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Amanda Rys - The New Blood

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-=General Information=-



















5'11 Ft / 1.80 M


85kg / 187lbs






-=Service Record=-









Mobile Infantry Infantryman


Delta Company, 1st Platoon "Eros' Executioners"


1x Purple Heart




-=Medical Record=-





1x Left Thigh Medium Length Wound (Stitched and Healed)

1x Right Shoulder Bullet Wound (Entry and exit: Stitched and Healed)

1x Dislocated Right Foot (Healed)

1x Right Ankle Sprained (Healed)
1x Left Ankle Sprained (Healed)

1x Face & Neck Burn [2nd Degree] (Healed)

1x Left Shoulder shrapnel wound (Healed)

1x Left shoulder bullet wound (Entry & Exit, Healed)

1x Lethal Chest Injury


being dead








Amanda Rys was raised and deeply loved by her mother, father and her older brother of 5 years. She didn't have a rocky start in life, but she was ultimately extremely reserved, as she was disciplined to be a model Citizen in the future. As such her personal freedom and personal desires were mostly if not, barely minimal. Safeguarded and kept from outside influences, her parents made sure that she would be made into the perfect being without flows, with a deep understanding of history, literacy, honor and a deep desire of duty for the Federation.


While standing true, this only left her with minimal room of figuring out who she was, being molded and finetuned by her family. Her brother had more autonomy than she did unfortunately but to her parents eyes he was already a perfect being who shows more promise than she did. This became a driving force for her to improve herself, trying her hardest to learn and adapt as she could while trying to earn the favor of parents. While she succeeded in some aspects, she wasn't exactly good at everything.


She suffered from a lack of natural talent for Mathematics, Science of all kind and even Biology. She ultimately exceeded in History and Literacy, even if at the current moment her speaking pattern or even writing isn't refined, she stands as a more poetic individiual.


"...The past doesn't matter, Amanda. The future does. Focus on the present for a better one."


Words that her parents practically engraved into her head as they saw her interest and natural talent for history as an unfavorable trait. She began to adopt such mentality, in the end she was forged to be what her parents ought her to be, but her passion for history simply wasn't sated. She began to pick other books to read in her free time, instead of looking at FEDNET or other set of various media, her confinement only worsening as she barely attended any public events or activities. To spare the time she found activities to do for herself. Cook, work out, attend various classes and play video games with some of her earned personal freedom.


When the time came, she finished High School with an outstanding set of grades, but unfortunately they weren't good enough to make the cut for anything else but the Mobile Fleet. Her parents, surprisingly, weren't all that offended or deeply hateful of their daughter who just failed at getting a position most sought. They were proud, as in the end, she would serve the Federation and return a hero and a Citizen.


The time came for her to finally say goodbye to her family, including her uncles and aunts and even cousins. There was no mockery, but a bittersweet and heartwarming goodbye to one of their family members going away to distant lands. She always made sure to send messages, letters or even videos to her family whenever she could and bootcamp was a completely different experience. At long last she had autonomy, freedom and her own will to do as she pleased for herself and for the first time since forever, she felt lost.


She required moments upon days for herself to just figure out what she truly liked, what she loved to do, what kind of person she was, these deeply philosophical questions that haunt everyone when they are uncertain. But she made sure that these personal quarrels never got to her, and with her already capable physical prowess she was able to endure most of bootcamp. There were still hardships however, incidents and dare we say, drama. She was an exceptional soldier but nothing that stood out extremely. She followed orders well, spoke her mind whenever she felt right to do and did exceptionally well in most courses.


When she was done with bootcamp, she was sent to the Basillone, attached to the Corsairs, her life has taken a turn and who is to say if it's for the better or the worst?


One thing is certain. She is still figuring herself out and she is having a good time. Records indicate that she has a deeply enrooted loyalty for practically every member present and as she has stated, "I would die for everyone here if I had to." Her own downfall in the end might not be by an arachnid or a seperatist, but her own personal values and beliefs that are in constant turmoil by the people around her.


-=Personal Relations=-

(The thing you all probably came here for)




|| Affectionate || Revered || Trusted || Best Friend || Friend || Liked || Acquaintance || Neutral || Distaste || Dislike || Despise ||


Amanda Rys

|| Neutral || Dislike ||


People might think that I am arrogant and that I am more than likely some sort of egomaniac. Honestly, it's way further than the actual truth. Sure, I can admire some of the traits that I hold and that I value, but I do not think I am a perfect being with no flaws. I've got plenty to count. Even to this point in the M.I, I am figuring stuff out about myself, who I am, what I want in life and what I want to do in it. Everyday I spend living, I spend trying to live my best life, so much so that some may consider it that I spend every waking moment as if it were my last. We unfortunately don't have the luxury when it comes to peace of mind, as each time we enter the shuttle I just wish I make it through and back to the ship. I'm afraid each and every time but it's the people around me that anchor me down to reality. And I feel motivated. And in return, I try to motivate as well. By just being me.


