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Jack Hernandez




Latest available appearance log of Jack Hernandez. (circa 29/12/2301)


Face Claim: Nick Zano




Picture Logs


Various pictures of Jack Hernandez found within his files.



Lance Corporal Jack Hernandez aboard the CV-133 John Basilone, Corsair Barracks, 26/09/2301





Corporal Jack Hernandez aboard the CV-133 John Basilone, The Reaktor Bar, ██/██/2301





Lance Corporal Jack Hernandez aboard the CV-133 John Basilone, ██/██/2301





Corporal Jack Hernandez aboard the CV-133 John Basilone, The Reaktor Bar, 13/10/2301





Jack Hernandez visiting his college months before enlisting, circa 2299





Private First Class Jack Hernandez aboard the CV-133 John Basilone, circa 30/07/2301





Corporal ██████ ███████ (left) and Sergeant Jack Hernandez (right) at the Allilloan Ball, 24/10/2021





Jack Hernandez aboard the CV-133 John Basilone, Technical Deck, after the death of Avery Dawes, circa 02/11/2301





Sergeant Jack Hernandez (left) and Staff Sergeant Marceline Voyna (right) at the Allilloan Ball, 24/10/2021





Jack Hernandez, circa 27/11/2301





"Awards? What awards? Am I missing something? ― Why are you staring at me like that?"





Jack Hernandez, circa 29/12/2301




Mobile Infantry Records


Logged records and files about Jack Hernandez cannot be accessed by anyone under the NCO ranks.



Personnel Information


First Name: JACK


Nickname: DEZ

Age: 26

Gender: MALE

Birth Month: OCTOBER



Status: ACTIVE (?)

Mental State: SANE




Physical Information


Height: 6'2''

Weight: 200 LBS

Eyes: BLUE






Military Information





Certifications: RTO / M55 / FLAMER / E-88 / E-44

Serial Number: 157-066-67294-ZD

Injuries: BT LEFT ARM (TIER 3)

Mission Records: 80 (OUTDATED)

Missions Lead: 18 (OUTDATED)

Service Type: CAREER

Years Completed: 1




07/12/2300, Planet: Terra, Fort Nevermore, Commenced Training (Aged 24)

30/06/2301, Planet: Terra, Fort Nevermore, Finished Boot Camp (Aged 25)

14/07/2301, Ship: CV-133 John Basilone, Assigned Unit: 1st Platoon, Eros' Executioners

16/07/2301, Military Record Log #6745729937: Recruit Jack Hernandez


16/07/2301, Mission Log #1: Planet: Hatheren, Destroying Hive, Status: Successful,Difficulty: Medium


16/07/2301, Rank Change Record Log #1: Private Jack Hernandez


17/07/2301, Mission Log #2: Planet: Dag I, Clearing Overrun Outpost, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Challenging

18/07/2301, Mission Log #3: Operation Saber II, Eliminating Separatists, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium


19/07/2301 06/08/2301, Temporary Assistance Transferal (2nd Platoon)

08/08/2301, Ship: CV-133 John Basilone, Unit Title Change: Yhara's Yotes


07/08/2301, Mission Log #18: Planet: Allillon, Eliminating Brain Bug, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Near Impossible

11/08/2301, Mission Log #19: Planet: Allillon, Defending Civilian Food Cache, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium

15/08/2301, Mission Log #20: Planet: Allillon, Assisting Civilians, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Somewhat Peaceful


15/08/2301, Rank Change Record Log #2: Private First Class Jack Hernandez

16/08/2301 10/09/2301, Temporary Assistance Transferal (3rd Platoon)


11/09/2301, Mission Log #36: Operation Clean Sweep, Day 1, Eliminating Skinnies, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Somewhat Peaceful


11/09/2301, Injury Log #1: Mild Concussion, Status: Recovered


12/09/2301, Mission Log #36: Operation Clean Sweep, Day 2, Eliminating Skinnies, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium

13/09/2301, Mission Log #36: Operation Clean Sweep, Day 3, Eliminating Skinnies, Status: Failed, Difficulty: Challenging


13/09/2301 15/09/2301, Planet: Unknown, Temporary Imprisonment

15/09/2301, Planet: Unknown, Post-Imprisonment Temporary Hiatus

16/09/2301, Ship: CV-133 John Basilone, Unit Title Change: Stuart's Saints


17/09/2301, Mission Log #37: Planet: Vephinus III, Eliminating PDF Forces, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium

