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Returning Character Request: K.Sigrun

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OOC Name: Kris

IC Name:  Kristina Sigrun

What Iteration was this character in? (What unit): 2016-2018/9? - 112th

Rank they held: Warrant officer 

Division: Marauders

AT LEAST a paragraph of why they would ICly be transferred from their previous unit to this one:

Time drew on for the lieutenant within their position. Their enthusiasm for the tasks set always seemed to draw lower every minute they spent in the position of command. It didn't take long for their spot to be taken over by another, one who held more brightness to bring to the role. It was these moments of change that opted the marauder to find a new grasp in service. Their patches were turned in and notice of transfer requested from both unit and division were sent in, hoping for a chance at a new fresh breath of air to be taken within the ranks of the Infantry once more.

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