I don't want to be a ripple in the water. I want to be a tsunami. A tsunami cannot happen without the help of others. I trust everyone around me and I hope they trust me back. And I hope everyone cares about me the same way I do.


Tower Squad

|| Affectionate || Trusted ||


Tower Squad has become more than just a squad for me personally. It's become more than just some inner group of good friends and Troopers who I know I would be the most effective with. They've become part of a bigger family, a bigger picture, something I honestly wouldn't expect. The comradery and the care we all put against one another along with T-Squad is just great. It makes me feel a certain way that I can't even begin to describe. I love every single one of you. Tower Squad now and forever.


Daniel Phillips

|| Tower Buddy || Trusted || Best Friend ||


Where do I begin with Phillips? We met during a ground op, defending some fort and we stuck together in a watch tower. The rest? It's history. Really. I believe we were competent enough that we were able to defend the main force as we kept rear guard. And you know what? I was damn proud. I still am. Glad you were there with me, here's for more action together. And maybe one day, we might just get to be our own A-Team. Wishful thinking really, but I can dream.


You're one of my best friends and to be honest, I'm glad you are. A person I can rely to, talk to and just have good times with, form some really beautiful memories that I'll always cherish. You're one of the reasons I wish to make it through and survive, just to see everything unfold.


You got Lance Corporal and I'm quite proud of you. You've clearly shown what it takes, eh? I know you're scared shitless about leading squads or leading people, but you've been good as the SiC. I know you'd do well as Squad Lead, but don't be too afraid. Even then, you still have the option of tagging along with the Medics, maybe even the Engineers. Hell, why don't you become a super specialist and be both? That would be the day. Keep up the good work buddy, you know where I always am, Dan.


Jacob J. Problem

|| Tower Buddy || Trusted || Friend ||


I have to be honest, I don't know a whole bunch about Problem. Truth is I don't know a whole bunch about practically anyone. But Problem is a man I can rely, just like Phillips. He wasn't there at the tower during the inception of the whole squad circle-jerk but he was with us during the rear-guard duty. And you know? That's good enough for me. Just like Phillips, he is someone I can rely on the field and hopefully outside of it. And you better be catching your damn beauty sleeps!


Problem has been a good man, but he's too damn shy as well. He doesn't socialize a whole bunch and it's quite unfortunate. I'm honestly trying my damnest to get him out and about and just, you know... Have him interact with the rest of the Troopers here in the Corsairs. He got wounded on the face in a recent operation, I don't even know how or why but when he was laying on the floor on his own, while everyone else was just in their own place, I stuck by your side and I kept shooting and shouting. I'm not leaving one of my own alone. To the depths of hell and back, we go.


Dorian Elswood

|| Tower Buddy || Trusted || Friend ||


Elswood was there with me and Phillips at that damn aforementioned tower. A good guy, he has his head on the game during the missions and I haven't gotten to know much of him outside of it. I like him however, he seems like a good and reliable person. And hey, he's also feeding into the circle-jerk. He's good in my books. Just step outside that damn med-bay! There's more to this ship!


You're always too damn busy. You've taken the chances and the opportunity to also socialize and be around, do things around but you still aren't doing things! Come on, working while we're talking? Unacceptable. You also have a perfectionists mindset and you push yourself too hard. You just can't admit that you're not perfect or good enough and you keep pushing yourself to be the best you can. It's admirable but it's also a path of self-destruction. You're going to ruin yourself, even the people around you if you continue this same old windy path. You'll become good in your own pace, Dorian, don't push fate.


Erin Winchester

|| Tower Buddy || Trusted || Best Friend ||


Winchester is, I'm fairly certain, one of the new people here who has reached the rank of private first class significantly fast. Faster than me, even. It clearly means that he might have something that I am lacking, or he has done some sort of valorous act. Even so, I'll applaud. You're good company, jokes can roll off easily but you can be a bit tense. I don't know if that's the lack of you not knowing me or just you being uncomfortable but it only fuels my tomfoolery against people such as you. Keep fighting the good fight.