18/09/2301, Mission Log #38: Planet: Allillon, Eliminating PDF Forces, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium


18/09/2301, Injury Log #2: Exploded Left Arm, Replaced With: BT (Tier 1)


19/09/2301, Mission Log #39: Planet: Unknown, Delivered Food Cache, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Somewhat Peaceful

19/09/2301, Planet: Unknown, Attended Funeral, Status: Concluded


19/09/2301, Award Log #1: Operation Clean Sweep Ribbon

19/09/2301, Award Log #2: POW Ribbon

19/09/2301, Award Log #3: Valorous Unit Medal


22/09/2301, Mission Log #40: Planet: Nizhiny, Exploding Dam, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Challenging

23/09/2301, Mission Log #41: Planet: Unknown, Eliminating Separatists, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Near Impossible

24/09/2301, Mission Log #42: Planet: Allillon, Eliminating PDF Separatists, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Challenging

25/09/2301, Mission Log #43: Planet: Denebola II, Eliminating Plasma Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium

27/09/2301, Mission Log #44: Planet: Moonglow, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Somewhat Peaceful

28/09/2301, Mission Log #45: Planet: Palmer-1, Recovering Skinnie Spear, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Somewhat Peaceful


28/09/2301, Rank Change Record Log #3: Lance Corporal Jack Hernandez


03/10/2301, Mission Log #46: Planet: Cresporea IV, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Near Impossible

09/10/2301, Mission Log #47: Planet: Terebithia, Eliminating Infected Humans (Zombies), Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium

10/10/2301, Mission Log #48: Planet: Presidia, Eliminating Arachnids, Recovering Intel, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Challenging

11/10/2301, Mission Log #49: Planet: Presidia, Eliminating Arachnids, Defending PDF Facility, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Challenging


11/10/2301, Rank Change Record Log #4: Corporal Jack Hernandez


13/10/2301, Mission Log #50: Planet: Allillon, Defending Bridge, Eliminating PDF Separatists, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Somewhat Peaceful

15/10/2301, Mission Log #51: Planet: Unknown, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium

16/10/2301, Mission Log #52: Operation Resounding Thunder, Day 1, Eliminating PDF Separatists, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium


16/10/2301, Injury Log #3: Exploded Left BT Arm, Status: Replaced


17/10/2301, Mission Log #52: Operation Resounding Thunder, Day 2, Eliminating PDF Separatists, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Challenging


17/10/2301, Injury Log #4: Bruised Ribs, Temporary Deafness, Breath Shortage (Explosion), Status: Recovered


19/10/2301 21/10/2301, Planet: McNamara, Attended Rest & Relaxation

21/10/2301, Ship: CV-133 John Basilone, Unit Title Change: Tewalk's Tunas


22/10/2301, Mission Log #53: Planet: Albedo I, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium

23/10/2301, Mission Log #54: Planet: Fielding, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Somewhat Peaceful


23/10/2301, Ship: CV-133 John Basilone, Held Birthday Party (Aged 26)

24/10/2301, Planet: Allillon, Attended Allilloan Ball

24/10/2301, Rank Change Record Log #5: Sergeant Jack Hernandez


26/10/2301, Mission Log #55: Planet: Hishen, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Near Impossible

26/10/2301, Mission Log #56: Planet: Albedo I, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium

26/10/2301, Mission Log #57: Planet: Brio, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Challenging

28/10/2301, Mission Log #58: Planet: Albedo I, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium

31/10/2301, Mission Log #59: Planet: Barbarossa, Defending PDF Base, Status: Failed, Difficulty: Medium

 01/11/2301, Mission Log #60: Planet: Barbarossa, Escorting Convoy, Status: Failed, Difficulty: Challenging

02/11/2301, Mission Log #61: Planet: Albedo I, Assessing Control Bug Situation, Status: Undetermined, Difficulty: Near Impossible


04/11/2301, Planet: Unknown, Attended Funeral, Status: Concluded


04/11/2301, Mission Log #62: Planet: Alkiabaldes Alpha, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Challenging

06/11/2301, Mission Log #63: Planet: Unknown, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Undetermined, Difficulty: Challenging

