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Luna Cavill - 'The Mechanic'

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'The Mechanic'


Luna, circa 2298.



Music Note Musical - Free vector graphic on Pixabay

Character Theme






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Voice Claim






General Information



Name: Luna Cavill

Known Aliases: 'Mechanic'

Reputation Amongst Crew: Neutral

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bissexual

Birth Date: October 8th, 2280

Place of Birth: Epsilon Prime




Running Silhouette Figures Vector Material, Running Man Clipart, Woman, Run  PNG Transparent Clipart Image and PSD File for Free Download | Female runner,  Running silhouette, Silhouette

Physiological Information




Average Calculated Weight: 186lbs

Height: 5'10

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Deep Blue

Known Diseases: N/A

Permanent Injuries: N/A



Vector Illustration ,Flat coloured Brainstem of Human brain anatomy side  view on white background Vetor do Stock | Adobe Stock

Psychological Information




Evaluated Personality Traits: Emotive; Extrovert; Leader

Known Mental Conditions: PTSD.

Usual Demeanor: Oddly outgoing.



First Aid Cross Sticker (25/Pack)

Current Status




Body Integrity: Healthy

Mental Status: Could Be Better

Overall: Good Enough



Pin on Weapons

Trooper Information




Faction: The Federation

Unit: 12th "Mongrels" Infantry Division; 2nd Brigade; 58th Corsairs; Delta Company; 1st Platoon "Eros' Executioners"; Combat Engineering Squadron.

Rank: Grade 3 Specialist

Role: Sapper / Mechanic

Former: Mobile Infantrywoman

Known Callsigns: 'SAPPER-7' | 'MECHANIC'

Known Used/Preferred Weapon(s): Moritta Mark III - Assault Rifle | M55 Rocket Launcher

Known Outfits: Mobile Infantry Fatigues and Gear, slightly modified to fit Engineer Division colors and scheme.

Weapon Specializations: M55 Rocket Launcher



Soc Medals List Download - Air Force Medal Of Honor PNG Image | Transparent  PNG Free Download on SeekPNG

Service Records




March, 2301 | Enlisted in the Mobile Infantry - Left behind a generic mechanic's job payroll. | Motivator: Further specialization of personal professional traits, and attempt at gaining citizenship.

June, 2301 | Completed Basic Training on Epsilon Prime - Promoted to Rct.

July, 2301 | Assigned to the 12th "Mongrels" Infantry Division; 2nd Brigade; 58th Corsairs; Delta Company; 1st Platoon "Executioners".

July, 2301 | Survived first drop, on Dag 1 - Promoted to Pvt.

July, 2301 | Completed Basic Sapper Training aboard the John Basillone; Teacher: MSpc. Angelika - Assigned to Combat Engineering Squadron - Re-Ranked as 3SpC.

July, 2301 | Completed M55 Rocket Launcher Specialization Course aboard the John Basillone; Teacher: MSpc. Angelika.

July, 2301 | Survived second drop, on Allillon - Got to shoot her first TON!

July, 2301 | Survived third drop, on Dag 1.

July, 2301 | Survived fourth drop, on Allillon.

July, 2301 | Survived fifth drop, on Rhonan - Learned how to defuse a bomb on the fly.

July, 2301 | Survived sixth drop, on Allillon.

July, 2301 | Completed Drone Skills Specialization Course aboard the John Basillone; Teacher: WO. Isaiah.

July, 2301 | Survived seventh drop, on a Borderworld at the Federation's far reach - Learned what the skinnies can do.

July, 2301 | Survived eighth drop, on Allillon - Learned how to use a mortar.

July, 2301 | Survived ninth drop, on Allillon - Showed first signs of Leadership - Awarded Purpleheart.



Ribbon Gold Medal at Rs 80/box | Medals | ID: 20781036788





1x Purple Heart | Endured a grave injury while in service of the Federation.



Factorio 1.0 Tech Tree

Technological Advances




December 2298, start of Chemistry career. | Learned and Successfully extracted Crude Oil from Fossils, turned into Petroleum, then re-purposed into Gasoline and Diesel for Commerce.

August, 2299 | Successfully created a tool for Sulfur extraction from Natural Deposits. (Still learning how to make Gunpowder.) {project dropped, too complicated}

September 2299, start of Mechanics career. | Successfully assembled a motor engine that runs on processed fossil fuel (Petroleum Derivates) using Scrap. (Engine exploded in the same week.)

December 2299 | Successfully assembled a Hydraulic Expansor using only Re-Purposed Air Compressors and Scrap. (Broke in the same day.)

February 2300 | Successfully assembled a prototype of a Hydraulic Expansor using a proper Air Compressor and Steel. (Air Compressor exploded during maintenance.) {last project, thus far}

July 2301 | Figured out how to make the Hydraulic Expansor work without exploding. (Her first successful Mechanical Prototype!)