Winchester is his own entity, he's just his own man. He's chill, he's cool and he's good company. Best of all, he's a good trooper to fight alongside with. I'm not sure how invested he is in this Tower Squad stuff, but I know he fits right in. You're not alone in this, talk to me personally if you ever have to, as I'd like to know you in an even personal and deeper level. Just to know what you're fighting for, what you believe in, things like that, y'know? You have nothing but my constant approval, don't lose yourself in this mess. You're part of the family.


I'm concerned, Winchest. Everyone has been on the downlow, the morale not as high as it used to be. I don't think this constant death is doing anyone any favors. You, especially. It's not what you signed up for, but you have an opportunity like no other. Please, don't do anything dumb. I know that you wish to see less combat but I fear  you'll just get discharged or placed somewhere else. Here you've got family and friends, people who care about you. I certainly do.


Nicky Gadabeani

|| Tower Buddy || Trusted || Friend ||

"...Let's become a horror story in bug society!"


Nick is a new person here and he's already one of the people I like exceptionally well. You're a proper badass, textbook definition. You and I aren't that different. We like to yell our lungs out, we like to inspire and motivate as best we can. We're like a package, one comes with the other, for free! Let's keep fighting the good fighting Nick, we'll share some drinks, we'll share some stories, ideas and all the good stuff and we'll be having some good times. Don't be a stranger, eh? Dunno if you got blooded just yet after you got gave the booze to Nkosi, but I better pray you are. Your legend continues to grow, you're a good friend to me, keep being you, Nick.


Nick is a real piece of work. In a good way. I've never ended up liking someone as fast as him, best of all he's a good chap. One of the newer additions to T-Squad, as I understand... We really oughta discuss this stuff beforehand! Not that I care entirely, because it's Nicky here we're talking about. You. Even in the face of peril and great danger, you inspire. You say that Daniel is a Julius Caesar, but Nicky? You're a god damn Centurion. If circumstances were different, I would be saluting and admiring the man you are. But I can still admire you the man you are without needing any further complications. I'm glad you're with us, you're a much needed part of the family and you got your tattoo, at last.



|| Affectionate || FAMILY ||


Nothin' is stronger than family. That's what I feel with the Corsairs, constant love, comradery and friendship. We all get along, even when we don't, we do. We all fight the same fight, the same battles. And we all wish to get along, live our best lives and have fun, don't we? I'm happy to be here, this lack of uniformity and discipline that I was trained up to doesn't exist as much but I ought to be vigilant. The reason I'd ever be formal with someone here is because I respect them or wish to show my respect. Only in formal settings however. It's weird circumstances. I love you all. Let's make it work.


Naomi Vond

|| Revered || Trusted || Liked ||


Can't say I know a whole bunch of Vond, but I know that she seems like a reliable person. Better yet, everyone in the crew cares about her. I can see why to some extent, but it's like I have experienced the reason first hand and myself. She talked to me at the bar, when I was grieving... Certainly up-lifted my mood but that was our only interaction. I wonder if behind that cheery and happy persona, there's something more going on. Maybe I'm paranoid, maybe I just haven't seen someone so up-lifting. Alas.


Vond is... Something else. I can't even begin to describe it. She's just her own person. I want to believe that she cares for everyone here, cherishes them as if they were her own sons and daughters. I mean, shit, people call her "Mom". At some point we talked about her promotion and the sentence "Chief-Chief" was brought up and I decided to adopt that for myself. Easier for the tongue and I personally don't feel as weirded out. Even then, I can't help but look up to Vond. Despite all this death, all this sorrow, she still manages to smile and make everyone else smile. How, Vond? How? What secrets do you hold?




Helena Clenmore

|| Liked || Acquaintance ||


Clenmore was there on my first drop, she kept me in check and made sure I was fine. It was certainly a really weird mission, especially for a "greenhorn" like me. Either way, I made it through. I felt inspired and honored, as she said some... Both inspiring and motivational things during the field. She was there to make me a Private too, so, yeah. That's nice. I like her. Wish I got to see her more often, or interact with her a bit more, but she's always out and about. Either that or we're never in the same squad. Just happy you're still alive.


Riley Vallas

|| Neutral || Concerned ||




I got to know Vallas during our vacation. Well, that was the first meeting atleast. He's a funny and outstanding guy, can't say I've seen him much in the field. I know he's there, sure, but, never been entirely together so I couldn't praise his combat expertise. He's still alive, so that's something. Now, I'm not calling him weak or anything, not by a long shot, just don't know what he does. All in all, funny guy. A bit of a mystery but still. I know your secrets.


