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M. Voyna - Terran Beret, Murder Medic

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<<<....ACCESSING FILE....>>>


> USER: ********

> PASS: ************

<<<'WELCOME, USER!'>>>




Background Information:


<M. Voyna, 15/09/2301, Pictured Onboard UCF-Basilone After Skinny Internment>










NAME: Marceline Voyna

GENDER: Female

AGE: 30

POB: Shreveport, Terra
DOB: September 29 - 2271


HEIGHT: 5'11




BUILD: Mesomorph



 ENLISTED: September 31st - 2289 -- March 11th - 2298

PAYGRADE: E-4 -- E-2 -- E-6

OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALITY: Grenadier  --  Combat Medic - Grenadier


<07/24/2301 -- NJP issued following altercation between Spc. Voyna & Cpl. D’Amour over-simulated wound treatment leading to  engagement. Demotion issued and recovery time cut, transfer issued to 67th Medical Detachment.>

CONTRACT LENGTH: 2289-2991 -- 2298-2301 -- 2301-2303


<33rd Terran Rifles Regiment  -- 1st Battalion -- Bravo Company -- 1st Platoon 07/02/2290-31/12/2991>

<3rd Medical Brigade -- 21st Combat Support Center -- 29th Medical Detachment 14/06/2998--24/07/2301>

<7th Medical Brigade -- 24th Combat Support Center -- 67th Medical Detachment -- 16/08/2301--1/09/2301>

<58th ‘Corsairs’ Infantry Regiment -- Delta Company -- 1st Platoon -- 1/09/2301--??/??/??>


<Grenade Systems, Operation & Tactics Course -- Fort Cherenkov -- Completed 16/01/2290>

<Tactical Combat Casualty Care -- Camp Fujikawa Medical Center -- Completed 28/03/2998> 

<Squad Designated Marksman Course -- Fort Novosibirsk -- Completed 17/02/2301>

<Incidental Operation of the AF/PRC-312G Manpack Radio -- Fort Novosibirsk -- 12/01/2301>

<Machine Gunner Basic Course -- Fort Novosibirsk -- 17/04/2301>



- Charles Redstone, 50 [DECEASED]: Late father to M. Voyna, record of drug possession, declared deceased after Progenitor invasion of Terra.
- Audrey Redstone, 49 [ALIVE]: Mother to M. Voyna, successfully evacuated during Terran invasion.

- Artur Voyna, 28 [MISSING]: Spouse to M. Voyna. Uniformed Officer at Shreveport. Slated as missing after Progenitor invasion of Terra.


- 2292-2994 Studied at Cascadia college, graduated with associates in Criminology.


<‘Salesperson’ - Bothwell Tobacco Shop- Bothwell, 23rd Ave, Terra - 2292-2294>

<Uniformed Officer - Drug Enforcement Division, Shreveport, Terra, Corporal, 2294-2297>



<<<'WELCOME, USER!'>>>




“I’m only twenty nine, but compared to the troopers around me it feels like I’ve lived a lifetime.” -- Cpl. Voyna, 1st Counseling Session 


Respected | Trusted | Close Friend | Friend | Noticed | Neutral | Mixed | Disliked  = Alive |  = Deceased |  = Retired/Transferred

[Ask to be added]





DATE: 26/09/2301




<The PDA camera feed is adjusted by TSgt. Armistead as the video starts. Set to show himself and Cpl. Voyna clearly. Both parties sat opposite of each other in his office.>

TSgt. Levi Armistead: "So, this will all go on personal record. Hundred percent confidentiality, that whole agreement. Consider this a sensing session of sorts - a way to reveal and expose whatever emotions or thoughts you have about your subordinates, peers and superiors. Good deal?"

<Cpl. Voyna nods her head and focuses her attention on TSgt. Armistead>


Cpl. Marceline Voyna: "Deal. Figure I might as well start these. They'll make me whenever I get to dropping my pathfinder packet."

<Cpl. Voyna scrapes her chair against the floor as she pulls it forward to speak. Slouching into her chair afterwards. TSgt. Armistead nods his head and looks to the camera before taking his gaze back onto Cpl. Voyna>


TSgt. Armistead:  "First person on the list is Lieutenant Moira Stuart; What do you think of her?"

