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Christopher Green - Prune Juice Man

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*Random bar patron photographing Green drinking a glass of Prune Juice in one of Londons worn down establishments*


*Mood Music*





<| Physical Information |>

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Blood Type: AB-

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Height: 6'1

Weight: 13 Stone 6 Pound

<| - |>


<| Service Information |>

Branch: 7th Medical Brigade, 67th Medical Detachment

Position: Combat Medic

Current Rank: Third Specialist

Status: Alive

<| - |>


<| Personal Relationships |>

Friend - Good Aquaintance - Neutral - Hated


Pfc. Timmy Turner - "Timmy is a good kid i can see him going higher than PFC that's for sure. He's not like the other snobby Privates who clearly try way too hard to get promoted, sucking up to JNCO's and the like. Good things come in due course and if he continues the way he currently is he'll make a fine NCO some day."


Pfc. Bon Sleptz - "This man is the embodiment of what i never want to be. The teachers pet as a lot of my friends from my home town would refer. From what i can gather just by observing his actions there's always a endgame and more often than not its the respect of a few he's seeking to achieve not the respect of his peers around him. Perhaps me not liking this individual could change if he wasn't so overly aggressive on the smallest points.



Alternate History Stories



Requiem | Auspicious Eagle





Poles apart from our known universe this Basilone would intend for Green to be ranked the post of Ensign, with the distinct responsibility of being the ships tactical officer.


Yhara accompanied Naomi down to the hanger bay in protest, his sole desire reform her current plan, "I don't think you're doing this to make peace, i think you want to try and save your subordinates." trailing Naomi as she makes her way to one of the many dropships littering the hanger bay. Turning around Naomi looks to Yhara, continuing her stride, "You're wrong." she says sternly but confidently, the metal clang of the catwalk weaving in and out of her voice. Yhara retorts swiftly as well as with confidence "Why do i get the feeling you haven't thought this through.". Naomi comes back, a thunderous and powerful accompanying voice of intent forming "You have made your objections clear! Now return to your post!" walking off more irked than previous. Yhara responds in kind clearly invested emotionally and otherwise "I'm not just going to sit still an' watch you fly off and die!" Naomi turns head just about to board one of the remaining dropships as she walks into the troop compartment clearly agitated "I gave you an order!" Yhara grabs her elbow firmly maintaing a steady grip "Naomi!" he says, a raised tone out of concern "Let go of me!" Naomi struggles, ever so slightly as she looks distraught "I wont let you do this!" Yhara exclaims to Naomi stopping dead in his tracks.


*"Bridge to Vond"* The intercom blurts out, the faint crackle of the communication finishing the message


"Go a head" Naomi responds, her tone of voice now more solem


"There's no need to go to Cedra, it appears they've come to us." Green says informing Naomi of the developing situation.


*Ten Kilometers and closing in fast are five insurgent vessels of varying size and configuration sporting red crimson colours*


Yhara and Naomi having returned to their battlestations the bridge of the Basilone takes on a different form, various officers and crewman rushing to action stations, sirens blasting off to inform the entire ship to do much the same.





Green takes note of renowned Commander Lucian Kelbourne entering the bridge, Green having a sense of impending doom wash over him due to the ongoing situation, his pupils dialating and a faint trace of sweat rolling down his brow, he's clearly quite freightened "Ten Insurgent vesells closing fast."


Lucian briefly looks to Green as he takes note of what he said "Hail them" not looking to anyone specifically as he's well aware that the crew will carry out his orders looking to the bridges centre screen as he waits


Ensign Whitfield attempts to open a comm channel with the enemy groups main flagship, the 'Mantle of Rightous Penance', not recieving a response he calmly looks to Lucian "No response sir." continuing to man his post


*Two quick and successive beeps would ring out across the bridge*


Green more confident than he was previously responds to the sounding alert bringing up various informational displays on his own console "Their weapons are coming online!"




*The Insurgent vessels one after another fire launching salvos of missiles, hoping to catch the Basilone off guard. Two of the missiles strike the ship, One missile lands on the ships belly striking a secondary supply airlock as it rips the small confined area open to space, unbeknownst to anyone on board the vessel two bodies float out to space, wailing about wildly, a newly brought in recruit and Private Timmy Turner they appeared to be gambling in one of the lesser populated sections of the ship, the aforementioned airlock*


*The second missile strikes a wide section of armour plating as it harmlessly fails to cause critical damage to any of the ships systems, however it begins a long line of structural instability along the ships side*


*Torrents of autocannon shells make their way inbound Impacting the hull and other critical sections with ferocious intent as they cause differing scales of catastrophic damage. One burst causes significant damage to a section of the Basilones PDC net knocking it permanently offline for the duration of the conflict. Three to five more bursts miss the ship entirely due to skillfull manuevering from Ensign Schofield, however, the final burst lands directly in a mass of communications gear a very lucky score from the mostly in-experienced and under-trained insurgents*


*For the mean time the Basilone is sent into a pre-sequenced spin on its axis utilizing all the PDC and missile pods it has at its disposal, increasing its overrall combat efficiency as it continues suffering missile and autocannon impacts.*




Green stumbles about moving from console to console, shouting out to Lucian "We've lost Hull plating in Blue sector!" reacting to mixtures of sparks and console explosions, covering his face instinctually before returning his vision to his screen


Ensign Cohren, a confident and resourceful officer calmly affirms to his surrounding crew mates "I still dont have helm control!"