I don't know what's been going on Vallas but you've been different. Just, way way way different. I hope you're alright, I'm concerned.


This is the way. We were selected by the Lieutenant to use the suits after you asked to use the suit. And I don't know how, I don't know why and I couldn't possibly comprehend the reasons but I was privileged enough to get to use one of these suits. I don't take such a thing lightly and I am honestly baffled. I still am. I can't wait for the day when they become standardized for everyone... That'll be the day, hopefully soon. And we can hopefully get to experience it. To hell and back Vallas. Please, don't do anything brash. Because you're still being weird in the end.


You fucking idiot. You absolute fucking buffoon. Just why? How, even? Am I truly at fault here to what had happened to you? Should I have done something before? I sent you to the med-bay under the hopes that you'll return better, as I know, Mosely is also helping. Hopefully she isn't mistreating you. Please, just, stay safe.


It's fine. It is.


Elise Quebec Medic Girl

|| Neutral || Distaste ||


First, I met her on the field and I did some banter with her. I thought it was pretty funny but she wasn't all that impressed. So I just kind of thought of her to be some hard-case, by the book and doing everything in an orderly fashion. While, maybe that may still be the case, I thought I upset her by mimicking her accent. I found her later at the mess-hall and I made a burger for her, alongside with the rest of T-Squad. Needless to say, I think that burger has been the key to unlocking this friendship. She's a nice gal. I'll have to see more of her.


I'm sorry.


Maybe not so much after all.


Maybe I'm wrong.


Johnny Vilish

|| Trusted || Best Friend || Liked ||


You're a friend of Problem, and a friend of Problem is a friend of mine. You like your Irish Whiskey, that's for sure. I honestly can't say a whole lot but you are definitely good in my books. I'll definitely have to interact with you further to truly form a proper opinion, so for now: You're good to me. You also have a sense of humor and we seem to get along pretty well. Here's hoping to friendship.


You're a good person Vilish. You really are. I really do consider you one of my few friends here. You've done me no wrong and we get along together really well. Here's to more adventure, friendship and bittersweet moments, eh?


You consulted me during at time of peril and for that, I'm grateful. I don't know what I would've done without you but I'm glad we're friends. I wouldn't wish it to be any other way and to be honest? Let's keep it that way. We have so much ahead of us and you're the first person I really opened up to, as I had no-one else. Thank you, Johnny.


You're a good person, Vilish. I said this before, but it still stands true. Please lose the mustache, it doesn't fit you at all. You just look older than you really are with it, a side stache or a five o'clock fits you ten times better. Atleast I believe so. I know you've been concerned about some things, between us and overall but there is no reason to worry. My opinion for you hasn't changed, times are simply hard and I require some me-time from time to time. I'm burning myself, hard. We'll be drinking, singing and dancing soon enough. But until then, I must confine myself in my own head, eh Vilish? We all need a moment. But it wont be like last time, no sir.


Beckham Carignan

|| Trusted || Friend || Liked ||


You've been pretty reserved to yourself and I can't say that it's your fault or anything. You got your own group of friends and people that you call "Your people" in a way. But we interacted a bit and I have to say: W o w. I've never felt so comfortable around a person. He just has this... Emitting aura of "cool" and "chill" that I just can't help but relax a bit. I might've motivated him to become artistic and start writing. If you were honestly genuine, I hope it goes well and looking forward to give it a read. God knows I love reading. Just... Don't be a stranger.


You're a good person Beck. I still wish to know you a bit better but I think we're slowly stepping into the sand of a friendship. Hopefully the waves are calm.


We've been getting a bit closer with one another and I gave you a present that I thought you'd like, or enjoy. I want to believe you were exalted, I hope you enjoy the present. Overall Beckham, you're an amazing person. To some degree I want to believe we're one of the same, just different textures and shades. To obviously, some extent. Here's hoping for more memories to be created and cherished.


Avery Dawes

|| Trusted || Liked || Acquaintance ||


The Sergeant is a kind person, listened to my ramblings and everything and they calmed me down. I like to believe so anyway. I can't say for certain what their opinion is about me, but I hope it's something good. There's one thing that is disappointing and it's letting down my NCO's and Officers. Worst is definitely letting down everyone. But I won't let that ever happen. I like Dawes, They're... Chill despite everything. Experienced and kind. You'd expect Officers of any kind to be like Bootcamp but I think I might've found a gem in the dirt. People like Dawes and I can see. Just wish I could get to know 'em better.


