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3spc Steve Richards PK appeal

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Name: ^

Situation:  In breif got bug butted into a corner while setting up a ladder on some glitchy terrain for it, got focused by i think 3, and my cover didnt get downed. (facing equal or worse numbers)

Reason/s for un PK:

A) The terrain i was laddering was glitchy  to the extent somone (when trying to remove my ladder) deleted the rock i was palcing it on.  Whcih slowed me down and made it harder to do.
B)  I was effectively doing my job, and followed a order to go there.(with expectation of cover)
C) The person who was meant to cover me didnt get downed in the incident (and more swarmed to him)
D) I think my covers gun glitched, which resultd in the one bug my end i couldnt shoot kill butting me into a corner and both of us getting swarmed.
E)  gmod sort of ganked out on me during it
(assesment and reasoning without reviewing the video i have and from lOOC)

Going to attach a medal video i took earlier, the swarm starts around the 3 min mark.  (dont know how to edit it down, and its action footage i am repurposing here)


From the video, its sort of ghanky, a PK jsut seems unfair in my eyes.    Just want to make it clear the above is without analysing the video and is shortly after the event in question, and is my viewpoint from memory and perception.

i think thats the highnotes of my argument.   I dont know if it factors into it, but i am new by like 2 events into the game, and i just spent maybe a hour trying to trouble shoot something that kept crashing me on the ship in time for the event that PK'ed me.

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Some more context for those handling the decision, as I ran the event.


Steve and Richards weren't doing anything out of their way; they were simply following and executing an order given to them by Command. In doing so, they unfortunately found themselves out of position from the rest of the unit. A psychic cloak imparted by the psychic element protected the main unit, leaving the two Richards as an Arachnid target - they were just out of range.


While the ladder mishap is a defensible argument, you still likely would have been attacked in the time you split from the unit with the timing of the psychic cloak. You are also right in saying that the other Richards survived in spite of the swarm going his way, but that's the unfortunate nature of the injury system we have on server - flows.


I believe one of our Executive Administrators, Ace, explained the flow system afterwards to you, but in essence, you both were extremely unfortunate in timing/position. If it was up to me, I'd have given an injury considering you were quite simply following an order, but that is of course the visceral nature of the server and the flow system. Unfortunately, you rolled a death roll, meaning there was nothing anyone could do about it.


Unless there was an egregious OOC impediment like a crash or a freeze, we don't usually reverse death/PK flows. Unfortunately, your video shows that you were mostly in the clear - the ladder situation would still have resulted in you being attacked given the predicament the unit was in.



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I understand it can be confusing when you have not been made familiar with the way of how flows operate, but I tried my best to explain that to you after the fact in our DMs when you contacted me.
In regards to what transpired at the time during and prior to the PK: Gmod can be very janky and annoying at times when faced with situations like these.
As elf already reiterated though, even without the ladder incident you probably would have been overrun and the fact that you got as unlucky as you got - rolling a -99/-100 as it happened - tilted the outcome towards a PK instead of an injury or even slipping away unscathed entirely.
I personally do not see an issue or many grounds to revoke this PK unfortunately if you'd ask me. As much as it pains me to say, even with the precident set of Gmod being jank.
The other person should have been subject to a similar fate realistically, but their roll, as  -again- elf already mentioned, did not dish out a PK flow.

Not to step on your toes but I believe you didn't lose much out of this anyway. It sure sucks to lose a character, and while I cannot say how much development you put into him that hasn't seen the server yet: You were given a new Engineer and basically a clean start as if nothing happened, which you could theoretically transfer whatever form of background story or pieces you had written up over to.

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  • Executive Administrator

After reviewing the video itself and looking at all of the statements, the PK will be sustained.


The flow system, while not perfect, is the best way to keep things in a fair environment and prevent event runners from targeting players. It did not appear any lag, or over spawning resulted in the PK itself and was solely based on the decisions made by the platoon itself and the roll of -100/-99.


On another note, I like to point out that you two were the only ones away from the platoon while being swarmed by bugs. This is not your fault, however, it was an IC decision and the characters paid the price from faulty decisions from across the board. 

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Ok then, thought id put the appeal in anyway.   The creation of the second chracter early was with the assumption this would have been denied so all logistics could be done there and then.

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