<Some lighter is removed from Cpl. Voyna's pockets. Its used to ignite a Newport hanging out of her mouth. A drag taken before the Cpl. speaks up.>

Cpl. Voyna: "Stuart.. They're... Alright. I wouldn't have picked a different choice to lead the Corsairs after Yhara. But I wish they held some higher standards for enn-cee-ohs, but its better than Yhara."

TSgt. Armistead: "Any kind of past confrontation or anything to make you question her leadership ability? I'm hearing a semblance of doubt here."


Cpl. Voyna: "We've had our disagreements over the action of Dawes. They hold a line farther than I'm willing to extend it."

TSgt. Armistead: "Does that bring into question their ability to make difficult decisions should the need arise?"

Cpl. Voyna: "No. I know they can make decisions. I disagree on what extent we go to for our survival, though."


TSgt. Armistead: "Anything else to add to Stuart?"

Cpl. Voyna: "Not really, Levi. They're an alright ell-tee."

TSgt. Armistead: "Fair enough-- Next we have... Sergeant Johnny Vilish."

<Cpl. Voyna shook her head as TSgt. Armistead mentions Sgt. Vilish. A drag is taken off Cpl. Voyna's cigarette and she straightens up against the chair.>

Cpl. Voyna: "
He's... Mixed. Not a bad, I don't think so. But I disagree with him as an enn-cee-oh and the things I hear off other troops>"

TSgt. Armistead: "So a good guy for the most part, just not the blend you prefer for a fellow leader? What things have you heard?"

Cpl. Voyna: "Had a complaint from this once Lance I'm looking over. Name's Sorel. Apparently they got into a mix up on a deployment and he acted like a child about it after it. Apparently, another Lance.. Different one, Cross. Had to grab the radio off him during a drop. Never got the exact circumstances, but shit like that? Never happen when things are all smooth."

TSgt. Armistead: "Maybe a bit out of touch with his own self-control then, a lack of personal awareness..."

Cpl. Voyna: "Yeah. Was deep in the bottle when we first met him. He's uh... Better now. Heard that's all around the story with him. Apparently he was a fuck up of a Lance, himself."

TSgt. Armistead: "Think it goes to show that we all grow with enough time and opportunity. Anything to add? Else we can move onto Sergeant Yelizaveta Volkova."

<Cpl. Voyna rests a hand on her neck and leans back further into her chair.>

Cpl. Voyna: "Nothing else about Vilish. Ugh. Fuckin
. I don't know how she ever clawed up to enn-cee-oh."

<Cpl. Voyna spoke with an aggravated tone. TSgt Armistead raises a flat palm of his head and gestured to the ground for Cpl. Voyna.>

TSgt. Armistead:  "I'm guessing that's because of her as a person and a non-comm?"


<Cpl. Voyna sighs out a heavy breath. A drag follows off the woman's cigarette before its rested at her pant leg.>

Cpl. Voyna: "They're fuckin annoying. Interrupting training, questioning me promoting troopers to eh-two? Acting like a snarky bitch to any trooper with a suggestion?"


TSgt. Armistead: "Have you looked deeper into it or as to why Volkova may be doing such things? General nuisance sort of deal or...?"

<Cpl. Voyna throws her shoulders in a shrugging motion to TSgt. Armistead. Another, repetitive toke off her cigarette following.>

Cpl. Voyna: "I haven't been up to talking to her yet. But shutting down troopers with suggestions? I don't care about the quality of them, I'm trying to find new leads and that's making my job harder. I could tolerate the attitude if she was good at her job, but she's not even a good non-comm."


TSgt. Armistead: "Anything additional?"

Cpl. Voyna: "Not really. I know some others got the same feelings."


TSgt. Armistead: "Alrighty. Next is Private Damon Somerhalder."

<Cpl. Voyna nods her head and took her hand off her neck. Slouching fully into the chair.>

Cpl. Voyna: "Oh,
Halder ? He's an alright one. Needs to act more professional off the field. Heard he was a Corp before he came here, no clue what happened there."


TSgt. Armistead: "Seems like you might not have much else to say about him."


Cpl. Voyna: "I surveyed him for leadership. He's not eliminated, but I've got others who are more appealing."

TSgt. Armistead: "So he's pretty much a good acquaintance at this point?"


Cpl. Voyna: "Eh, sure."

