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Vika Logan

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As it's written, none of this should be taken IC



Full Name: Vika Logan

Pronunciation of their name: Vick-uh



Personal Information

Sex: Female

Age(and how old they look): 24

Orientation/Sexual preference: Straight



Height: 5'9"

Weight: 155 pounds

Age: 24

Eye color(s): Blue

Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): A tall build, short torso but long legs - moderately mesomorphic.


Hair color(s): Black

Hair length: Shoulder

Hair style: Messy, bangs are generally in her eyes

Scars: Length of her left bicep, raised and a deeper shade than the color of her skin.


Birthmarks(and what they are/were): One quarter-sized patch that has lightened over time, near her belly button.

Tattoos(what they are and where): None.

Piercings(what they are and where): Ears, however she wears no jewelry.


Current Health

She is physically healthy. Though too much time in small hallways with too many people are starting to wear on her.


Mental state: Sane.

Personality snapshot: An abrasive personality for those who don't know her. Though despite that, she does care about the wounded and treats them accordingly. Despises melodrama and impulsiveness. Would describe herself as honest, friendly to a point.



Current faith(religion): “I don't know, I don't care, and it doesn't make any difference.” ― Jack Kerouac

Alignment(good, evil, etc.): WIP




Acquaintance - Friend - Best Friend - Trusted/Admired - Neutral - Disliked - Hated


Corsairs: She doesn't know enough words to properly state her feelings towards these people.

Medical Detachment: The detachment, as far as she's been witnessing, is a bit of a mess. She's seen the supposed Master Spec once in the near month she's been on the Basilone, and some of the treatments she's read in the reports log or heard about has her at the very least, raising her eyebrows.




Johnny Vilish One of the first few faces Vika met once she'd gotten transferred to the Corsairs. They've had a few conversations since then, and she finds him pleasant to talk to - and joke around with. Sergeant. Conversations have been nice. He fed her, so that's a plus.  Other than Levi, Vilish is the only person Vika feels she can trust.


Sydney Wyatt - Not much to say about Wyatt yet. They've only talked a bit, though Vika is open to more chats if Wyatt is open to it. Vika imagines that she's still mourning the loss of her friends, so they haven't talked much. But the other woman is apparently a prankster, so she's going to have to keep her eyes open around her.


Levi Armistead - The reason Vika is a Corsair now, and currently the only person she really knows on ship. She knows he'll look out for her to the best of his abilities, and she will return the favor tenfold. Unsure if he is reason enough to stay.


June O'Riley - Not enough of a conversation to really have an opinion one way or the other. We'll see. Fine enough.


Draz Polo - A gentle giant, always helpful and eager to please. They've talked a few times and Vika finds they may be on their way to friendship. She sees Polo too often in the medical bay. Though she's not against seeing him, she wishes it were in better circumstances. There aren't many people she's met in the last couple of weeks that she enjoys the company of, but Polo is one. She'll be keeping her eye on him.


Carter Sims - He's growing on her. There's something about him she can't put her finger on yet, somewhere underneath the sadness that pretty much radiates off of him these days. She's determined to figure it out, though.


Harald Eriksson - Doesn't know him. Not enough to have an opinion one way or the other, but if he lights a cigar in the bay again and refuses to put it out, he definitely won't like her. RIP.


Raven Rez - Again, only a few chance meetings. Vika is not petty, and will not hold anything that happened thus far against her, as they were only minor things.


Emilio Ramirez - Despite everyone thinking he's an annoyance, he's an easy person to talk to and poke fun at, because he gives back what he takes. She enjoys their banter. She's not as confused as everyone else when he refuses his promotion. If he can do what everyone else can, without the responsibility well, a lot of people can learn from that.






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6 hours ago, Sgt.Slaughter said:

Wyatt Wyatt Wyatt Wyatt 


1 hour ago, Sonsick said:

Jony village - from your best pal, kendorka, stinktorka, kuntora. 


Yes. As well as @Reverend and a few bits and pieces. I'm staying on top of this one, none of that rushing after she's dead BS like last time.

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17 hours ago, Detective Brawl said:

emilio ramirez


14 hours ago, sarduker said:

Any small updates for the knuckle head polo? If not dont mind meh



Done and done, with additional additions that have been added.

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On 10/15/2021 at 4:31 AM, Detective Brawl said:

how does the bitch see herself


The bitch sees herself as skilled (even if it doesn't reflect OOCly and I use a lot of google), and confident. She knows she can be a hardass, but (at least as I had originally intended her to be before the Corsairs stole her happiness) she's overly friendly and in-your-face. She's not afraid to speak her mind but currently feels she's still too new and doesn't know anybody well enough (besides Levi, and perhaps Vilish) to really say what she wants.

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