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I'd like to make a return to the community as the previous events that happened within the past I believe should be left within the past, I do miss the community as a whole, I believe when I was banned a year ago I did feel as if it was a little bit harsh resulting in me being permantly banned, I understand the consequences of my actions but hey, I do very well miss the Rp I had with this community and the people I met within it. Hopefully I'll be making a come back toward this community.


Reasoning of ban Attempting to commit ERP.


I'd like to say on this account of the ERP it was between me 'n a couple of my friends and I believed it was fine as it was just us Joking around. I understand we have to stick to the rules that have been placed and I wish that we can forget about this whole ordeal that happened within the past. 

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Seeing as you are unaware of the real reasonings behind your previous ban, the ban will remain. 

Your previous ban appeal you forged and lied on logs and not even willing to admit it. Then the ERP was infact rape RP. We don’t need this in our community.

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