07/11/2301, Mission Log #64: Planet: Schewrin II, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium

08/11/2301, Mission Log #65: Planet: Albedo I, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Undetermined, Difficulty: Challenging

09/11/2301, Mission Log #66: Planet: Albedo I, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium


10/11/2301, Rank Change Record Log #6: Staff Sergeant Jack Hernandez


11/11/2301, Mission Log #66: Planet: Albedo I, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium

12/11/2301, Mission Log #67: Planet: Albedo I, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Challenging

13/11/2301, Mission Log #68: Planet: Albedo I, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Challenging

14/11/2301, Mission Log #69: Planet: Albedo I, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Failed, Difficulty: Medium

14/11/2301 - 20/11/2301, Investigation Record Log #1: Barred From Dropping, Charges: Classified, Status: Concluded


20/11/2301, Award Log #4: Valorous Unit Medal

20/11/2301, Award Log #5: Purple Heart


22/11/2301, Mission Log #70: Planet: New Vetanie, Search For Cargo, Status: Undetermined, Difficulty: Near Impossible

24/11/2301, Mission Log #71: Planet: Arclight, Fixing Seismic Antennae, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Challenging

30/11/2301, Mission Log #72: Planet: Arclight, Enabling Outpost, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium

03/12/2301, Mission Log #73: Planet: Heskan III, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium

03/12/2301, Mission Log #74: Planet: Keystone, Humanitarian Aid, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Peaceful

04/12/2301, Mission Log #75: Planet: Marcelia, Status: Undetermined, Difficulty: Challenging


04/12/2301, Rank Change Record Log #7: Master Sergeant Jack Hernandez

04/12/2301, Ship: CV-133 John Basilone, Unit Title Change: Wilkes' Wardogs


04/12/2301, Mission Log #76: Planet: Marcelia, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium

05/12/2301, Mission Log #77: Planet: Classified, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Classified, Difficulty: Near Impossible

10/12/2301, Mission Log #78: Planet: Hathor, Helping Civilians, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium


14/12/2301, Rank Change Record Log #8: Staff Sergeant Jack Hernandez


17/12/2301, Mission Log #79: Planet: Debaria, Eliminating Arachnids, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Medium


19/12/2301, Rank Change Record Log #9: Warrant Officer Jack Hernandez


26/12/2301, Mission Log #80: Planet: Moloch, Capturing Brain Bug, Status: Successful, Difficulty: Somewhat Peaceful


29/12/2301, Ship: CV-133 John Basilone, Unit Title Change: Sorrenson's Sailors


30/12/2301, Ship: CV-███ ████ ████████, Assigned New Unit: ███ Platoon, █████ █████


22/03/2302, Ship: CV-133 John Basilone, Assigned New Unit: █████ Platoon, █████ █████


24/03/2302, Planet: ██████, Affiliation Change: Planetary Defense Force, Assigned New Unit: █████ Platoon, █████ █████

24/03/2302, Planetary Defense Force Rank Change Record Log: Master Sergeant Jack Hernandez (Platoon Second-In-Command)




Personal Relationships


New entries are marked with red.


███ - Adored "You left some kind of stain in his mind."

███ - Liked "You are liked by him. He thinks you're rad."

███ - Friend "You are his friend. You mean something to him."

███ - Acquainted "You are not close to him, but he noticed you."

███ - Respected "You are respected by him. He thinks highly of you."

███ - Pitied "You are pitied by him. He feels sad for your existence."

███ - Disliked "You aren't exactly on his good side, but things can change."

███ - Hated "You got on his bad side. He doesn't want to be around you."

███ - Confused "You confuse him in some way. Not necessarily a bad thing."

███ - Missed "You are missed by him. This means you're gone or dead."

███ - Neutral "You are insignificant to him. You didn't talk to him enough."


"Jack! What do you think of these people?"


Mayumi Asuka






#1 "Asuka is an up and coming Lance Corporal who's good at her job. While I don't know much about her personally, she was entrusted with leadership of a squad and she aced it, earning her said rank of Lance Corporal. Self confidence is what matters the most, and it looks like she's got what it takes. Even the Lieutenant believes so, I'm certainly glad I wasn't wrong in letting her decide her own fate. She's been doing a-okay so far, and I think it will only get better from here on out. Keep up the good work."



