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Valerie De Groot - Rock Hopper Grease Monkey

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Valerie De Groot



[User:~$] vdg
[Welcome to NET OS 11.04.1]







[vdg@pda:~$] record-lookup -cn "Valerie De Groot"




[NAME] Valerie De Groot
[Rank] Chief Warrant Officer, Detachment Commanding Officer

[Unit] Combat Engineering Detachment, 1st Pl "Yotes" "Saints" "Tunas" "Wardogs" "Sailors", D Co, 58th "Corsairs" Bn, 2nd Bde, 12th "Mongrels" ID Medical Leave, pending new unit assignment
[Qualifications] UET, AET, BMECH, BFS, BRKT, ASYS



-Mobile Infantry Cross

-Valorous Unit Medal

-Mobile Infantry Silver Star

-Mobile Infantry Bronze Star

-Distinguished Service Commendation

-Purple heart with silver oak leaf cluster and three bronze oak leaf clusters

-Engineering Accomplishment Commendation with three bronze oak leaf clusters

-Mobile Infantry Reconnaissance Commendation

-Emergency First Aid Commendation



[GENDER] Female
[AGE] 20

[LENGTH] 1.78 meters
[WEIGHT] 75 kilograms
[SKIN TONE] Normal






-Right arm, from the elbow down: T3 biotech

-Left arm, from the elbow down: T3 biotech


-Various minor shrapnel scars and cuts, whole body




[DATE OF BIRTH] 2281-04-08T00:00:00Z

[PLACE OF BIRTH] Epsilon Prime

[DOMICILE] MSV Demetrios

[KNOWN LANGUAGES] English, Spacer Creole
[RELIGION] Ietsism





[STATUS] Alive
[BLOOD GROUP] AB Rhesus D Negative







Lower right arm lost from mortar explosion during the defense of Asheville (Allillon), along with shrapnel wounds from metal fragments and wood splinters. Stabilized on the field before MEDEVAC. Shrapnel was removed without any complications or lasting damage. T1 biotech and neural chip placed.



Part of the lower left arm lost due to a kamikaze hopper while fighting on Cresporea IV. Explosion also caused spinal damage resulting in leg paralysis. This on top of an earlier sprained ankle and through-and-through wound from mites. Stabilized on the field before MEDEVAC. Injuries treated in the tank. Physical therapy sessions assigned. T2 biotech placed.



Open fracture of the right shin resulting from being crushed by a hopper bug on Hesperion IV. Wound stabilized and fracture splinted on the field. Initial MEDEVAC delayed, but eventually successfully completed. Bone re-aligned through surgery and temporary leg brace place for stability. Light duty assigned.



GSW, through-and-through on right shoulder from MG fire. GSW, through-and-through on left shoulder from MG fire. Wounds sustained during deployment on Shoreridge III and stabilized in the field. Surgically treated after EVAC. Light duty assigned.



Broken jaw from assault by friendly trooper during campaign on Allillon. MEDEVAC off the field for autodoc surgery. Returned to operation with supply drop.



Both knees broken as result of being picked up and dropped by a hopper bug during drop on Albedo I. Spinal damage and full loss of lower left arm after EVAC VTOL was taken down and crashed by hopper bug. Autodoc surgery performed to repair knees and spine. Autodoc surgery performed to prepare new BT attachment at the left elbow. Physical therapy sessions assigned.



Lower left leg crushed inside IFV turret due to vehicle frontal rollover on Albedo I. Engineers used E-WLC laser cutters to free the leg and provided transport via another IFV to EVAC. Stabilization via splint and fluid administration. Initial injury treatment performed in the tank. Further treatment via (autodoc) surgery and the tank. Physical therapy sessions assigned. Recovery with partial impairment expected.



Complex elbow fracture from being thrown freefall down 2 decks aboard the ship. Biotech sustained dents and warping. BT port suffered damage and required replacement. Warping of BT caused problems removing it, but got removed without further damage. BT port replaced and fracture repaired via autodoc. BT was repaired and re-attached.



Biotechs upgraded to T3 as per authorization from Cpt. Harker-Marlow.



Upper arm fracture during operations. Fracture was splinted on the field and further treated after EVAC.



Minor buckshot injury to the upper arm sustained during breaching of a building on Marcelia. Wound was treated after EVAC with no expected lasting damage.



Leg was impaled by the talon of a hopper during a drop on Moloch, just missing the femoral artery. Wound was stabilized on the field before MEDEVAC. The talon was surgically removed aboard the Basilone via autodoc. Light duty assigned.



