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Fennec's Returning character: Nadia Anzhelika

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OOC Name: Stupid Void Fennec

IC Name: Nadia Anzhelika

What Iteration was this character in? (What unit): Last one i believe Pieper's Princes? (correct me if im wrong cause i honestly dont remember)

Rank they held: Lcpl

Division: Mobile infantry (Flamethrower unit)

AT LEAST a paragraph of why they would ICly be transferred from their previous unit to this one:


She like everyone else that was part of the princes mostly got transferred to here. She was one of the few trust worthy flame troopers present in the 112th. And she did have another tour on her end, not like there was anything back home for her on earth. Place was kinda a shithole. And she much preferred the ship life. Even if she could stomp some more bugs on the way to her retirement. Or death, either or was pretty ideal, either she retired from the mobile infantry or she fuckin ate shit going out in a blaze of glory with her favourite weapon, a flamethrower. Or well in this case, a morita mark 1 with flamethrower attachment. Or in any case something she was issued. She needed to burn bugs after all.


Footnotes: Over all I'd like to continue the character development from the last iteration of this character she had some shit going for her, stabbed in the face to get rid of a CB, nearly eat shit on a last stand situation.. The list goes on and in the end i think we could use more flamethrower users. (I have a mild obsession with fire totally)

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