You did what was right, I truly believe so. I really do. But this was just... Beyond mine or even your control. You can blame yourself all you want, about being the push that lead to this action. I hate to admit to your face, I hate to admit it now, but in the end it might've just been me. You're a good person Dawes, you really are. Don't get it all wrapped up in your head.


You're a good person Dawes, there's no doubt about it. You try hard and you make results, best of all you don't let anyone down. I know you haven't let me down. In the end of it, we might just get to share a drink properly, sit down and just talk. That'll be the day. But you still have your own people to look after and that's alright. Just don't be a stranger and don't forget the other people who look up to you and care for you.


Tim Turner

|| Neutral ||


I like turner for one reason and one reason only. He holds strong beliefs and he is not afraid to defend what he believes is right. To me that is commendable but such actions could also result to bigger punishments if he punches everyone who would wrong-do him. Unfortunately here in the Corsairs, if you don't like someone you generally get to punch them, so he might just fit right in the crew. Wish to see more of him around, he might have potential.


Tim Turner is more than just someone who I can respect to a degree, but he has shown that he is extremely competent. When Crawford got hit and I was as well, I was... Shocked, stuck in place. Turner anchored me. He brought me back. And I sprung to action again. It couldn't have been possible to you. And when you asked me that I appoint a SiC, I looked around and the only reliable person I saw? It was you. And you know what? You didn't disappoint. You were a great help. We'll get to know each other better.


Tommaso Avellino

|| Liked || Acquaintance || Distaste ||


My first encounter with Avellino was getting dragged by him into the depths of the ocean. With that in mind I didn't think much of anything other than, he likes to have fun and he is probably going to have fun in the expense of others. Maybe that is true but Avellino is a nice guy underneath that little tough guy act. He hooked me up with a SAW and for that I hold some gratitude for him. And as of late I got a taste of harder liquor which wasn't all that bad. Slow steps. I just hope you don't rub off too much on me, I don't want a funky accent.


You wanted to put me in the freezer to punish me for something that I don't even know I did. Look, I'm sorry that a bullet got to you, but is it really a fucking bother when you were inches away from bugs? I did what I do, I didn't know you were there. Things happened, I was confused and dazed throughout the entire mission. Instead of giving me a punch or something you just opted to this. Even if it was a joke, it wasn't a funny one.


Where the fuck have you been?


Kai Nkosi

|| Liked || Acquaintance ||


I honestly haven't seen such dedication and, I'd even say loyalty for his troops, especially the Corsairs. They're like his family at this point and he's the top boss. He's a nice guy, not snappy and he let me in a few titbid snips of information. He's not aggressive and I hold some high respect for the man. It's admirable to know that he takes the losses of life... The way that he does. That part, I'd say has probably gotten into me. Maybe a little too much. But fortunately, no-one likes it when someone begins to disrespect the fallen. Other than that, he's mostly busy with other things, I don't get to usually see him.


I finally got blooded and I got to learn a bit more about you. I think, at least. You certainly care, even if you're hard to read or comprehend. But people admire you. I do too.


Nkosi is a great man, I kind of look up to him. At some point he lost his leg, it looked pretty bad, worst of all he's just been getting very injured. Now I'm not exactly a superstitious person but this is like a red warning sign telling you to ease down just a little bit. A foreshadow of what is to come. Don't be so aggressive, Nkosi, your death would be a huge blow to the Corsairs and everyone around. Don't think yourself any lesser or any different than the rest of us, you're family.


Elliot Yhara

|| Liked || Intimidated ||


I can't help but feel like Yhara would take off my head and chew it in less than a second if I rubbed him off the wrong way. He has been friendly and honestly, a good talk whenever I had the chance to talk to him which frankly, not a whole lot of opportunities. I couldn't tell you where he hides and what he does during the ship as he doesn't socialize with rookies like me, just his circle of friends and influence. In combat he is ruthless and a competent leader, one who I can be inspired by and at the same time, be fearful of. I thought he had skin of iron, as if nothing couldn't possibly get to him... But when he lost his arm, and I saw him on the ground just go the way he did? I didn't think he was going to make it, to be frank. Not with the blazing sandstorm. But, he survived. With the arm intact, even if it were removed. No easy feat. Recover well and kick some ass, maybe we'll get to know each other a bit better.


