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Maxie St. Clair

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     111.jpg.de8fc2314408c559686a3c1c07496b31.jpg                                    Maxie Saint Clair


General Details

Age: 18

Place of birth: Shoreridge 3

Sex: Female

Previous Education: High School


Physical Details

Height: 5'2

Physique: Small but fit for her size

Eye Color: Muddy brown


Service Record:

Active Duty: 2 weeks

Rank: Private

Analysis: Capable of combat but physically lacking, though she meets the requirements to be part of the Federation army. She is a determined rookie. 

Recommended assignment: Radio girl

Current Assignment: Riflewoman



Born on Shoreridge III, Maxie is among the few of the community there that has signed up to federal service. After leading a relatively boring adolescence, Maxie decided to venture out to the world and see what the universe had to offer. She finished the training camp just as she came of age to enlist. Although federal service is definitely not the fun field trip she had imagined, she wouldn't have it any other way, anything beats boring old Shoreridge.



💋Loved 💘 Enamored 👭🏻 Close Friend  Friend 👱🏽‍♂️ Liked ✔️ Acquaintance 😡 Disliked 💀 Hated  🔪


Sydney Wyatt: I met Sydney in the hospital bay after my first deployment. My eye was injured and I was scared that I would lose my vision. I know the medics probably act like this with every injured person but she was so nice to me and reassured me that everything would be fine. It was just a nice feeling considering how cold and mean everyone on this ship is. I see her around from time to time but I guess she's busy a lot of the time, she said she got promoted recently and maybe that brings more work.

Ela Bal: I got hurt badly during my second mission and Ela was the only one who decided to help me. I don't know if I would be alive if it wasn't for her. So much for joining the Federation.. all I've done so far is get myself hurt. Doesn't matter how many bugs I've killed already, one small slip up can be life or death. I'm glad to have met Ela, she's really the only person around here I can call my friend, I don't know if she considers me the same. I told her about the scotch I found on Palmer One and she promised she wouldn't tell anyone, so I think I can trust her. She's very friendly to me and it seems like we both enjoy seeing each other around so that much I can appreciate unlike others on this ship who shall not be named.


Olufemi Kayode: Even though he didn't know me at all, Olu gave me a lot of advice and taught me some things, like always remembering to pack extra ammo. I've been trying to get closer to him and make friends, but he seems like the enigmatic type. I'd like to say I'm friends with him but I don't think we've reached that point yet. I hope it'll happen in the future, I'll keep trying.


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