Lucian positions himself firmly onto his commander chair as he activates his intercom to engineering "Lucian to Engineering!"


*Events transitioning to Engineering the entire deck is in a state of chaotic turmoil. Support beams falling from their brackets, explosions and sparks washing the deck with a sea of garbled audio, Mobile infantry doing their best not to get caught in the thick of things. Engineers man terminals and frantically move to seal what breaches they can manage to reach with crewman falling victim to the aftereffects of the insurgency weapons fire on the Basilone.*


*McKenzie slides down a pair of stairwell railings from his post in the Engine room, landing on his feet with finesse. Running across the floor ducking under explosions and moving aside falling debris he makes his way to an intercomm terminal "McKenzie reporting! that last salvo knocked out our sublights, we're dead in the water! Bridge Report! Bridge!"*


Ensign Whitfield does his best to re-establish communications but due to extensive battledamage across the ships hardpoints he's unable to "Comms down!" he stresses to Lucian


Lucian commands for the communication system to be brought back online "Get it back!" he replies to Whitfield


Officer Cadet Aurumsburg in the background of the bridge moves to another console but is immediately stopped by the heavy metallic force of a support beam impacting his back, causing him to fall to the ground and fall unconscious the bridge looking at the event with concern


During this Ensign Cohren looks up from his post to see what's happening but almost spontaneously finds himself having to combat r0ll out of the way as part of the bridges light fixture makes way to fall down onto his station. Adrenaline corsing through his entire body he can't almost believe what just happened


*The Basilones PDC net continues doing gods work destroying vast amounts of missiles that would have otherwise done catastrophic damage, but it's not enough.. Impact after impact scorch marks would begin to litter the hull of the ships, sections becoming breached and areas starting to vent to open space. The Basilone fires off a accurate salvo of its own autocannon fire as it manages to hit and destroy one of the insurgencies vessels.*


*This small victory for the Basilone doesn't go unpunished as a attack run from two of the insurgency vessels manages to impact a wide birth of armour plating causing it to crack and crumble. Another attack run from the remaining two scores a even more destructive hit as they shoot a hole through the entire ship, like a stick through butter.*


"We've got hull breaches in Blue, Red and Yellow sectors." Green informs the Commander a subtle undertone of panick nesting in his voice.


"Close them off!" Commander Lucian instructs Green to do


Attempting to input commands to the emergency bulkhead controls to the damaged sections he'd find himself unable to do that, the computer blurting back as such with various beeps "Bulkheads arn't responding!" running over to some console behind him looking on the screens "We're venting atmosphere!"


*Engineers and Infantry alike franticly run around the engineering deck extingshing numerous fires, sparks and explosions providing a backdrop that no one would certainly dream for.*


Mc Kenzie stops in his track, previously moving over to the fuel injection system, he turns to see Duival completely encased in scorching flames, flailing his arms around as he's in indescriable pain. Running over and grabbing a fire-extinguisher he aims and fires for a solid ten seconds until the flames are dead "Get him to sickbay!"


"McKenzie to the bridge! If you can hear me i've got coolant leaks all over the place, we're evacuating!" McKenzie stops in his tracks as his eyes immediately fixate on the reactor, watching the entire unit get knocked due to a power surge from nearby systems "Everybody out!" he instructs


*Yamazaki is in the process of moving injured personnel from habitation to Medical, extremely determined in her duties as she doesn't stop once to take note of her personnel safety, prioritizing others over herself, a sense of duty filling her heart. Without warning she's hit with an electrical discharge while moving in one of the many hallways leading up, being sent tumbling to the ground with a bloody yelp.*


*Combined autocannon fire from two of the insurgency vessels score a critical hit, venting Yamazakis entire section out to the bitterly cold expanse of space instantly killing herself and all the injured personnel she was assisting to move.*


*The bridge more of wreck than previously seen has active fires, unconscious crewman and numerous injuries. The air is filled with musk and smoke a gastly sight to be seen. "We've got breaches in Green Sector we can't continue this much longer commander!" Green informs Lucian*


*We're left with the ship on a uncontrolled spin weapons fire impacting the hull on numerous points. Till next time..*

(Bound to be some spelling mistakes for forgive me on that.)













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