TSgt. Armistead: "More to say on 'im?"


Cpl. Voyna: "Nah. Pretty straight forward."


TSgt. Armistead: "Gotcha... How about Specialist Carter Sims?"

<The frown off Cpl. Voyna's face disappeared. Following a drag off her Newport Red, the cigarette was rested for her to speak.>

Cpl. Voyna: "
Sims ? No fucking idea about him. Not a bad medic, but he likes to run off. Figured I'd chat with him about it eventually."


TSgt. Armistead: "Got nothin' about him either?"

Cpl. Voyna: "Little more. He's got something wrong with him.. Not like those wannabe pathfinders. You know the type? But actually insane, pretty funny at least."

TSgt. Armistead: "So he's amusing at least."


Cpl. Voyna: "Funny, yeah. Who's next, Levi?"


TSgt. Armistead: "Staff Sergeant Avery Dawes."

<Cpl. Voyna rolls her eyes at the uttering of A. Dawes. A long silence hung over the office before the Corporal spoke up.> 


Cpl. Voyna: "I'm sure they mean the best for the corsairs. I can understand that, but using willie pete against humans? Against the twenty-ninth? People who we fought with before Allillon went separatist again?"

TSgt. Armistead: "Given what happened with the willie Pete situation, does that account for your overall opinion?"

<Cpl. Voyna shook her head. She spoke with a judgmental tone.>


Cpl. Voyna: "They drop lead, sure. But I haven't seen them actually hold standards to their Sergeants. Another thing on my laundry list to speak about."


TSgt. Armistead: "Anything else regarding Dawes?"

Cpl. Voyna: "Nope. Not really."


TSgt. Armistead: "Specialist Cameron Ryland then."

<Cpl. Voyna rested her cigarette as both her hands came together in her lap. A long sigh left the Corporal, another drag off her cigarette. Then she spoke.>

Cpl. Voyna: "Hell of a mouth. Lot of people said he ran it off too much. He had good intentions at least. Wish he was still here to shape things up."


TSgt. Armistead: "Nothin' else regarding him?"

Cpl. Voyna: "Solid engineer, solid person."

TSgt. Armistead: "Fair."

Cpl. Voyna: "Who's next?"


TSgt. Armistead: "Senior Specialist Sydney Wyatt."


<Cpl. Voyna shrugs, removing the cigarette from her mouth to speak.>

Cpl. Voyna: "Uh... Wyatt. Yeah. They seemed okay, I don't really know them."

TSgt. Armistead: "Guess we can leave it at that then?"


Cpl. Voyna: "Yeah sure."

TSgt. Armistead: "How about Private Draz Polo?"

Cpl. Voyna: "Polo ? He's fuckin odd one. Not a bad trooper... Just kind of strange. I sent up him to pee-eff-cee today still. Good enough example of what I expect on the field."

TSgt. Armistead: "A good example of a follower slash gunner, got it. What makes him strange?"


Cpl. Voyna: "Pretty big guy. Lots of energy that I don't see. Not a bad type of strange. Just odd, you know?"


TSgt. Armistead: "Fair enough. Ready for the last name?"


Cpl. Voyna: "Lets get it over with."


TSgt. Armistead: "Corporal Ainslie De Clare."


<Cpl. Voyna cracks a smirk at the mention of the name. Nodding her head, the orange hum of the cigarette illuminates her face. Revealing blue eyes and a set of skinny runes on her cheek.>


Cpl. Voyna: "Clare's a good fuckin enn-cee-oh. I knew her back when she was a Lance. Did well on that deployment where I was designated deployment lead. I've gotta teach her some things, but she's a good fit for the job."

TSgt. Armistead: "Might be the first smile I've seen you have since we started."


Cpl. Voyna: "They make my life a lot less stressful. Can't say the same for most the other non-comms."

TSgt. Armistead: "Do you know De Clare on a more personal level at all?"


Cpl. Voyna: "More business. I've mentored where its needed, but we mostly run into each other on the field."

<The PDA is grabbed ahold of by TSgt. Armistead. The camera awkwardly shifting off the duo and onto him solely as he looked through the device for anymore names.>

TSgt. Armistead: "I'm seeing that's all of the names then -- You have anything additional for anybody we've talked about?"