#2 "The kid's growing on me quick, to be honest. I was going to bump her up to Corporal, along with Sans, but others got to that faster. All you gotta do to improve your opinions on somebody is sit down with them, have some drinks and chat with them. Not the first time this has happened, and I certainly hope it's not the last. Only downside about getting to know people is that you are now obligated to worry for them constantly. So far, she has earned the "not boring" title from me and the "Jack seal of approval", along with a golden coin from Top! Now that's respectable. Can't wait to see what else she has in store for the Corsairs. We need more leaders, like her, especially after Ains- uhh... Corporal DeClare's departure. Asuka's fun to hang around, secretly has a crush on booze and adores tattoos. Didn't see the latter one coming, but still interesting. For now, she's simply just another person I'll have to yell at if they were in a near death situation."



#3 "Mayumi (or Mayo, as I like to call her) is my alcoholic gal pal and I'm okay with that. She climbed up the ranks pretty quickly, all the way to Sergeant, just to be able to occasionally sit down with her superior ― me ― to drink some booze. Okay, that's probably not exactly the reason she climbed up the ranks, but it's a funny thought! She's way out there went it comes to being an Enn-Cee-Oh, totally nailing it. Regardless of ranks and Mobile Infantry, I'm happy to see her where she's at right now and I hope she keeps on improving. ― I care about her more than I should. That's the truth."



#4 "I'll be brutally honest here, I really suck at sharing my feelings, but I nearly stopped sucking when we were on that classified mission the other day and nearly all of us died. Not to mention when she got downed and a myriad amount of tankers and tigers rushed in, Vond saved her ass with the power armor. Those beats that my heart skipped, likely I won't ever be able to recover. Like I've said before, I care about Mayumi, but I can't exactly tell her this. I'm positive she realized, too, but I don't think it's the right time or place. I wanna make things right on an Arr-en-Arr. But, if that won't ever happen, then maybe I'll speed things up and finally tell her how I feel. On that mission, I had confidence that we will survive ― and we did! That's why I stayed quiet, but I hope I won't have to stay quiet any longer. She was there for me when Polo died, I was there for her when she was in distress, this proves that we're always there for each other and I can't thank her enough for it."



#5 "I don't care what anyone says. I don't care if people will see her as a murderer for what she did. It doesn't seem like she believes me, but I don't see her as such thing. Is it wrong for me to not think of her like that? Maybe. Am I biased? Most likely. Do I care? Fuck no. If Jun was really a friend of hers, he would've acted with her instead of against her. The fault falls to that other person who started this whole shit. I'm glad she told me what happened and I'm not upset at her for lying the first time. Despite lying, she broke in the end and told me the truth, and that is something I'll respect. She did something she won't be able to forget for a long time, but for what it's worth, I'll be there for her through this entire rocky road. I'm not going to let retarded actions take her away from me."



#6 "She has finally returned, and the first thing she did was nearly fucking died. Outstanding moves right there, Mayo, but you're not going to be escaping me that easily. I'm mad about what happened, but I feel like I shouldn't berate her about that and force psychologic evaluations and shit on her. If she tells me that she is fine and doesn't need any, I'll believe her words. I've noticed a while ago anyway that my presence seems to help her, which all in all is fine, but I have this feeling that it may not be enough. It seems enough now though, and as long as it stays that way, there aren't going to be any problems. I'm at that stage in life where there's ninety-nine thoughts in my head and ninety are about Mayumi. I just hope it's enough. I hope I'm enough."



#7 "She deserves a break. I don't blame her. I'll miss her. Didn't get the chance to tell her how I feel."





#8 "I'm back. She's back. What is there to hide any more? I love her. It's so great seeing her once again, it gave me a feeling that I've never in my life felt before. It appears she feels the same way, if not more, and that is enough for me to move onto a new chapter in my life, with her included in it. She's going to be the Lieutenant of a PDF platoon, and I'll help her along the way for as long as I am alive. I'll forever be by her side."


"Even if things get rough, I still got you."



