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Tim Turner - Wallstreet

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(Tim at the Turner Industries, Planetary HQ on Epsilon Prime)


Personal Information

  • Name: Timothy "The Tank" Edward Turner
  • Age: 21
  • DoB: July 30th, 2279
  • Sex: Male
  • Origin: Achilles, Epsilon Prime
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Height: 5’11”


Tim Turner's Journey to Becoming a Citizen

Chapter 1: Arrival

He is new to the unit and just trying to do his part and make sure he is squared away. Usually quiet on the ship as he only knows a handful of people. Being from Epsilon Prime, he considers himself a bit of a businessman and is almost always open for trades/purchases. He doesn't spend too much time in the bar and prefers being at the range or in the gym sharpening his skills, preparing for the next drop. He hopes to serve his two years and become a citizen, and return to his home, and his two God-parents who raised him.


He grew up in a big city and had a promising life in front of him. His brother runs the family business. He joined the MI to become a citizen, and then go to back to Epsilon Prime to help run the family business, Turner Industries. Eventually, he plans on using the company's money to back a political run. 

Chapter 2: Bootcamp is behind us

Newly promoted to Private First Class, and previously blooded, Turner is into double digits for drops. He’s more experienced, and he knows what he needs to do now. He knows who is who, and he knows who to listen too, and when to be cautious. He’s crash landed, been MEDEVACed, done bug hunts, killed seppies, boarded vessels, extracted civilians and taken a prisoner. Now he’s looking to meet these skinnies everyone’s been talking about. 

He’s not against fighting, but now that he’s been around the block he will be more careful picking his next fights, if any. Now that he’s no longer the new guy with something to prove, he’s focusing on his business ventures. He’s made some connections and he is looking to make more. 


He sees himself in a lot of the new recruits, and is starting to notice a shift - the people he was new with have all moved up a bit in rank. And some of the NCOs have moved up too. Now, a new class of recruits have taken his old place. A lot of people are indifferent to these new recruits, but with Turner being a replacement himself, he wants to take them under his wing. 


Chapter 3: Trial by fire 

     ...after witnessing Crawford get shredded up by Arachnids, who was standing right beside him:

     "Lead is down, HARD. You should take command Rys (2iC at the time)." - Turner, after Crawford was struck down.

     "Advise you appoint a new SiC Rys." - Turner to Rys, after she assumed command of the squad. 

     "Turner, you're it." - LCpl Amanda Rys, on Point Hope during Crawfords final moments. 

   He looked around briefly. He saw a recruit, two privates he’d never met, a private he’d dropped with before, two medics, and the other Private First Class, Sleptz - who’d already been hit. “Shit.” He thought to himself. “I guess I am it.”


Those last words from Rys echoed in his head. In such a brief moment, it had gone from a routine drop - where he's watching out for himself and the guy next to him - to his first time being second in command of a squad. Was Crawford really gonna die? The old timer? He was one of those guys you just thought would make it, it didn’t seem possible - but there was no time to think about this. He was no longer just responsible for himself, but now also responsible for helping bring the squad home. And a switch flipped in his head - he didn't even really process what had happened until he got back to the Basilone, it was just automatic. Rys was suppose to be learning how to be an SiC this drop… well now she was our Squad Leader, and I was SiC. Rys is a good soldier, but who wouldn’t be nervous when you’ve got a squad leader who’s never lead a squad? Same went for me as second in command. The squad was getting understandably nervous - and then the shot rang out as they A6ed Crawford. He really was dead. After some silence, the squad started loosing discipline - and I’m not gonna lie, when Rys got hit as well, the squad’s morale was plummeting. Thank fuck she got up. When Rys was down, I was starring down the possibility of having to bring the squad home. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, and when I briefly commanded the squad, I was feeling it. But I couldn’t show it. If I wasn’t holding strong how could I expect the squad to? Was I a bit of a dick as the new SiC? Maybe. But some of the experienced gunners were dipping their toes in the water, seeing how hard Rys would bite if they started barking. I couldn’t allow them to question or doubt our new squad leader at a time like that. She had bigger things to deal with. If I wasn’t fully onboard, who would be? I’d do it again the same way. I had to keep them in line. Eventually, it was time for retrieval, and we’d brought the squad back without any further casualties. I wish it had happened under different circumstances, but I know Rys and I could at least be proud of leading Bravo back to the Basilone relatively unscathed after Crawford bought it. This opportunity was earned in blood, but what will it lead to? It's been a tough week for the Corsairs, lost some  good NCOs... people are moving up the ranks to fill the gaps. Who's gonna step up? These recruits aren't gonna lead us. Turner will do what is asked of him. Now having shared in the loss of friends, and fellow Corsairs, he feels even closer to the unit then he did when he was blooded.


