretty, and she drinks and talks with me. Now that I think about it, Stuart's one of my good friends out here in the shit, in the thick of mud and the slowing wastelands of this discipable location. They are my best friend and I'll fight for them, thick and thin.

Recently Stuart gor promoted. I don't know what else to add here, we just don't talk as much cause of it... Maybe there's some mentality. I saw her lose Cross as well, I don't know what I can say to her, it feels like we're two different people now... I don't know anymore.

Told Stuart she and I were like family, feels weird saying that now but I gain things and I lose some. Always sucks. Stay Safe, Stu.

Tech Sergeant Levi Armistead - Tech Sergeant Armistead is another individual I look up to, honestly I respect the guy but when he went down on the mission with the Seppies I didn't feel anything. I don't know if its cause I've been so stressed from mission after mission after mission. But he's helped me through a lot and I should have been there for him. He's a good friend and a person I respect, I can't imagine how many people would be distraught seeing him die. God, am I getting worse?

Third Specialist Svetlana Roloshalt - I haven't seen Roloshalt in combat but I've never expected to see her in combat either. Doesn't seem the type to have been posted to combat positions besides being apart of the Medical Team. I like Rolo though, she's got a flare that sort of draws my attention to her for some reason. Weird note aside, she doesn't seem like the type you mess around with. Who'll probably kill you if you ask something wrong... but, she doesn't look like Avellino

Lance Corporal Jody Cox - Private First Class Jody Cox is a dependable Rocketeer, good Gunner, I depend on him when I need a Second in Command due to his reliability. I still consider the guy my friend though, we don't talk much, and I feel like its better that way.  

Always thought Cox  woulda fit as a Terminal Private, He's Lance now and I haven't seen him lead, most liekly not in his squad. Hope he does well.

Private First Class Daughtery (Article Eleven'd) - Fuck, I never expected someone to have shot Daughtery in the field and what he did to get himself in that situation. Nonetheless, I liked him and thought he was one of my friends. I feel a bit ashamed we didn't talk more, and as much as I stop feeling as I continue fighting. I feel somewhat responsible for not being able to stop him for dying. Maybe I could've done something to stop him, talked to him and he'd be somewhere different. Last I knew what happened to his body, he was fried in a TON detonation.

Terminal Private Samantha "Bug Killer" Costa - Costa is... it really feels like they didnt even take the IQ test and they gave her big gun. That helps her in that regard, she's the Bug Exterminator, certified Bug Killer. I try my best to make friends with Costa, she's one of my squad mates too. If she doesnt like me or respect me, I'm not that upset by it.

Corporal Avellino - Avellino, I never refer to him by his first, never do that for anyone actually. I think of myself as another Vallas, side tracked. Avellino is someone I never mess with or interact with, I don't want him to get pissed off at me or have him stare at me wrong. I know he gives me side glances, and I'm very sure he thinks of me negatively. I don't mind that, I get it. Sometimes I wont even talk to him cause I feel like he'll yell at me. He's still Infantry, so if he goes down I'm going to be right there picking him up, Corsairs stick together.

Another look back on Avellino, not scared by him,, I could take him on. 

 Corporal Amanda Rys - Rys is alright, I got that weird feeling of deja vu that we've met before and it's honestly a bit jarring. Anyways, Rys is pretty alright, reminds me of a female McKenzie. But uhh, seems energetic and friendly so I'll get to know her better.

They say that the light burns at the end of the tunnel, discarding the evil that will be following you along. Maybe this is true but it requires another presence to be at the end. Against all the evil that Hell can conjure, all the wickedness that mankind can produce, we will send you. Amanda Rys is the one individual I believe to be a true destroyer of evil, the bringer of light where I may have failed.  This is the path. This is the one who stands against all evil that hell can conjure, and I will continue on my path alongside her. 



I don't know what to tell her, I don't know at all what to tell her. It hurts me and I can't for god know where to start, not even a sorry or a 'hey'. I just ... I can't do it. I can't bring myself to say 'I'm sorry', I'm a fuck up and I can't even dignify her presence with something. I've been actively avoiding her since she took the medbay, and I can't say 'I'm sorry'. 

Corporal Frederick 'Crawfish' Crawford -  One of the people I consider family out here, even if we don't talk as much anymore or maybe all these operations leave my mind scattered. I remember on Laitinen's funeral we got drunk and hugged it out, Crawford's been in this unit as long as I have. Or maybe longer, I can't remember. Good person to talk to when you need it, and he's dependable, he's Lance Corporal for a reason.

...Crawford died while I was in the medbay. It... There isn't much I can say, he... I should've told him something, the words he told me, shouted at me as I actively ignored him, 'Don't you dare do this to me! You're my brother god dammit! Talk to me!' Those were the last words Crawford ever said to me, and I played him off. Why can't I just talk, why couldn't I tell him.