Marceline Voyna






#1 "Ah, Sergeant Voyna. I've mad respect for this woman. She cares about the Saints more than Stuart! That's probably false, but she is around a lot, so much so that she does almost everything for the En-Cee-Ohs, which is honestly just a bad look for everyone else. She looks like she's been through a lot, too. She was already around when I was just a Private. I tried my best to stick by her side every time she was my squad leader and it paid off nicely. Let's just say, if Chief Warrant Officer Vond had an opposite self, or an alter ego, with the caring (and medical) qualities still viable, then that would be Voyna. Not like that's a bad thing. That's a great thing, actually! I do not know what she sees in me, though. I'm glad somebody has high hopes for me being a good En-Cee-Oh."



#2 "While I didn't exactly got to know her the way I intended to, the ball held on Allillon was the perfect place to have her be herself, even if it only lasted a few hours. At last, we even managed to get properly introduced and acquainted. Didn't know she had such a fancy first name. Marceline! But, as expected from someone like her, she near instantly told me to not call her by that back on the ship. Point taken. It was fun accompanying her in the ball, but the fact that there was no dance is going to annoy me for the rest of my life, considering that's what a ball is supposed to be about! Oh, yeah, and people kept misinterpreting shit just because we sat close to each other. While she and I have gotten close, it's not that type of close. Come on, people... Not every interaction between a man and a woman means it's something sexual."



#3 "Voyna transferred to another platoon, or so I heard. I didn't expect her to be the kind of person who sticks around long enough to say goodbye to anyone, anyway, but it still would've been nice if she did that. She is someone that I'll definitely miss, even though she's still around and on the same ship as me, technically. See you 'round, Marce."



#4 "She's back! Not to mention, I kind of authorized a TON on her, before she came back to our unit. You don't believe how relieved I was when I heard nobody was hurt. Then again, my heart kind of sunk when I was told she was there... Mistakes happen, and I seriously hope she isn't holding a secret grudge against me. She told me it was the past and that there's no problems anywhere, but still, that situation will always rub me the wrong way, every time I think about it."



#5 "If only she was around more."



Tase Danailov





#1 "Tase is my (hopefully) temporary co-worker in the commissary and a massive cunt of a human being. Even so, I don't hate him, not one bit. I don't know him well enough since he's from the support detachment, which is considered the lowest of the low despite the entire detachment being really helpful to others in the Mobile Infantry. Apparently he did something terrible and that's why he doesn't get to shoot bugs like us. Shame, truly. Funny how I built up the commissary and they send in this guy to be the manager for it, instead of me. Welp, guess I got some time to kill in the armory. Still, I don't mind helping him and I'll continue to do so out of pure choice. It's fun to sell items and stock the shelves! Pretty sure he doesn't like his job, though, and he also calls me boss despite him being the manager. I like those odds."


Samuel Sansregret






#1 "Oh, Sans. He's great! Strange name, but he's great. I'd say he's a friend. He's the type of guy you don't need to know a lot about to get along with him. He recently made Lance Corporal and I'm very proud of him for that. He's got the leading qualities, but it feels like he doesn't exactly want to move further. Although, to be honest, he did say he wouldn't mind having a bigger pay grade! It's not a shame if you're in it for the money. Also, he just now left for a one month leave. I promised him I won't die while he's gone, and I intend to keep it. See you 'round, Sans."



#2 "He's been back for a while now and already made Sergeant, rightfully so! He's vocal, does things, shares his opinion properly and most importantly, he's a great leader, which is why he deserves his rank. Although I can't exactly humor him on a personal level, because sometimes friendships are just not meant to be, he's still somebody I trust. Don't know what the En-Cee-Oh core would do without him, I appreciate his help."



#3 "He's gone again, and this time for good, at least that's what I was told. Thank you for your service, Sans. Hope to see you in the future some time."



Bosede Abiodun






#1 "A strange, lively girl who I'm forced to call my friend. Nah, just kidding. She's great all around, has quite an interesting personality on par with a street clown, managing to turn every insult into a heartfelt joke. You can easily tell whenever she's being sarcastic, too. Truth be told, she's fun to be around, but something tells me I will be made fun of, if I ever mention that out loud. She's one of the few people that actually mean something to me. That, of course, meaning that I would most likely feel more emotion than I should, if something bad happens to them. The me three months ago wouldn't have cared, but the me now sees people differently."



