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It wasn't going to be long until the valiant soldier saw the reality on the field every single video avoided to show. It was not the march of glory, an army spearheading through the bugs like a hot knife slicing through butter. It all happened during his last deployment, the details of the location an assignment always seem to have eluded him, added with his poor understanding in general of the english language. 

A house by a huge lake, memories of an old picture he found of something similar back on Odessa. Someone lived there before the bugs invaded, now only ghosts of the past seem to haunt the place. 

It didn't take long until the teams were swarmed by bugs yet again, they were split once more in Bravo and seemingly Arkady has been assigned once more to be under the command of Corporal Vilish. They were barely acquianted, and mostly at the bar inbetween the deployment. They seemed to trust eachother and that was more than enough to try and make something to work. 
The fight escalated quickly, a large bug everyone refered to as the 'tank' began rapidly advancing towards the soldiers, unloading a whole machinegun magazine into it seemed to only make it more angry. 
It breathed fire, the flames nearly engulfing some of the troops including Arkady. His worst fear, had been triggered, panicked he tossed himself in the water to cull down the flames before they burn through the armor and onto his skin. He was lucky, others were not as the smell of burnt flesh filled the whole area where the fighting took place. 

The large creature was relentless, eventually the decision was taken to rocket it down from orbit, problem was the surrounding troops on the filled. Chaos ensured, the rocket slammed directly into the beast, a powerful light nearly blinding everyone around. The shockwave tossed nearly everyone on the ground, though some unlocky people having their armor pierced by various fragments of metal, including an engineer. 

She seemed nearly unconcious, her right shoulder pierced and bleeding from a metal fragment. The man yelled frantically on the radio requesting for a medic, the whole platoon was moving father away. Despite being ordered to regroup, he ignored it. Instead he planted his machinegun down on the ground as one of the medics noticed and rushed to the scene. 
What happened in minutes almost seemed like hours, the engineer was lucky enough not to have anything serious and with the help of the two managed to regroup with the rest. She was lucky this time.

The fight went on almost like all hell had been let lose, the different bug species attacking them relentless and with no self preservation instinct. Cohersion nearly lacked, the platoon reaching a hill where they almost shot eachother in the crossfire. Arkady could barely focus, many thoughts going through his mind. Eventually the team reached an airstrip and nuked a big bug nest which caused their attacks to halt. But what was the cost?

Another woman soldier had lost her right hand, cleanly cut off by something, other soldiers with burn marks, cuts and bruises. Was this the glorious war he had expected? Not even close, reality has a bad way of telling you to wake up. Alcohol during that night helped, at least to get some shuteye. 

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