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Nicky Gadabeani

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Nicky Gadabeani
"Eh, I mean look at us, we're killers, we ain't doin' much with our lives. Maybe I will just take my pop's advice and join MI. At least then, ya know, I can have a good payin' job in my families Corpo after gettin' out."

Basic Information:



Affiliations: Mobile Infantry
Gadabeani Security Corp
Some Shady people that don't exist


Nationality: Italian-Iskander

Gender: Male

P.O.B: Iskander

D.O.B: 06/14/XX

Age: 24

Height: 5'9

Bloodtype: A+


Service information:


Current Rank:

Years of Service:

Basic Infantryman

Missions served:
33 Missions

Medical information:


Healed Injuries:
Laceration to the chest (Healed)
Shrapnel wound to the legs (Healed)
Minor Arachnid talon cut to the chest (Healed)
Gunshot wound to the stomach (Healed)
Ringing in ear (Healed)
Burn wounds on left arm (Healing)




Cassette Tape #1:


"Don't know why things turned out the ways they's did, but that's life. Hell, I probably shouldn't be lettin' all this out on a cassette player, someone may find it, but fuck it...Kind of hard to live with the truth all by my lonesome. Guess I should start with my family. Now I'm from a large and rich family, that ain't a lie, but despite my rich upbringing, I always found myself bein' a trouble maker. That's why when I was 18, my parents kicked me out of the house for bein' a lazy fuck. Didn't want me to be a candidate for our large families corporation. 


That's when my life started to get out of control, alcohol, maybe a Lil bit of dope, light shit of course- eitherway, I didn't care. I just wanted to live life free, and I did, that was until I joined up with a group...A group of like-minded people, and let me tell you, it all started out simple. Goin' to planets with poor security, payin' off cargo drivers to take some of their goods and make profits...Occasionally paintin' tha' walls, not shit I'm proud of, but not somethin' I'm gonna bullshit or lie about.


Then somethin' h-


Turn tape over for chapter 2


Personal Relations:



Amanda Rys:

"Don't tell her I told you this, because quite frankly, I don't wanna be seen as some fuckin' wannabe fan retard...But Rys? I kind of look up to her. I mean fuck, she's a newbie, but she's killed way more bugs than I ever had, is probably more respected in the Corsairs, and overall a kind and pragmatic individual. She also has a way of increasin' morale, you say somethin' poetic or have an epic speech, and she'll be like a sideman who increases the meanin' of your words. She's the embodiment of the soldiers in those MI commercials that say 'I'm doin' my part.' because, at the end of the day, she is.


But don't tell her I said any of this, dig? Don't want her bustin' my balls for bein' a softie."

Log 2:

"Well, games over, one of my friends is dead. Ya know it's weird, one day we were talkin' and the next she's dead....Doesn't feel too good. Guess all I can do now is kill bugs for her ta' shoot at in hell and occasionally have a drink of moonshine in her honor.

Rest in peace Rys."



"He's a Julius Ceaser, ya know, a good NCO. He's got honor, discipline, and he holds himself with what my father always told me to hold myself with...Pragmatic professionalism. We had small talk, and I envy the man. He's better than I'll ever be, a true hero amongst this platoon of questionable people. That's not ta' insult other's, but it's just the truth...Hell, I can see the guy makin' it to a high position if he continues, and if that were to happen, I'd be proud of 'em."

Log 2:

"Well, fella died on a planet in tha' middle of bug fuck nowhere. I felt angry at the time, killed as many bugs as I could but...I 'unno, nothin' can ever repair that feelin'. Like when tha' adrenaline dies down, the battle is over, you just realize a friend died and they will never come back.

Rest in peace Crawford."



"Winchester? Fuckin' guy is a party legend, and he ain't a rat, which is somethin' I respect. He makes fucked up jokes and so do I, we're two bros made in fuckin' heaven. One fuckin' major thing I love about the man is he can be a professional can of bug spray in one moment, then the next moment, he can have you in the med-bay because he made you laugh so hard that a lung pops out of your fuckin' throat. 


Honestly, don't let his looks fool you, he ain't no pompous jackass, he's the fuckin' king of partyin' and jokes. If anyone fucked with him, I'd kick their ass too."



"Costa...What is there to say from my encounters with her? I don't agree with her morally, I don't think takin' from Civilians is right, but I don't think she's completely a person without honor. I mean, I got to know her and she's alright, I think the war has just gotten to her as it has with all of us...Also, like Erin, she knows how to party. She throws legendary parties, with fuckin' lines of coke, alcohol, and general vice. Hell, I've only been to one, but I wouldn't be surprised if she threw one in the past that turned into utter anarchy.


Overall, I was resentful to this person when I had first joined MI, but theys proved to be a real good fella and someone I'm proud to call a sista' in arms...Also, they sell some really good hot chocolate powder.



"Daniel is a good fella, someone I also aspire to be like Rys or Erin. Dude is one of the most fashionable people on tha' ship, is tha' one givin' speeches when he's squad leader and someone I can relate to. He likes epic speeches and so do I. He goes above and beyond for his brothers and sisters in arms, fucking up his throat to keep them motivated and fighting 'till the very last bullet to show these bug fucks what he and his men are made of.

He just recently got Lance, and I have hope he'll show the higher ups what he's made of and solidify his position...Hell, who knows, guy might even get himself one of those tradin' cards I see some of the troops collect."

Jackie Hernandez:
"He's one of tha' newbies, but he's quick on his feet and a hell of a warrior. Fuck might become a interior decorator if he continues fightin' how he does. All he's gotta do now is find some alcohol on tha' field to become a Corsair.

Seriously though, keep on fightin' Jackie, and stop by tha' bar to have a drink with me sometime, yous a good fella."

 Tim Turner:
"What is there to say? Guy is a good dude, with a genuine golden heart, and as stated on my opinion of someone else, that's not always common in the MI...Granted he usually shows this good heart in the worst way but all his actions have been good intentioned. He's also like me and alot of other's in this ship, a warrior who just wants an occasional break so gets into a few Vices. Overall, he's a swell fella and I know I say this about everyone but I think tha' future holds a lot of potential for him. 

He's someone I'm proud to call a friend."

Luna Cavill:
"A fuckin' meathead, probably gonna frag me one day, but I don't pay much attention to her. I quite frankly don't trust her, she always uses her adrenaline, rage and strength rather then her fuckin' head. Still, she's been showing signs of changing so I can't completely shit on her, but until I see her act appropriately in a chaotic situation, I'll still hold these strong feelings against her.

Fuck 'em."

Tim O'Connor:
"I like him, he's a good man, has good beliefs and is overall a great medic, but he's too fuckin' innocent for war sometimes. He don't realize the difference between us humans and the Skinnies and I worry that he can be a liability if we were ever to travel into a skinny village. Morals are good to have in war, but that's only if we's fightin' against Seppies. Either way, just hope he can see tha' world as it is, with humans at the top and all tha' other fuckin' aliens at the bottom.

Still, I'd take a bullet for him, fuckers life is worth more then mine."




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13 hours ago, Merkalinth said:

amanda rys...... please :)))))


10 hours ago, PugMann said:

Crawford, Porfavor.


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Better start adding your future bff Costa


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erin and daniel

All added, god's speed you dirty animals

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