✟ #2 "Outstanding. I leave for one day and she dies. I can't help but slightly blame myself a little for not being on that one drop, where it happened. I really wonder what she was thinking about while she was dying. I hope she didn't die alone. I saw her sibling on the Allilloan ball, but I didn't bother to strike up a conversation with them. Felt like it would bring some sort of personal pain up, so I remained quiet. Rest in peace, Abi. She was and will always be one of my first friends in the unit."



Draz Polo






#1 "He's a good trooper. I wasn't looking for any acquaintances but he was there anyway, trying to brighten the mood with whatever jokes he got up his sleeve. He's goofy, sometimes strange, but definitely possible to converse with. I don't know him well enough to call him a real friend, but backstory isn't what makes someone great. He hasn't been around all too much recently, I hope he's doing alright, all things considered."



#2 "Big man Polo became a Lance Corporal, which is great to see. Although I haven't seen him around for a week or so, he recently came back and he's more than ready to keep kicking ass, like he always does. Though I never would've expected the fact that he doesn't like crowds all that much... It's almost like a must-have quality for giant people like him, in a way. Big, shy teddy bear who can lift more than three grown men combined and sheds bug blood for a living. Hope he'll be around for longer than most people."



#3 "Polo's still around. Still massive and still kicking. Over the months, many people came and went, but Polo, being a Senior Specialist of the infantry and all, he's definitely made his way into the hearts of many people. I'm okay with that. Not much more I can say about him, though. He's a distant friend."



✟ #4 "This hurt way more than it should've. Polo was my first proper friend on this ship alongside Ridley. Met him way back when I was a Private, been close as a good friend to me ever since. Never expected someone to make an impact on my robotic heart this much. He always  used to call me a robot! God damn it, Polo... What you did was commendable, and I'll make sure you achieve the highest award for what happened. See you on the other side, big guy."



Damon Somerhalder






✟ #1 "Damon was a guy who I've seen around ever since I was a recruit. Apparently he was a Corporal before but got into some feud with Stuart and a few other people, which is why he was stuck on Private First Class. I would've loved to see him go further up the ranks, but his adventure was cut short, thanks to separatists... To make it worse, he died the same drop Abiodun did. Losing two great people at once hit me harder than a truck. Damon was always annoying before, but he was there when I was thrown into mission leadership position as a Lance Corporal, and he, alongside Dan, encouraged me. That is something I won't forget. Hope he's somewhere better now. Rest in peace, Damon."



Valerie De Groot






#1 "Where do I even begin with her? A while ago I met her in the bar, as I did with most people I know. Started chatting with her, and things kind of clicked differently, which, to tell the truth, is something I haven't felt in a long time. I thought we get along real well, and that she just might be the only real person on this ship, whereas others are just mindless programmed robots yearning to spill more bug blood. That is, indeed, what I thought back then. Now, however, while I still think that, there's more people in my life who're less robotic. I shouldn't have dropped the confession bomb on her when I did. I'm inconsiderate for not thinking about the troubles she was ― and is ― going through. I heard she is fine now and to me, that's all that matters. I know I can always write her a message on the PDA, but since she's a Senior Specialist now, she's got a lot of work to do and I'd prefer to not bother her. I do miss the times we chit-chatted time away in the bar, but it's not like she's gone, or anything. Thankfully."



#2 "She's a Technical Sergeant now! I'm proud of her, she really deserves a lot for her hard work in the Engineering, plus just her general combat abilities, courage, and of course, recklessness. While I don't commend recklessness, every time she does something stupid like run forward guns blazing into the mouths of bugs, she either comes back victorious, or with a missing limb. Seriously, I heard that if she loses another limb, she's going to be medically discharged, or something. What, is the Federation running out of metallic resources to give to a person? Give me a break, if we have technology like this, then use it, not bar it from someone just because they're fall into unfortunate events on the battlefield! After all, we're still fighting strong to make the Federation proud... I think."



Naomi Vond






#1 "Vond's a real motherly figure, and the lead of the medical detachment. She keeps her eyes and ears out for everyone (and everything). I thought I was in for some secret evaluation that someone brought onto me, but turns out it was just her scoping me out for her own personal gain. Actually, now that I put it like that, it sounds like I'm talking about a villain. It's nothing of the sort, actually. She's yet another one of those people that see something in me, which I am grateful for. Don't know much about her, but I do know that she lost her home on Terra. Well, everyone did, mostly. It somehow comforts me that I am not the only one with bad memories from Terra. Then again, I hope whatever she went through in her life isn't worse than what I went through. Not like I want to lay that on anyone. Even so, she would probably be the only one I'd be comfortable with telling my past. I'm very glad to see someone as supportive as her on board. I'll even go as far as to say we're practically undeserving of her."



