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Anna Eriksson

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Basic Information:

Anna Eriksson


October 15th, 2278



12th "Mongrels" ID, 2nd Brigade, 58th Corsairs, D Company, "Executioners" 1st Platoon, Combat Engineering Squadron

Combat Engineer

Home world:

Shoreridge III

Hair color:
Jet Black

Eye color:
Dark Green




A young farm girl from the world of Shoreridge III, working mostly on the family farm and assisting in repairing farming equipment; especially on the old, failing generators spread about the farm buildings. Once Anna turned twenty she decided to join the Mobile Infantry.

Medical Information:

BT left leg [Below the knee]

Scar just below left eye, curving to cheek bone 

Character Description:
 A woman that stand at 5'10"; having a mesomorph build to their body. She has a scar across her right cheek; freckles forming across her cheeks. Her eyes would be dark green in color; her hair would be short and jet black in color. There would be a hint of a Nordic accent, though hard to tell of which it was. Her leg, below the left knee would be a BT.



Protective of friends

Known people:


Veriah Woodrow:


Her and I go back quite a bit, known her for a year if not longer due to be stationed in the same unit. Fought together quite a lot and shows quite a fair bit of skill using the M55 and a shotgun; though it makes me nervous watching her constantly being on the frontline. I care about her and I enjoy every moment that I spend with my friend... She's the closest friend I have on this god forsaken ship. She keeps me sane most of the time, just knowing she kicking and moving... I want her to keep working hard and get out when her times up. I just want my friend to live, knowing she's alive helps me keep going on most days. 


Luna Cavill:


Luna is one of the Engineers and she isn't too bad, when I was first kinda getting to know her she seem to have a slight attitude problem and she fucked up a bit; but she stood up for my band of friends and that's something I liked. She isn't a bad person and I enjoy talking to her whenever we do talk; which isn't a lot honestly. She's nice and she speaks Swedish! Bonus points in my book. I should try and get to know her more honestly.


Joseph Kovacs: 


Another one of the Engineers and one of my favorite ones, I consider him a friend though I do not really know him very well which sucks. He and I learned some Skinny language from 'Sevens' the robot, now we kinda mess with each other by insulting one another in Skinny. He's a good mate to hangout with and have a drinks, should really get to know him more.


Nick Gadabeani:


Nick is one of the NCO's that I enjoy working with, doesn't have a stick up his ass and he is pretty friendly. He's an Italian so we constantly mess with each other; he also says he's a good chef, though I have yet to see that or try his food. Recently he and the rest of the Corporals fucked up pretty badly on a drop, maybe he's not ready to be an NCO... Maybe he and the others need more training before leading drops by themselves. He's a good guy, not very competent in drop leading.


Kayleigh McCarthy:


Kayleigh is one of the newer spooks on our ship, I do not know her very well but with the small interactions I've had with her she seems pretty nice, at least she's out and about meeting and talking to people which is better than some of the other spooks. I quickly found out she could understand what I could say, but I guess I should have known better, the woman is constantly reading my mind haha... It's not a big problem, she said she hasn't gossiped since high school, so I am not worried. Overall she's pretty nice and I'd like to get to know her more.

Holly Garret:


Ah Holly... One of my closest friends that I have in the Corsairs... We knew each other from a old unit and she is still the same and just as great. She is quite fun to be with and hang around with, I honestly trust my life with her and I assume she would do the same for me. Her and Veriah... plus a few others... I wish there was more honestly... You guys keep me going honestly. Recently she lost someone she cared about very much... a lot of people cared about Dawes but it hit Holly hard. It saddens me to see her in such a state but I understand why... I'm here for you Holly... please talk to me if you need anything.


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