<Cpl. Voyna tilted her head, throwing out a shrug and speaking.>


Cpl. Voyna: "Nope. Not really."


TSgt. Armistead: "With that, we can call the session a close."

<The video feed is turnt off by TSgt. Armistead.>






DATE: 11/01/2301




<The PDA camera feed starts. The camera is set from some table and looks out onto 3Spc. Hart at some stale office chair. Sgt. Voyna sits in frame, seated on some old couch.>

3Spc. Hart: "I did have a once over of your previous sessions after you had it. There was a list of names. Do you have any different feelings towards these people?"


>Sgt. Voyna shrugs and rummages through her pockets. A black cigarette, Black Russian from Sobraine is pulled out of her pockets and lit. A drag is taken before the cigarette is put to her side.>


Sgt. Voyna: "Can't say a lot. Haven't seen a whole lot to really change my mind on the gunners round me, same old shit's same old.

3Spc. Hart: "Any that standout specifically? Lieutenant Stuart maybe?"


Sgt. Voyna: "Hm.. Stuart's still seems fine. Maybe a little out on their own, but they're trying. I can't say I'm surprised about some of the events for others.. Vilish's demotion, you know."


3Spc. Hart: "Has he done something unsatisfactory in your eyes? Since its unsurprising."


<Sgt. Voyna nods her head towards 3Spc. Hart and a pause is taken before she speaks. The cigarette returning to her mouth for another drag.>


Sgt. Voyna: "Just immature. Passing smirks at every woman he sees, throwing insults. Can't keep a level head."


3Spc. Hart: "And that somehow hinders his ability to lead?"


Sgt. Voyna: "Ability to set an example for the gunners he leads, yes."


3Spc. Hart: "I can understand that. We've had a high influx of recruits lately, young boys especially who don't quite know right from wrong."


Sgt. Voyna: "That's just how the infantry is, always will be mostly young adults and men."

<3Spc. Harts pauses and looks down at a notebook on a coffee table in the office. He jots down some notes before his gaze returns to Sgt. Voyna.>


3Spc. Hart: "What about your ability to lead?"


<Sgt. Voyna blows out a sigh and takes a more rigid posture on the couch. A break is taken, another long drag off her cigarette is taken and the woman tilts her head to blow the smoke away from 3Spc. Hart>

Sgt. Voyna: "Its alright. I sometimes think how people feel taking orders from me. You know.. Being about a.. Decade? Sometimes over that in age from the people I give orders to."

3Spc. Hart: "Perhaps it's more along the lines of.. Perhaps awe? We die young, even you are still young, Sergeant, no matter how many years older you are. I would imagine that, at least slightly, with age comes wisdom - and with that wisdom, comes a little bit of respect?"


Sgt. Voyna: "Some respect. Can't say I've had any problems with respect in the Corsairs since I was a Lance. That was err.. A month ago? Two. Nothing sense then. Its just something in the back of my head. I hate getting 'old in a profession where young die', makes me sound like something I'm not. Just wonder how it feels for them, taking orders from someone they can't relate a whole too."


3Spc. Hart: "Maybe you inspire them, give them a reason to keep going."

Sgt. Voyna: "Maybe. We can hope for the best."


>3Spc. Hart takes out another PDA from his pockets and goes through the device for some time. In the meanwhile Sgt. Voyna discards her cigarette into an ashtray by 3Spc. Hart's notes.>


3Spc. Hart: "How about Specialist Sims? Anything new about him?"

Sgt. Voyna: "Sims? Can't say much about him. I really wish he showed some of the other medics around in training."

3Spc. Hart: "Sometimes in the field things can become hectic. If you ask, I'm sure he'd make a point though?"

Sgt. Voyna: "I'll see about asking him. Already got to talk to higher ups in medical about organizing training."


<Spc. Hart nods to Sgt. Voyna as he takes a dip back down to look at his PDA.>

3Spc. Hart: "There are some newer faces as far as Non-Comms go.. A female."

<3Spc. Hart takes a long pause between his words. His eyes glance down to his PDA before they turn back to Sgt. Voyna.>


3Spc. Hart: "Abiodun. Do you think she's doing alright?"


Sgt. Voyna: "They're doing good, I was the one who promoted them up to Lance. I'm trying to teach them leadership.. They don't quite seem to have the confidence yet, but that'll come with time."