Daniel Phillips






#1 "Dan's a great guy and a new friend. While I do not know much about him, and even though we haven't talked for too long, I've seen him around ever since I was a Recruit. He was in this gang called the Tower Squad. I can tell the people in that squad meant a lot to him, but most of them aren't around anymore. He's a good listener, kind of like myself, always telling me that I can speak my mind to him, if I want to, but that's the thing about listeners, listening is all they're good at, because they never speak their mind themselves. It's not hard to notice when someone has bottled up emotions."



#2 "Think Dan and I have gotten a little closer than expected in under a short amount of time. There's a lot of things we agree on and a lot of things that we can relate to. I'm happy to say that he's possibly the first person I'm allowing myself to trust with personal information, because he's not the type to blurt shit out and have people gossiping. I haven't seen the person around he wanted to go with to the ball, which is a darn shame, but he did tell me he had a plan B to spend the night a different way, and so he did. ― There's always gonna be opportunities to spend time with the person you like, man. ― But yeah, I'm glad he's around, he's just someone you can rely on."



#3 "He's not completely there yet, but Dan's almost like a walking empty shell. I remember what he was like back before the whole Albedo shit happened, but was he really affected that badly by the events of it? I mean, I know Dawes meant a lot to him as a friend, but to see him be this broken, to this day, it's worrying. Sure, he doesn't act like it and never talks about it, but every time I look at him he seems bottled up. Not to mention, haven't seen Parker in a while either. Well, all I know is that he still has a couple months to go to get out of this shit hole. I hope he's going to be more fortunate and actually get there."



#4 "He seems to be better. I'm glad. Looking at him reminds me of the better days."



Sydney Wyatt






#1 "Wyatt has been around for a while now, as far as I can remember, but I don't remember having a single proper conversation with her that would make me consider her a friend. That sounds harsh, I know, I just don't remember. If I did, well, sorry for not remembering. Plenty of things have happened these past few weeks, so much so that duty has been making me more forgetful. I won't deny any conversations, though!"



#2 "I seem to have some kind of curse where I only get to have deep and meaningful conversations with people that nearly died. Maybe I'm just that great in talking with people that I feel bad for, or something. That's probably a strange way to go about it. Sydney saved the lives of two troopers on a drop that I lead, whilst endangering her own. I'm going to be honest here, that is not something I would do to anyone unless the person I am doing it for is someone I love, or... something. I don't think it's a shame to admit that doing a heroic act for a piece of metal where your chance of dying is over 90% is just not worth it. Does that make me selfish? Probably. Will I go to hell? Yes. Do I care? Nah! Either way, all that matters is that she's fine now and swiftly recovering. Nerve damage sucks. Oh, and she also has a pretty terrible backstory. That's something we have in common."


Levi Armistead






#1 "He's the Technical Sergeant who doesn't want to be called a Technical Sergeant. Understandable. He occasionally mans the bar and gets himself hurt in every drop that he is on. Bad luck, I suppose. Don't know much else about him, but he's definitely good company, so far. Like a few others I've known, he's also been around for a while."



June O'Riley






#1 "June is an energy drink addict and a small girl who I'm proud to call a friend. She and Dan are my two main redshirt buddies. It's always fun to hang around her. Odd personality, but she always has something to say to everything. She's got mad medical skills and she specializes in Bee-Tees. She was the one who gave me my first Bee-Tee, when I lost my arm. I would entrust my life into her hands at any time, because I've seen her work on the field. I've seen her tending to wounded after wounded after wounded, while only breaking a little sweat. And, of course, she has great people by her side to assist her with the work of saving lives. At the end of the campaign during the orbital bombardment, I had this instinct to shield her from debris, so I did. Even though I was gravely injured, it's the least I could do to thank her for sticking with me all that time."



#2 "She isn't around anymore, or so I'm told. Truly a shame, but sometimes you've got to do what's best for you."