Elliott has began to open up to me, if anything he's beginning to open up overall. I still think he's pretty intimidating as I can't really read the man but he is trying. And honestly, it may not matter much but I can admire the notion. I'm certain you'll bloom into a social butterfly like I said, you've got humor, you've got style, behind this quiet and reserved visage there's some inner fine wine there, refined to perfection. And it do. Stop asking.


Aaron Cohren

|| Trusted || Best Friend || Liked ||


Cohren is part of Fleet but that doesn't stop the fact that he has become a little bit of a regular in the bar. He likes his Gin & Tonic and he gave me a gift when I felt down low... And I appreciate that. He's a good guy and good fun, even if he's constantly running off to do errands, he finds the time to stop by at the bar, order a drink and mingle with us Infantry. Even if, in the way that I understand it, the two groups don't get together he takes the time to get along with us. He gets glares at times but lately, not as much. I like the fact that he is just, mingling along, I appreciate such a thing. Not to sound like a broken record I'll just say: Drop a little bit of that attitude around the bar, eh?


Cohren never disappoints, he always gives results and his care for the MI is... Admirable. The man is just admirable. His and my own outlooks seem to align in a weird way of things and I had the opportunity to talk to him in a more controlled and calmer environment. Unfortunately it was cut short when someone decided to light up like the "4th of July" back in Terra.


You're a good man Aaron. You simply are, there's no other way to even put it, it's fact. Most people if not everyone likes your company and your presence. I know you said you don't want any favors of any sort, but, I want to help too, you know? I don't want to leech out of your and your kindness, that's just fucked as it is. Hopefully our ideas and possibly brighter future hopes get finalized, or seen.


Chad McKenzie

|| Acquaintance || Neutral ||


McKenzie is an outgoing person, he was probably the reason the party went the way that it did for Bal's birthday. I can't really say much but you're alright on my books, fun company and fun to talk to considering everything. Just er, hope I get to see more of you. Can't say I can just, make shit up to say when I don't even know what to say. I can always just ramble on--


Etsuko Yamazaki

|| Acquaintance || Neutral ||


Yamazaki is an interesting lady, very reserved and I'd say anti-social. Unless it relates to her clique of medical personnel. She doesn't open up easy but she likes her coffee and we've struck one or two conversations. I wouldn't say that she's remarkable but I wish to get a better understanding of everyone present here. I just want to be your friend.


June O'Riley

|| Acquaintance || Friend || Liked ||


O'Riley is a nice girl and I don't intend to elaborate in what sort of way. She's probably one of the few people I actually enjoy messing with but I might just be making everything a bit harder to get to know, so I'll probably try to open up if they ever intend to actually get to know me beyond my... Well, I can't exactly put words into it. Overall, she's an alright medic, yet to outright see anything impressive or noteworthy.


I don't know what it is, but you're good fun to be with. You're weird. I like it. 


Mike Haruhiro

|| Neutral || Dislike ||


She clearly doesn't like me. And I can't say that I can just be friends or get to know everyone on the ship, that's not a realistic outlook in things. But you have this explosive personality that just doesn't do you any good. You look smarter than you are unfortunately, as you first struck me instead of sitting down and talking, which only happened after the very short-lived fight. If you just intend to punch everything and everyone you don't like, then there's clearly something at play here. Open up, ease a little and have an open mind. I'm not asking for much.


You were also taken aback by Lovelace's suicide. I don't know what your relationship with her was, but I'm sorry. No-one wanted this. Not even I.


Noted. It's noted. I just don't care. And I won't ever care, continue being you, Mike.


Levi Armistead

|| Trusted || Liked || Acquaintance ||


From the short while I've met you, you're a kind-hearted and caring person. While I haven't seen you be a medic, I know you try your hardest and quite possibly even your damnest to just make sure people make it through the day. Despite your occupation being quite serious you took the time to be compassionate and understanding to my situation, unlike some others. Looking forward to getting to know you more personally, maybe one day I'll get to see you outside the med bay.


Sam Costa

|| Neutral || Distaste ||


Can't say I like Costa. She's annoying if not a bit dumb, for a lack of better words. Even worse, she seems to hold no value for her personal health and being. When was the last time you showered? Or brushed your teeth for that matter? I doubt you deserve a Citizenship, it's as if you're an unhinged social parasite. We have had some funny interactions, certainly, but you leave so much more to be desired. Until you actually treat yourself, I doubt my opinion of you will change, quite possibly only worsen. Just stay out of my way, please. I don't want to faint.


