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Harald Eriksson - The Viking

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"Lo, der kan jeg se min far,
Lo, der ser jeg min mor,
Og mine søstre og mine brødre.
Lo, kan jeg se den linje af mine forfædre
Tilbage til begyndelsen,
Lo, de kalder på mig
De byder mig tage min plads blandt dem
I Hallerne i Valhalla Hvor de modige kan leve for evigt..." - BEOWULF

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e3c86afa715aa1163b764fcb3d89e979.jpgSee the source image

Theme Song





General Information

Name: Eriksson, Harald A.

Aliases: Wrecker, Grizz, Big Brother

Sex: Male
FID: 89504-33528-HE

Age: 25

Place of Birth: Rhohan, New Denmark

Marital Status: Unmarried


Family History

Father: Maj. Ragnar Eriksson (Ret. Major M.I. Age 49) - Alive

Mother: Cpt. Karina Eriksson (Ret, LT Medical Age 47)- Alive

Brother: Pvt. Ivar Eriksson (Age: 20) - Alive
Brother: Pvt. Alexander Eriksson (Age: 18) - Alive
Sister: CPT. Alissa Eriksson (Age: 25) - Alive

Sister: Abigail Eriksson (Age: 11) - Alive


Professional Information

Faction: Mobile Infantry

Unit: 58th Morita Infantry, Delta Company, Corsairs

Status: K.I.A. 

Rank: Private First Class

Role: Rifleman, Point man

Medical Information 

Blood Type: A+

Weight: 230

Height: 6'3"
Build: Athletic/Mesomorphic

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Hazel/Light Green Eyes

Mental State: Yellow

Physical Scarring: Small Scar across his chin and Leg. 
Current Wounds: Concussion, Bruised Rib Cage
Old Wounds: Replaced Right Lung, Right Leg below the knee is fully replaced Gen One Bio Tech Limb. Recovered Broken ribs now healed, Gun Show wound to the throat by a MG Emplacement.



Personal Property
Arachnid Warrior Talon Necklace

See the source image


Odinist Necklace

See the source image


Norse Viking Axe 

See the source image

Character Backstory




Personal Diaries

9/17/2301 : Harald's Vlog, 2301. "Today I'm officially on my own. All my friends are dead or gone. My best friend Ela Bal had passed onto Valhalla before me ass she no longer suffers and seats within the hall of the Valkyries. I feel like I'm losing it gradually... Like It feels unreal when I walk to the bar or the barracks and she's not there. I feel as if I'm in my own Personal Hel for my Demons. But I know that's not to be true. I haven't seen Hawkins either which concerns me... Hopefully he is alright.



Ela Bal

Trusted | Best-Friend Fallen

"Ela... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry! You were my best friend! The first person to welcome me to the unit when I walked into the bunks. You looked out for me whenever something was wrong. You always treated me as an equal or higher then I was and you always included me in conversation when I was alone. You were my greatest friend and I shall value every single conversation, picture, and video we ever took together. Live like a legend among the M.I. and among the great legends of old in the halls of Valhalla with the great and powerful Valkyries my friend. I treasure when we meet again and I can just hear your laugh and see your smile."
Moira Stuart
Trusted | Best-Friend | Liked
"This lovely Gal who'd I'd follow into Ragnarok and Hel! Woman made sure I was promoted and took notice of my care for others as well as how I handle an LMG. She invited to Join the Corsairs but I must of course be blooded and give the Master Sarn't his special alcoholic booze. However, I have came to known Moira more over the small time I have been here. I bunk across from her so we speak on a daily basis and we have became pretty great friends! But, I do admit.... she is very gorgeous and I really like her more then a friend but she is a woman who is spoken for.
Devin Sinclair
Trusted | Brother | Fallen
"Fuck... I should've been there when you were hit. Losing you took a piece of me. I will always treasure your words and our conversation. Most of all your insight and your laugh. I lost my brother in arms. But my friend, I hope Jody and Winnie keep you company until we meet again. Save me a seat in Valhalla."
Nick Gadabeani
Trusted Friend
The only person to help me through Losing Devin, Winnie, and Jody. Corporal Gadabeani is a perfect example of an NCO and someone who shows great amount of care for his enlisted.

Friend | Fallen
A good friend and full of life. I never seen him at his lowest in the time I knew him and I am so happy to have known you my friend. Til' Valhalla we shall meet again.

Jody Cox
Trusted | Friend | Fallen
A true friend, a real badass, and someone I'd follow to Hell and back. You will be missed brother. 

Trusted | Best-Friend
This Crazy lady from the Medical Corp and quite possibly the only one as ballsy as me. She watched my back when I rushed in and beat a man to a pulp to protect a trooper. That single action of watching my back and saving my ass from the house exploding. I'm glad to know you Ms.Vond and I look forward to our conversations together!

Sydney Wyatt
Trusted | Friend

My other close friend. We met when Winnie died and both took his loss very hard. However, His loss brought us close together as great friends and I look out for her every time we make a drop. I've lost so many friends already. Each time I lose someone close to me, a part of me dies with them. But Wyatt, Vond, and Bal have given me a every chance to stay strong and support me.
Trusted | Friend
Another medic that I am happy to call a friend. She's a little on the weird side which is fine! Considering weirdos make the best friends! I hope she can teach me Skinnie. 
Draz Polo
Trusted | Best-Friend
Draz Polo, This guy is along with Sansgaret are the two most interesting people I've came across. Draz is a very large and tall but liked minded individual whom reminds me a lot of my brother Gregor. Whom is also taller and more physically stronger then myself. I cherish our moments together as the man himself is a spectacle or kind heartedness. But crazy as hell. I consider him my closest friend along with Vond, Stuart, Sydney, and Volkova and a few others. I see great things happening for this guy should he live as long as I do. Hope we are friends for a very long time brother. 
Jack Hernandez
Trusted | Friend
Jack Hernandez.... He's a well minded lad. First time we met he angered me slightly. But Overtime and fighting alongside in the same squad he's shown his worth and even watched his ass a time or two on a drop. I consider us freshly started as friends and hope he will go somewhere in his path. We're both lucky to be alive from the VIC exploding on Allilion. Hopefully, an experience we'll never have to share again.

Harald's Will and Testament


Vi-Doc Date 10/1/2302
The Video turned on and began Recording. It Showed Harald adjusting something and him slipping slightly like a dork before regaining himself and sitting back in front of the camera while he then gave his signature but friendly smile. 
"Well Greetings my friends 


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