3Spc. Hart: "Mhm. It's a lot to take in, being thrust into a position where you're in charge of keeping people alive and making sure the mission doesn't fail. So, it's good that she's doing fine. And things are going fine for you, since you're a Sergeant now."

Sgt. Voyna: "I remember being worried when I first took up Lance at... Fuck what was I? Nineteen. Its stressful, but its an experience that molds them to be a better person and to succeed outside the infantry."

3Spc. Hart: "And now you're no longer worried?"


Sgt. Voyna: "Not really. I've learnt a couple things over these years. Shit happens. I can only control myself and put my faith into those beneath me. When a fuck up happens, I figure out what went wrong, deal with it, move on."


3Spc. Hart: "I saw Hernandez today, I remember him when he was just a Private. Is he living up to your expectations?"


<Sgt. Voyna nods to 3Spc. Hart. A faint smile forms at the edge of their lips.>

Sgt. Voyna: "Hernandez? I'm proud of him. I've taught him and he's learnt. I won't use the expression that he's like a son, more like a student. I trust him to hold his own, I'm proud of him, really."


3Spc. Hart: "Nothing wrong with feeling pride when someone you've helped to - quote, unquote - raise starts to become the person you hoped they'd be. Its good to know that, should you finally retire, you're leaving us in good hands."


Sgt. Voyna: "Retirement, eh? Seems like a long ways away for myself. I've still got to put work into this unit, seem it really succeed. Once I'm confident with the fifty-eighth? I don't know.. Maybe I'll drop a pathfinder packet, maybe I go on an instructional rotation."


3Spc. Hart: "No interest in settling down?"


Sgt. Voyna: "Not really, I tried settling down before. It just doesn't really seem for me."


3Spc. Hart:  "Any update on Polo?"


Sgt. Voyna: "He's an alright one. I'm not sure I'd consider him for any leadership positions, seems like he's still getting the ropes around. But I haven't seen any issues with him either."


3Spc. Hart: "No news is good enough news, essentially?"


Sgt. Voyna: "Sorta. Once they get some more experience I'll trial him on a team lead position."


3Spc. Hart: "Any other First Classes you'd like to talk about? What else is there.. Somerhalder, I remember seeing him today as well."


Sgt. Voyna:  "Somerhalder's an odd one. Armistead asked me about him in my first log, he's not... Bad. Said he was off on medical leave, but I just haven't seen a lot of him."


3Spc. Hart: "Perhaps that's a good thing, staying under the radar. Go about your business quietly instead of being brash about it, don't leave any negative taste in anyones mouth."


Sgt. Voyna: "Quiet isn't always bad, no. Christ knows I was hearing enough about him before he went on medical leave. Scuffs, disrespect with Volkova before they also transferred out."


3Spc. Hart: "Sometimes disagreement happens, people butt heads. But, people also change and grow, learn the errors of their ways."


Sgt. Voyna: "Sometimes. If he's matured I'll give him another shot at leading."


3Spc. Hart: "Everyone deserves a second chance. You seem to have an interest in the medical detachment and training. Are there any other medics you have an opinion about? I haven't quite met all of them yet myself."

Sgt. Voyna: "Course I have an interest. Four years before I decided to come to the infantrymen again. Armistead seems alright. Vond's an odd one, not bad.. Just weird."


3Spc. Hart: "I'm curious about her lollipops."

<3Spc. Hart fidgets with his pen for some time while Sgt. Voyna rummages through her pockets for another cigarette.>


3Spc. Hart: "Hmm.. Specialist Phillips, just to think of a name. What do you think of him?"


Sgt. Voyna: "Him? He helped me get back up on my feet when I got shot. Him and err.. Specialist Logan/ Seem interested in sparring but honestly I've got larger problems to solve before I take up a spar."


3Spc. Hart: "He is a big guy, you think you could take him?"


Sgt. Voyna: "Have to find out. Maybe maybe not. Not like I lose a whole lot out of a spar."


3Spc. Hart: "Mhm. Well is there anything else you'd like to say or go back to discuss further?"


Sgt. Voyna: "Not that I can think of. Anymore or is that all?"


3Spc. Hart: "That's up to you. Do you have any questions for me?"


Sgt. Voyna: "Not really. This time next week for a follow up session?"