August 2301 | Finally figured out how to make the Hydraulic Expansor a portable device that works.



Graduation Cap and Diploma PNG Clipart Picture | Graduation clip art, Graduation  cap, Graduation pictures

Education & Training




Known Languages: English.

Prior Occupation: Automobile Mechanic.



- Completion of Basic Infantry Training

- Completion of Basic Sapper Training

- Completion of M55 Rocket Launcher Specialization Course

- Completion of Drone Skills Specialization Course

- Self-Taught Mechanical Engineer

- Self-Taught Chemistry Researcher

- Self-Taught Jiu-Jitsu Fighter



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Handshake Heart Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project




// I will not tell you the meaning of the color codes I input into this. Make of it as you will, and its open to your personal interpretation. However, I am not to be held responsible for any misinterpretation. All I'll tell is it'll range all the way down from Loathed, to Friendships and Love Interests.


// If you want to use this info IC, ask me in Discord first: Daark#8314.


** It is a casual day as per usual, and maybe you're in a room alone, with nothing present. Maybe you're dreaming. Or, more probable, you're laying somewhere in the Basillone listening to a personal belonging of Luna's: A cassette which was labelled 'Luna's Relationships w/ Peers | A-1 - July 26th, 2301.'. You slide it into whatever equipment you're using to play this recording, and pay attention as you begin to listen.

** The voice of a young man, in a calm and collected manner fills up your ears, and it goes like this:


"Patient Nº 65434D-8; Luna Cavill. A young adult woman, orphan at the age of twelve. She's a Dreamer, a Mechanic, and a Survivor. Owner of a Golden Heart and Vigorous Intent, Luna strikes the hearts and minds of those around her as a never giving up aggressive eccentric wanna-be-seen type of gal. Not Loved, Loathed by many, but Cared by some, Miss Cavill makes do with her days, surviving until the next one in an eager desire of this ever lasting contract to come to an end. But, it wasn't always like that. Ah, what am I talking about? This isn't the topic of this entry. Let's cut to the chase--" - said the mysterious voice.


** And then you hear the distinct crackling of a tape that was tampered with, missing some bits of it. You advance the recording just enough to start hearing coherent noises again, and you're soon greeted by the voice of the same person that just spoke into your ears not long ago.


"Tell me, Luna. How are your relations with those you now share a roof?" - asked the Interviewer.

"Could be better, and could also be worse for sure." - Luna replied.

"Now why is that?" - asked the Interviewer.


"Are you one of Levi's doctors? Trying to get me to open up about my emotions and what not?" - asked Luna, not answering his question and rather trying to change the focus of this conversation.


"Technical Sergeant Levi Armistead has nothing to do with this. This is entirely third-party and apart of your contract in order to keep track on how well you adapt with your peers." - replied the Interviewer, then asking "Taking this opportunity, what are your views on the Sergeant Levi?".

** Luna audibly sighed, as you can hear it through the earbuds you're wearing. The room she was in was mostly silent, with the exception of the very familiar background hum of the Basillone.


"Fine. Levi? He is alright. A nice, collected guy who shares my views of things. But still, very different from me. He is calm, and I like that about him. He inspires me to be better." - answered Luna.


"That is great. Now what about Master Sergeant Elliott Yhara?" - asked the Interviewer.


"Elliott? He is.. He is. I can't accurately describe what I think of him exactly as of now, only that he makes me feel comfortable to be myself. He, different from most, doesn't treat me like shit, and different from everyone else, plays into my sense of humor. I like him, despite the fact he literally drove a buttstock through my face once." - Luna answered.


"That's splendid. Now what about--" - the Interviewer asked, before being interrupted by the sound of an alarm clock, a sound so loud that almost led you, the listener, deaf.


"Ah, it appears we're out of time. Same time next week?" - said the Interviewer.


"I guess I don't have a choice, do I?" - Luna replied with a question.


"No, you don't." - you hear the Interviewer respond as he gathers some papers and them both seem to be getting up from metal chairs that slides in direct contact with the metal flooring of the ship, making squeaky noises. Then, your ear buds goes abruptly silent, followed by a click in whatever equipment you used to listen to this tape. It ended.




// DISCLAIMER: Ask bellow to be added, with full name and rank please.



// I will not tell you the meaning of the color codes I input into this. Make of it as you will, and its open to your personal interpretation. However, I am not to be held responsible for any misinterpretation. All I'll tell is it'll range all the way down from Loathed, to Friendships and Love Interests.

// If you want to use this info IC, ask me in Discord first: Daark#8314.