Ainslie DeClare






#1 "Something is blooming and it ain't flowers... I think. Suppose the best way to sum the whole thing up is that becoming drunk at the Arr-en-Arr had its redeeming qualities. I've always seen DeClare around on the ship, even before I ever made Enn-Cee-Oh, but I never quite approached her. Can't say I know a lot about her, because we literally just recently were (im)properly acquainted, but there's still a feeling that I have when I'm around her, and I can't put my finger on it just yet, even though it should be obvious. Did these feelings sprout because I felt real bad for her, for when she broke down, or is it because of what came afterwards? I would say the latter, but the alcohol definitely played a part in it. We both agreed on that. I should get to know her before I pull anything stupid. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in where this future chapter in our lives lead us."



#2 "Never mind, I suppose. She has the same problem as Valerie, which I certainly respect. Would be lying if I said I'm not disappointed, though. Obviously I didn't give much thinking over what I was going to say. Frankly, I can't fault Daniel for trying to help me, either. I did say I was willing to make changes with my career, just to spend more time with her, though. Is that a bad thing? I don't know, I'm not good with this whole relationship stuff, I just really hope there's no hard feelings between us."



#3 "Simply put, she left after the shit that some people pulled, including Messier. I really don't blame her, I just wish I could've been there for her more. I seed her off and that was it. A rather quick chapter of my life closed up, but not forgotten. I'm not going to start wishing for messages from her, I don't expect anything. Not because I have something against her, but because there wasn't ever anything between us in the first place. It would've been nice, but it's just wasn't meant to be. I'll miss her."



#4 "Without as much as a notice, she has returned, from the looks of it. She is a medic now. I've nothing else to add, really. Rekindling something that wasn't even there in the first place just isn't going to work out. I haven't tried talking to her or showing my face around her, because I'm just afraid of what she might say. That's how I am. Paranoid."



#5 "Things are fine after all, it seems. That's good to know. I am glad things have been cleared up between me and her, and I'm glad we can just stay friends after all that. There's this odd lingering feeling every time she's around, though. Perhaps I should stop worrying about it."



✟ #6 "Being in any type of relationship with this woman is the definition of mixed feelings and confusion. At first it was cherry blossoms and fun, then it deteriorated in quite a selfish matter. I really don't think she has ever thought about anyone else, other than herself. Even admitted to leading me on. The fact that Vond found out about what I did for her proves my point. You try doing something nice to her and she twists it in her favor. I don't really know the full story, but my history with her leads me to believe this is the truth. Not that I will find out, considering she's dead and I just don't want to bother Vond about it. She won't be missed. Not by me, anyway. Can you really blame me for that?"



Fiolina Springfield






#1 "Fio's been around for ages now, ever since I was a Private. I remember making jokes about her name, that being Springboard, and had a couple of laughs every now and then. Got to know her a little bit, but not much to call her a proper friend. Still, we've had some on-off chatting here and there, and though it was not personal, it was alright and she seems like a great person. Wouldn't mind getting to know her more. She seems like someone who's full of stories. Not to mention, saw her getting hurt a few times and that certainly wasn't pretty. It seems as though she believes in me when it comes to being an En-Cee-Oh, because she cheered me on at the ball slash ceremony, during my promotion. I'll keep that in mind. She's not a bad leader herself! Congrats to her on Corporal, she deserves it."



#2 "I have no words. I seriously wished things would go on smoothly, but after what happened on Barbarossa, I simply just don't know what to think anymore. I don't want to blame anyone for what happened. Nobody is at fault. I seriously don't blame Fio for wanting to leave. People were staring daggers at her. Few more days and most definitely she would've been found dead, but she had the right idea to flee from the unit. I support her all the way. I hope to see her some day. I don't hold grudges, or hard feelings. I do, however, wish I could've gotten to know Avery more. He's like the person you never got to become friends with, before they died."



Ela Bal






✟ #1 "It's crazy how anyone can change your life with just one sentence. Bal was one of those people. Right after she opened my eyes to the truth about friendship and others, she went ahead and bit the dust. She was on her deathbed when she uttered my name and others in her last words. Never thought I'd ever have to go through this feeling in my life again, but I did, and it wasn't even family this time around. It definitely was painful, but I got through it without any problems. Just like any other good people that passed away, her memories, or at least the little amount that she shared with me, are safe with my mind. Rest in peace, Ela."



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