Private Wood - Just another new transfer I don't interact with, just another guy in this shit fest of universe that we call the Milky Way. I can't remember if he's annoying or not, but I definitely don't talk to him.

Staff Sergeant Kai Nkosi - There's always been a doubt in my mind, Nkosi airlocked Ren, none of us really liked Ren but he still threw them both out the airlock. Its... depressing knowing that they did it. I know. At the same time, Nkosi let me have a chance at being a Lance Corporal and still hasn't ripped it away from me. So I'm guessing he decided I'm good 'nuff for the position... Or doesn't want to rip it away from me. He shoots good. I trust him to cover me, but I feel like if I did somethin he'd shoot me too without hesitation.

Warrant Officer Shay Musa - When I saw Shay Musa join the unit, I don't remember what I felt. He was fine to me, and he looked green, so I think I tried to talk to him. Furthermore, I got a bit more welcoming when I found out he wasn't a brain reader, that shit still scares me even when I talk to Mosely. What's the worst thing they'll hear though? I've come to like Musa, I don't see him much on the field, but if he's still here he hasn't let anyone down. Recently, Musa had a psychic burnout, and I guess his burnout touched my mind, I don't really know what happened. I stood inside that room and went through several lifetimes in what felt like hours, it might've only been a minute, I can't tell. After that, I honestly don't know what to think of Musa, he's been acting crazy? They come, they sit, they leave.

Second Specialist June O'Riley - You know what the worst part about beign named Riley is sometimes people will think its a more feminine name. Anyways, on that note, there is someone named O'Riley , and I'll be honest, it gets confusing when someone wants to talk to O'Riley and I'll get confused and try and see whats up. Nobody ever really calls me Riley... besides I think Vond. Nonetheless, I like the joke we got goin' on, if they don't say O'Riley we'll both snap our head over, gets a good chuckle out of me. I like her though, she doesn't think I'm weird or at least I think she doesnt' think I'm weird. Which I am. She's a good medic and excels at what she does, I hope she makes it to Master Specialist. 

Lance Corporal Erin Winchester - I really got to know Winchester when I made out with him during a movie night. I don't really consider it that much as I don't want to get romantically involved with him. He seems to care about me a lot more than I do him, and that's a shitty feeling to me. Maybe I don't reciprocate now in my current spot, but he's a good soldier. Haven't seen him lead.

Sergeant Mikey Haruhiro (K.I.A) - I was pleased to call Mike my friend, we texted a lot and she stood up for me when I was having a rough time. I'm glad she did that and I thanked her for it, after that we became good friends. We enjoyed each others company a lot though, I hope she didn't think badly of me... But, if she does, sorry I wasn't a better friend to you, Mikey. Last thing, if you can hear me...

See you around, Space Hero.

Second Specialist Sydney Wyatt - Most of the time we argue a lot but mainly for fun honestly, I never see any rudeness she throws my way so. I'm just happy that she's still kicking with us. Hope she doesn't drop dead. She's a good medic, I'll say that as well.

Specialist Ela Bal - I guess I forgot to write her, and at this point in our friendship I ... I feel like if she died, someone's gonna tell me and I'm going to break down crying hard. We've had this whole mother-daughter thing going on and I honestly feel bad I can't be there as best as I can from time to time. I don't want to disappoint her either... I've taken the mother role a bit more uhh... I dunno.



PDA Journal


6/28/2301 - I dunno

I was thinkin bout earlier, the first mission we were on today. All of us got injured and shot and we continued on, didn't matter I told em to keep moving. We kept on, I shot a guy by accident,I thought he was coming out to shoot us some more. I blasted him. I thought I'd feel more than that, but this wave of Apathy as I stared down, he was surrendering and I still felt apathy. 

Got awarded a Distinguished Service Medal, got a fine box for me too.  I lost any of my fun at that point, I dunno why I just felt like shit. Why do I deserve this medal? Do I deserve it?

I don't think I do. They think I do.

The only wonder on my mind was back to when Clenmore lost her leg, she kept calling me Chev. I just said yeah, I was Chev, to make her feel better. Fuck. 



Last night, when we deployed into Sep territory, I was leading a team again. Moore has been acting weird ever since and I tried to help her, or just tried to talk to her. She splitt off from the rest of us, remained at the LZ. I got so pissed cause my obvious reaction was that someone shoulda sticked with the group, and why would someone leave their god damn radio on the dropship. She stays, I didn't know how to handle it, half my guys go up to try and find her. I try to make it seem like it was my orders

I felt like I was in hot shit when we got back to base and I was going to lose my position. 

Whenever they found Moore, she was hostile and thrashing around, that should've been the redflag in my brain right then in there. If we got back to base I woulda stripped her gun away and forced her to remain on ship, well there's always people smarter than you.

We trecked a few miles with Moore in tow... At some point she tried running off again, maybe a total of three times. If I had been of rank, I would have shot Moore down. She's endangered the lives of fellow troopers, and a few have died. I hope she gets the god damn firing squad that cunt. 