3Spc. Hart: "Unless you would prefer to talk to Armistead."


<3Spc. Hart gets up and with a smile turns off the PDA camera.>




<<<'WELCOME, USER!'>>>




[To Be Added]



Challenge Coin -- A token among the Mobile Infantry, labeled to belong from the 24th PFG. Earned during deployment on the planet of Nevo in Op. Clean Sweep. Labeled as belonging specifically to SSgt. Jung-Ho.

Polaroid Photo -- A photo that shows off an Allillion sunset off a cliff. Troopers in the middle of the photo  look towards the camera with patches that say 29th Rifles on them. Oddly enough, neither of them look to be Voyna, both troopers have patches saying ‘C. Shepard’ and ‘M. Huckney’ on them. 

Playing Card -- Two of Hearts. Former calling card of a PDF sergeant and friend that the woman has chosen to preserve. Worn on deployments in a band around her M3 helmet. 

Cigarettes -- Two boxes of them in fact, one identified as a pack of Newport Reds. Cheap and common on the UCF Basilone, alongside a fancier box, labelled SobranieBlack Russians.

Lighter -- A common handheld lighter like many seen among the infantry. Worn and scratched up metal case has ‘SPD’ archaically scratched into the frame. Seen many fields and ignited many cigarettes, held onto fondly.

Pen Knife -- What’s this? A pen-- Oh no! It's a knife. Small bladed instrument that passes by as any average utensil used by the MI. Held in her fatigues for a truly desperate situation. Hopefully will never see use.

Peacemaker -- A gun! One looted from a corpse on 29/08/2301 during an operation to a ghost ship above Hydella. Looks fairly generic, kept in a far better condition than the average abused M.I Peacemaker. Dependable sidearm, personal, has not seen much use.



<<<'WELCOME, USER!'>>>







16/08/2301: Voyna successfully arrives to the UCF-Basilone during Iskandar RnR



18/08/2301: First deployment under shipside medical detachment on the planet of Allillon. Sent to ICU after deployment for major trauma to right arm.

19/08/2301: Deployment to Allillon in further anti-seperatist operation. Squad temporarily captured by seperatist elements of PDF, all but Sterling freed the same day.



21/08/2301: Continuing deployment to Allillon, Corsairs sent to rescue LCpl. Sterling from Seperatist internment. Mission overall successful with high casualty rate.



22/08/2301: Corsairs deployed to Barbarossa, engaging a tier five bug force and successfully rescuing intel personnel. High casualty rate sustained, Voyna checked into ICU post deployment.



22/08/2301: Deployment to Allillon for a hunt of remaining bugs in conjunction with 29th Rifles PDF forces.



23/08/2301: Sent back to Barbarossa, garrisoning combat outpost Tango-134, engaging with tier five bug forces to buy time for Intel personnel on the planet.



24/08/2301: Corsairs deployed to Allillon, cooperating with PDF elements from 29th Rifles to hunt down bandits stalking rural areas.



25/08/2301: Deployment to Palmer 17 to investigate a silent evacuation center. Arachnid forces engaged, heavy psychic interference reported, skinnie spear found at lake in A.O. 



26/08/2301: Corsairs deployed to Checkpoint Charlie in Holbrook, Allillon to provide security. 



27/08/2301: Deployment to Holbrook, Allillon to provide security for peace talks between Allillon representatives and Federation. Further cooperation with 29th Rifles. Voyna checked into ICU following massive hemorrhage in legs and several rib fractures sustained from bombing.



29/08/2301: Basilone sends Corsairs as a V.B.S.S team to a ghost ship above the planet Hydella. Possible control-bugs engaged, shapeshifter species(?). Ghost ship detonated and defensive was set up on Basilone after the shapeshifter made it onboard. 



30/08/2301: Deployment to Allillon to track down H.V.T believed to be involved in the bombing of the Allillon peace talks. Local civilians murdered during raid, one lead gained, HVT missed.



31/08/2301: Deployment to Hydella to investigate downed aircraft and take out AA/AAA systems. General evacuation aircraft shot down, LCpl. Richards taken capture, negotiations and surrender of 58th forces to separatist movement. Following evacuation from Hydella by reinforcing M.I forces, Voyna took an extension on their contract and transferred to Grenadier directly under the 58th. Brought into 1st Platoon, Delta Company of Corsairs as a PFC.