Holly Garret

|| Trusted || Liked || Acquaintance ||


I can't help but admit that she's stunning. HOLY Shit, she just does NOT belong here by looks alone. She looks like she wouldn't ever dare harm a butterfly or even another person, yet she's one mean killer against the Bugs. You're like a picture perfect propaganda piece, there's no reason for you to be so neglected and not put up in some sort of poster or flyer...- I'm getting off track. She's a fine lass, a fun person, entertaining. I haven't gotten to know them personally and fully but I believe we're on a good sailing path. I've said this with a few other people but, don't be a stranger.


Moira Stuart

|| Trusted || Liked || Acquaintance ||


I couldn't help but be intimidated by Stuart. She was one of those people who felt extremely reserved or indifferent to new people, people like me. Honestly, such a thought can go to anyone, I was scared shitless my first few days here but I'm mingling just fine. Even so, Stuart is... Interesting. Caring. Uplifting even. Y'know how they say don't judge a book by it's cover? Stuart is like a harsh cover book that is a pleasant and enjoyable read. I wish we get to know each other a bit better, before something unfortunate ever happens. I like you Stuart.




(Wish to be added? Ask!)


-=Those who have passed=-

"Memento Mori. Gone, but let your flames blaze for all eternity. I shall hold the torch."






Titus Aurum

|| Liked || Missed ||


I can't say that I got to know you. I can't say that I knew you. I can't really say anything. I was told to stick by your side and that you were meant to show me the ropes. Yet, somehow I can't help but feel a bit responsible for your downfall. If I were there when you got wounded, would it have been different? Would you have been shot? Would you have died? It might seem a bit silly but you were the reason I decided to pick up the SAW. Maybe it's not the way you'd want someone to honor you, but I dedicate my efforts into killing bugs for you. Not keeping count, but that's alright.



|| Neutral ||


Didn't know you. But that doesn't mean you won't be forgotten. You'll live in our hearts and minds, a fire that won't burn out. Even if barely any of us knew you, we were determined. We aimed to kill for you and then we drank for you. Rest well, know that we'll give 'em hell.


Colin Dreylock

"...God, I fucking love this job."

|| Liked || Missed ||


You were a good Squad Lead. You cared. It's sad to see you the way that you went but you went out with a fight. I respect that. I'll try to live by that example: Glory, loving what I'm doing. You said that you loved your job. I am sad but also happy, knowing that you did what you loved. I'll mourn you. You're another flame in my heart that shall burn eternally.


Alice Lovelace

|| Despise ||


Honestly, I expected to hate someone. I didn't think I'd hate this one. How can one person be so fucking annoying? Absolute loudmouth and brash, she's a tick, a thorn and most importantly a complete fucking sociopath. I felt terrible over Dreylocks death, and what do you do? Nothing. You just slap me on the back of the head and I made you eat my entire god damn arm. And then what do you do? You're completely fucking unphased. I don't fucking like you.


So not only were you unstable, you decided to scar the entire crew with your display and act. I don't know what you wanted, I don't know what you attempted, but I don't think anyone is happy, no matter their standing against you. I sure as hell am not. I knew you were this crazy, but this was beyond crazy. I can't say I'm happy or sad. I'm just indifferent about it. It fills me with dread.


Borys Kowalski

|| Liked || Missed ||


You know... You did what you thought was best. It didn't work out and you couldn't move out in time. It's unfortunate, the entire situation. I'm sorry that it happened. People missed you. People cried, people drank in your name. Your memory won't fade any time soon. We'll keep fighting the good fight and with it, your legacy. I couldn't do anything but just watch in awe... And fear, as I held my breath for the climax of this entire thing. I'm sorry, Kowalski. I'm sorry.


Bobby Bull

|| Liked || Missed ||

"...I guess I'm breakfast, huh?"


You were a good soldier, Bull. As I said, you were just mighty as one, if not mightier. We didn't get to know each other well enough, but everyone around cared about you. It comes to show just how much people take the deaths of their fellow troopers, personally. I raised a glass for you, as I have for everyone who has passed. Your story might've ended, but not your tale. We'll be fighting for you.


Elizabeth Cross

|| Trusted || Liked || Missed


I like Cross. I mean, it's hard not to. She has an attitude and a very major presence wherever she is, so it's hard to ignore her. She listened to me during the whole Lovelace debacle and she set her straight. I honestly don't know how, what tricks she could've possibly said, or the things that she did... But I guess some things are best left to the sidelines. Not that I am saying she did anything bad, but just the method. Regardless, she is friendly and I think we got to know each other a bit better. She also had the opportunity to use one of those Power Suits. Lucky her.