Got to Hathor finally, I didnt expect home to be such a shithole after the insurrection. They were all right though, I never wanted to believe home was fucked. Looking back, if I was myself the one I am now, I would've taken up arms to kill fuckin Seps. Instead I became a miner for Glencore aboard the GMS Hakaton, spent a good five years on that ship. I dont know what I was running from, the uprisings and distrust.


I got home to mom, she brought me in and I told her I joined the Mobile Infantry as Infantry. Mom didnt like it, it really made me look different at her, I think she looks down at me for doing it. I wish she'd stop looking at me like that.


7/21/ 2301 [CW: Suicide]


Dag One, first mission. Our objective, I remember that. I got injured at some point, Archie threw me in the air busted my leg up where it ripped the bone apart. Forced its way up on through my skin, dragged across the desert as they waited for Evac. I pulled my Emancipator and did my best to protect the rest of the unit, felt like I had an obligation to. Even if I was injured, I shot a few Arachnids to death with just the pistol. Bang. One goes down. We move. Hoppers, Two hit the ground. Warrior, another bites the dirt. 


I got loaded up into the transport while I was protecting the other injured, then finally relaxed and dozed off. Everything came by in a bit of a blirt, off loaded from the Dropship and to the medbay. They cleaned me off and soon I was underneath the Autodoc, patched my leg fine an melded the bone back together. Whatever the scientific term for it is. I limped out some time later, just fine and dandy walking right on out. Didn't feel right in my head.


I went to my bed, lied down for a bit and stared up at the ceiling, reciting some words to myself. Drawing out certain phrases with my finger, languages that I had learned myself, some of it not of my own volition. Then I just lied there, quiet, ever present, staring at the top of the bed. I had my radio on me, just listening quietly. I heard Rys finally leave the Firing Range, and I got up. 


I got up and headed down to the range, got my Emancipator from the armory. 


Rys was gone from the armory by this point.


I called Range Hot.


I walked down the stairs to the range, weapon in my holster and finally stepped up to one of the empty ranges. I knew what I wanted to do.


The weapon was cold, so cold, I checked the bullet in the chamber, dropped the magazine. The weapon stared back at me, even in its sideways glance. It knew what I wanted, I knew what I wanted. My Emancipator was lifted up slowly, pressing against the side of my neck, letting the cold steel rest against it. There was only one bullet and no way to miss, my finger held itself against the trigger.


Tap, tap, tap. 


That's what I heard, coming down the stairs, I set down my Emancipator upon the bench, waching as Problem came up to me. He was apologizing to me... Apologizing about letting me get hurt. How it was his first time leading a squad and wasn't ready for the consequences that followed. The pain that remained after seeing people get hurt, and leading them to their doom.


If Problem didn't walk down those steps...


This is all your fault, Vallas.




7/27/2301 "A Dream of Hathor"


Currently sitting in my bunk, getting hard to sleep and can't stop thinking. Whenever Shang and Otter died, that was the night I fully hit the bed and passed out. No just constantly rolling awake, no needing to take pills. But, I still remember the dream there, I still VIVIDLY remember the dream. Both the Shang brothers were there, Kovacs, Laitinen, Bal was there as well... It went... it went like...


There I was, sitting in one of the medical cells, ones I've seen so clearly once before. The writings on the wall as I sat with just regular casuals in the room. Words jutting out to me, I could understand them but not read them. The words circled me, dotted all across the walls till nothing, til the door strut open with one of the Fleet Officers standing before me. They had a dufflebag in hand, tossing my gear on down before me.


My E-44 tossed to me, the officer spoke rather loudly. "Snap out of it trooper, you got your orders. Up and at 'em!"
I replied, "Orders?"
They didn't reply, but I had already geared up at this time, full Raider suit armor. My HUD filled with Rys' name and several jutting out pictures.  I was directed out of the medbay by the officer, who I was sure it was Whitfield. I cannot be sure anymore. 


My orders weren't clear, but I rushed out into the endless Medbay with instead the Morita Mark Three SAW, the Shang brothers were still in their regular armor, we were on Hathor, Kovacs and Laitinen were there... Bal tending to a barely alive trooper. We were defending the courtyard to the Capitol of Leigong, standing on the steps of the burnt out city as it had been completely trashed.


SAW in hand I took up a position, we were outnumbered and overwhelmed. The sky a pitch black, a vortex circling down and Lieutenant Eros telling us to hold out for as long as we could. 


Do or die. 


I gunned down several of 'em, some having pierced my armor, a mortar not landing far nearby, knocking Kovacs on his ass. All I remembered is falling after a rocket slammed into my chest, only for more of them to show up and begin taking us hostage. The sky pulled us up, which I then woke up.


Weird dreams, the last time I saw both the Shangs.



ask if you want to know, idk

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