** As the last recording ended, you quickly found yourself fumbling around to change the tape that was inside your sound device with a new one, this one labelled as 'Luna's Relationships w/ Peers | B-1 - July 31st, 2301.'. You settle back down as you press your thumb on the play button, listening in.

** Then, your ears are found immersed once more in the generic overlapping hum of the Basillone, with the same male voice from before sounding out as he said 
"Patient Nº 65434D-8; Luna Cavill; Refer to Tape A-1 for further details on the patient.".


"Alright, Doc'. Hit me with those questions, we got time." - you heard Luna's familiar voice say.


"Straight to the point, eh? Alright. Any changes in how you view the Technical Sergeant Levi Armistead?" - asked the Interviewer.


"Not particularly. He is still a caring dude, but we haven't spoken since." - responded Luna.


"Very well. What about Master Sergeant Elliott Yhara?" - asked the Interviewer.


** A brief four second pause is what you 'hear' as only the humming is present. Then, Luna's voice spoke again "Doc', how private are these sessions? Like, who gets to hear what I say here?".


"Only me, you, and whoever else has access to your tapes, which are immediately handed to you at the end of our interviews, Miss Cavill." - responded the Interviewer.


"Aight, then. Elliott became... close. Awfully close. Too close, some might say. Considering I'm a Third Grade Specialist and he is a... Master Sergeant.. yeah. Inappropriate to say the least, but who cares really? Its not like we're out there yelling about it, albeit rumors already started spreading. The guy is amazing, and has so many emotions repressed that I genuinely feel the need to be there for him, and so I am. I can't help that what we have soon turned out to be more than a friendship. If anything, it didn't have any side-effects other than.. well.. We're both a lil' bit happier, I think. No bad judgement call came out of it, so we're good. So far, I guess." - said Luna, with different variations in tone throughout her words.


"Well, what an interesting development. Let's move on. What are your views on Second Grade Specialist Sydney Wyatt?" - asked the Interviewer.


"Wyatt? Shit. I almost blew the poor gal to bits yesterday. Can't say I'm proud of it, but I'd do it the same way again. It was either an explosion to the face and being alive today, or her being eaten to bits by Arachnids, alongside the rest of the Squad. I hate having to make these decisions, but they are sacrifices I am willing to make when the time comes." - answered Luna.


"I see. I can't really blame you for that. Friendly fire, it happens. Moving on, what about Private First Class Veriah Woodrow?" - asked the Interviewer.


"She's.. alright, I guess. I'm not very familiarized with her, and she seems like a cunt sometimes, so I don't really know what's up with that. No firm beliefs yet, however." - answered Luna.


"Mhm. What about your Master Specialist, Angelika Guial-- Gjaul--" - the Interviewer tried to ask, before being interrupted by Luna.


"Gjallahad. Angelika Gjallahad. She's a marvelous person from what I've seen and been told, albeit it wasn't much. I can only hope to get to know her even more.  She was also the one who first trained me into the Engineer division, so I have that to thank her for. I'm a proud Wasp." - answered Luna, helping the Interviewer out.


"Thanks. Lastly, but not least, what about Private First Class Julie Xyla?" - the Interviewer asked.


"Xyla seems like an alright gal. Caring, fearsome, strong. I like her, and I can only hope that we may become great friends one day. She helped me through a.. difficult.. episode recently. So, she's a good one in my books." - answered Luna.


"Alright, that's it then! We got a minute left. Any remarks?" - said the Interviewer.


"Yeah, get me a fuckin' drink for these sessions, jeez. Levi did it better the first time around." - Luna said, then laughing right after.


** The Interviewer joined her, laughing too before the recording cut short, the familiar sound of the device ceasing it's playback.




// DISCLAIMER: Ask bellow to be added, with full name and rank please.


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Major Edit!


+ Relationships introduced!

+ Theme changed!

+ New Service Records entries added!

+ New Technological Advance entry added!

~ Health Condition updated.

And with that said,


23 hours ago, Reverend said:

whenever you do relations, maybe add levi armistead?


Added! ;)


Anyone else who wants to make it, leave your char's full name and rank here! I'll be adding them in pairs at minimum.

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Major Edit!


+ New reference picture! Also, definitive.

+ More Relationships added!
+ Theme changed, and final this time around.. I think.

+ New entries added in some sections.

~ Some sections were re-visited and altered accordingly.


And with that said,


On 7/26/2021 at 6:37 AM, Sgt.Slaughter said:

Sydney Wyatt?




On 7/26/2021 at 12:30 PM, maxrevolver1 said:

First class Woodrow, grumpy gunner




On 7/26/2021 at 5:56 PM, Kenshi said:

angelika gjallahad




On 7/26/2021 at 6:44 PM, Merkalinth said:

my lady, may i interest you in including: the julie xyla? (i will interpret it as you loving her no matter what)




Hope ya'll enjoy! ;)

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