I teased her a bit about something and overall I've been getting to know her just a bit better. I can't say for certain if Cross can be considered a friend, but I'd like to slowly believe so. It's hard to know what others think of you when you barely have the chances to find them, let alone interact with them. I just don't want to get in her way of things with other people.


And I just began to like you further. I wanted to talk to you after you had a fight in the ring but I never had the opportunity. Now I never will have the opportunity. I know for certain that people will miss you, I included. But I can't let myself grieve forever. Goodbye, Cross. Maybe in another life, in another light, we will meet again.


Frederick Crawford

|| Neutral ||


Who? I can't say I know this person all that well. Frankly, we've barely interacted. Even if you wanted me to say anything, what would there be to say?


Yeah. It hasn't really changed.


It's sad to see you go. I think I was starting to get to know you a bit better but you never showed around so much. Vond got everyone to the bar to drink for you. I thought the mission was going to be simple and I was going to learn the ropes of leading a squad. Yet again, I am left to be baptized in fire. I'll try to lead as best as I can, but until then, Crawford.








The Will was in written form, containing thoughts and wishes from Rys, with no video footage given or any audio. The will is as followed:


I thought a lot about my will, right now it's something that I had wished to recently update given all the things that have happened in my life, here in the Mobile Infantry.


I'd like to begin by saying thank you, to everyone. I love you all and I genuinely mean it. No matter our personal hardships or relations, you all meant something to me. So... It's time I start writing about my wishes, my will.


Phillips. You were one of my best friends and I wish for you to take something personal. My SAW. I had named it Aurums Plea, but I think it's only appropriate to call it Rys's Plea. I want to believe that... My essence and my very being is in that thing. I just want you to remember that whenever you hold it, you know you're holding me, my rage, my aggression, my passion. Even in death, please, let the SAW be my voice that sings out in the field. It's all that I ask. And please, don't be devestated. Just keep me close. I love you Phillips, you made everything bearable and enjoyable.


Cohren. I don't know how you'll react to my death. I imagine you wouldn't cry, or be extremely devastated. Just sad. The only thing I wish out of you is for you to be the way you are right now. Keep carrying on. You've seen it all, make everything more bearable for the people around. Even if some people don't enjoy your presence, I know our vision will be seen and finalized one day.


Vond. If my tags ever get retrieved, or my body, I just want three things: My body returned to Karrus, to my family along with my helmet and my tags to stay in the ship. Make them hang somewhere, anywhere, just somewhere. I loved being in the bar, so that could be a good spot, don't you think? I regret not having known you well. Maybe not everything is possible, but I would appreciate even the notion, or attempt.


Dawes. I'm sorry if I wasn't all that I cracked up to be. Keep living and one day you'll find that which you desire. You've survived longer than I have and I doubt you'll go down anytime soon.


Elise. I don't know how you'll take it, but, yeah. I'm sorry. I am. Just keep that photo around, please?


Garret. I know we practically started to get to know one another, but just enjoy the gift that I gave you. I only wish we could've known each other better, or quicker. Unfortunately, fate might have other plans in end.


Elliot and Kai. Live. Please. Just live. Nkosi, do the thing you were saying with the eyepatch, and Elliott, get blooded. But most importantly, just live. People look up to you. I never became a Senior-NCO, didn't I Nkosi?


Nicky. I'm glad you stepped up around the time you did, glad that I got to met you. Live up to your tale, become a bug horror story. In my locker I got that moonshine that I was talking about, it's yours now buddy. You were a Centurion in my eyes, so keep on living. Maybe even become a cook if you make it through and leave the Mobile Infantry, eh?


Winchester. Don't take it too deeply or personally, just please, stay alive and keep kicking. Do the things you have to do, man. Thank you for the glasses, but I think you can take them back now.


O'Riley. I really wished we had the opportunity to be friends, to knocking your helmet around and everything in between. But I guess that won't be happening anytime soon. Make some more friends, hang around more people, because I never saw you around. Who became more distant?


To the rest and everyone... I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I let you down, sorry if I was fuck-up or annoyed you. Don't chalk me up as just another name set up in stone. Keep me close, because I know I'll be there in spirit alongside you, rooting for you. Don't grieve and don't worry. The past cannot be changed. Focus on the present for a better future. I wish I knew what else I could write down, what I could say, but... Again. I love all of you. I was Amanda Rys and now: I am officially signing off. Far is the reach.


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