01/09/2301: Corsairs deployed to Ceinope in Galiante to track down arms dealer believed to be involved in selling weapons to Allillon seperatist movement. Voyna was placed as squad-lead for Alpha, mission considered successful with Cpl. Sterling & Spc. Ryland from Alpha confirming kill on H.V.T.



01/09/2301: Sent as part of the Corsair deployed under Cpl. Sterling to seperatist(?) lines on Hydella. Scouted valley, engaged two FOBs destroying objective comms-jammer and AA sites. Voyna used captured M55 to take out several vehicles consisting of captured Federal APCs/IFV/Tank.



01/09/2301: Voyna promoted from PFC. to LCpl. following successful operation on Hydella.



02/09/2301: Deployment to Palmer One to investigate human colony, refugees and arachnid presence on the planet. Several arachnid holes closed, crazed refugees engaged by Corsairs and the colony's immediate safety ensured.



03/09/2301: Corsairs deployed on [CORRUPTED] to evacuate settlers from the colony from a large arachnid force. Evacuation successful, further objective pursued to rescue crashed Major belonging to intel. Success, colony abandoned.



04/09/2301: Operation Broken Peace: 3rd Corps deployed to Allillon following total lost of contact with the planet. Corsairs deployed to capture weapon caches and storage facilities in Beardon. Mission successful. Voyna reported to INSEC following danger close white phosphorus fire mission.


04/09/2301: Deployment to Hydella to capture defecting separatists assets. Mission successful. 



05/09/2301: Deployment to bug AQZ as squad lead in mission to resupply FOB. FOB resupplied, later destroyed. 



05/09/2301: Deployment to Allillon as impromptu RTO for unit on mission to rescue POW from the 29th infantry Regiment. Engaged 29th and pulled out to a nearby mountain range. Evacuated after 10 hours stuck on planet. 



06/09/2301: Continuous deployment to Allillon, infiltration of Asheville. Objective completed to bring back evidence of PDF activity.



010/09/2301: Dismissed from medical after injuries sustained in the Allillon campaign. Beginning of Op: Clean Sweep and first deployment to Nevo.



11/09/2301: Team lead for ‘Alpha’ squad in point-op between 58th and 24th PFO in mission to capture Skinny Chieftain. Chieftain killed instead, GOLF PF team wiped out, 2 KIA from Alpha.



12/09/2301: Captured alongside the rest of the Corsairs on Nevo during assault, 'blooded' during capture by Skinnys.



14/09/2301: Promoted to Corporal after 1st platoon’s escape from skinny combat arena.


16/09/2301: Deployment to Allillon as a team leader in mission to act as faux convey to protect movement of First Minster Travers.



16/09/2301: 58th used in interdiction of ghost ship with a metabug presence. Two of five man team KIA by end of operation, data recovered(?). 



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De Clare?


On 9/21/2021 at 1:00 AM, sarduker said:

Better add Polo dangit, as well still waitin' for my pretty eyebrows bro..


On 9/18/2021 at 2:57 AM, Sgt.Slaughter said:




On 9/17/2021 at 11:55 PM, Nyx said:

do it.



On 9/17/2021 at 11:44 PM, rose colored ryan said:

be cool and do dawes



On 9/17/2021 at 10:28 PM, Dan said:

Add that pompous wallaby like you know you should've




On 9/17/2021 at 10:01 PM, Dark said:

I want to see Damon Somerhalder here


On 9/17/2021 at 8:26 PM, Merkalinth said:

literally where is VOLKOVA WHERE


On 9/17/2021 at 8:16 PM, Sonsick said:




On 9/17/2021 at 6:08 PM, Kris said:

I'm cool so add.



On 9/18/2021 at 5:25 AM, TheDoc said:

add phillips

Will do next session.


Relationships done with the help of @Reverend. Because he's kewl.

Please, for anyone else who wants to be added? Do [first name], [last name], [rank]


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On 10/10/2021 at 8:35 PM, KermitTheDespoiler said:

Add Bosede Abiodun.

Added, just need to update sheet 


On 10/10/2021 at 7:31 PM, sarduker said:

got any updates for polo?



On 9/27/2021 at 7:24 AM, Godot said:

Add Jack Hernandez



thanks prim for playing a psychologist 

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