On a side note, business is booming. He's working on his project, and it's going well. More on this to follow.


Chapter 4: Gambling (WIP)


Chapter 5: Cheating death (WIP)


Chapter 6: So that others may live (WIP)



Military Information

  • Branch of Service: Mobile Infantry
  • Current Unit: 58th Corsairs, Delta Company, 1st Platoon "Eros' Executioners" -> “Yhara’s Yotes”
  • Rank: Lance Corporal, posthumously promoted to Sergeant
  • Arrival on the Basilone: 
  • Number of drops: 29 (as of August 15, 2301)
  • Service Record:
    • Completed boot camp and was sent to the unit as a replacement.
    • 1st drop: Crash landed and got MEDEVACed (gunshot to gut) later on. 
    • 6th drop: An arachnid took a small piece of flesh out of his left thigh.
    • 9th drop: Captured a prisoner on board a pirated fleet transport vessel.
    • 13th drop: Promoted to Private First Class after the drop.
    • 15th drop: Squad lead was killed and he was shifted up to SiC for the first time. Briefly commanded the squad when the new squad lead went down. 
    • 18th drop: Allillon was a massacre.
    • 19th drop: Broke left arm and got peppered with shrapnel. MEDEVACed.
    • 20th drop: Allillon again. Psychic influence? Not a great drop.
    • 22nd drop: Started out as SiC and got promoted to LCPL afterwards.
    • 25th drop: Lead a squad
    • 27th drop: Lucky to be alive! Got flinged over a fence, off a ledge and into a massive hoard of bugs. Somehow managed to run long enough and fast enough until he got swiped by a talon and got his gut ripped open. Luckily he made it back close enough to the ledge near the opening in the fence and the medics got to him ASAP and he was promptly MEDEVACed. One hell of a story. First time getting emergency surgery and first time in a biotank.
    • 29th drop: KIA




- Medium scar on left thigh (piece of flesh ripped out)

- Scar across stomach (sliced across torso by talon, see drop #27)


Character relationships (still gotta update this so WIP until I write better paragraphs, comment to be added)


Chad McKenzie: My go to engineer, and a friend. Reliable, and I'll be seeing him on shore leave. 


M. Stuart: Was his squad leader or section lead on his first few drops. Trusts her but does not know her well. 


Jacob Problem: Has been in the same squad with him on a few drops and knows he is reliable. A friend.


Christopher Green: He patched me up a few times and got to know him. Has seen him around on drops and trusts him. 


Johnny Vilish: Has been in the same squad with him on a few drops and knows he can be trusted. Got to know him a little bit as well, and considers him a friend.


Amanda Rys: Seen her on drops. Props to her for fighting that random girl. Don't really know her too well, but she trusted me as her SiC when Crawford went down. Maybe I'll get to know her better.


Melvin Duberly: Quiet guy be he seems nice. Not sure if he considers me a friend but I'll call him a friend.


Aaron Cohren: Seemed shaky at first but seems like a good pilot now. 

  Was a great drop ship pilot but now he’s moved on to bigger and better. Just waitin’ on him to become Sky Marshall now. Best Fleet Officer aboard the Basilone.


Sydney Wyatt: One of the cooler medics, dropped with her a few times and got to know her.


Bon Sleptz: Fellow business man like me, fellow gambler like me... nothing but respect.


Garret Whitworth: Stand up guy and great to do business with. 


Nick Gadabeani: I think Nick and I see things the same way. Glad I've gotten to know him. He's trustworthy, and we're gonna make some great things happen on the Basilone.

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