Suffered from a tear in her left Achilles tendon after a sparring match. Steroids were prescribed and autodoc surgery scheduled deal with remaining malformations and scar tissue on her lower left leg.



Suffered multiple minor talon injures as well as extensive first and second degree burns while clearing out a bug hive. Wounds were packed on the field before GENEVAC, and further treated aboard the Basilone. Light duty assigned.




[vdg@pda:~$] contacts --list-all --include-archive
[LOADING contacts]


[Armistead, Levi]

He saved your life twice in one go when you lost your second arm. First by treating you, and again by eating an explosion for you. You still owe him two for that.


You chatted with him a few times. You did not always agree - he was a Corsair, those just aren't your people. Now he claims to be better, and tells you what is right and what is not. You jumped into the rabbit hole with him. He helped you through a rough patch. But that's just his thing. You've come to dislike that about him, you want him to care for himself too.


You envied how medical had a good XO like that, back when you just joined engineering. And now that it is your show, you have no idea how he did it. Maybe you should ask him.


[Asuka, Mayumi]

The new Staff Sergeant, having to fill Avery's shoes. She certainly can run a drop well enough for that, and you respect her for that. Still, those are bigger shoes to fill, and she isn't the type of person that Dawes was.


She is a real Corsairs though, it has you weary of her - Corsairs have rarely done you any good. Still, you are giving her a chance, just in case she can prove you wrong.


[Garret, Holly]

You looked up to her when you first joined engineering, thought of her as awesome. Now you got her spot as XO... At least she is a Warrant Officer and you don't really outrank her.


She and you are the only 2 engineers left from when you joined. You've both lost too many people in that time, maybe her more than you. Still, there is a friendship to be found in that misery. The fact she could pass for a Spacer is just the cherry on the cake.


[Hernandez, Jack]

He's been here twice as long as you are, but still, you were there at the bottom of the ranks together. Mobile Infantry for him, Engineers for you. Now he is the XO, and you are the XO. Again, Mobile Infantry for him, Engineers for you.


He used to be the guy that had your back. The one you talked to when you needed to vent, or be told the things you didn't want to hear. He still is that guy, except you haven't talked to him for a while. Is there a reason for that? Maybe there was, some long time ago, or you were just busy. You should catch up with him sometime. It seems he's your one friend that'll be outlasting all the others - better not to lose that one.


He loved you at one point, told you so even. Except you didn't love him yet. Things were awkward for a while, but you believe you both have moved on from that a long time ago already.


[Rez, Raven]

She came in to replace Maya and you had no doubt she could do that. You both were going for the same promotion, but you hoped she would get it - you are green and she has been an engineer forever, it would only be right.


You talked with her a bit and it was fun. At least if she stopped flirting with Holly for 10 seconds.

Then she transferred out all of the sudden, you never learned why. But she's back now, and one of your engineers. You should talk to her again, familiar faces are getting too much of a rare thing.


[Reinmann, Berndt]

He was the buddy that helped you rock on a drop - no, rocked the drop. Covered you against the bugs, threw grenades into their holes while you prepped your bricks. You only went down the one moment he wasn't looking - so he patched you up. He got a Bronze star after that. It wasn't yours, but you would have gotten him one otherwise.


You had hoped to see more of him, get to know this mysterious medic who could fight like a wasp, rock a few more drops. Then you found out he became a spook. It hurt, you felt betrayed somehow. He didn't even take the punch.


Now he's sorry, but that doesn't change what happened. It just makes you feel even worse because you are still mad at him.


['Sevens', CHAS#774]

You thought that you were friends. You knew that you were good battle buddies. But he doesn't remember any of that. It hurt badly when you found that out, although you tried not to show it too much. He thinks all will be fine again, but you disagree. Maybe for him, but not for you. Whatever you two used to have, it is lost forever and it won't be coming back like it was.


All you can do is try to rebuild something else in its place. Maybe it will be better, maybe it will forever feel like a Frankenstein monster to you.


What must you do to stop losing friends left, right and center?


[Wyatt, Sydney]

You haven't spoken much with her, but she has treated you a few times. You are thankful for that.


She lost an arm at some point. You did your best to talk her through it. Nobody did that for you when you were where she was. You hope it helped. She was getting a Tier 3 though, and you were (maybe a bit) jealous of that. Maybe you shouldn't have been, and instead just had more patience, as you have two tier 3's now.




[Aspira, Cal] ARCHIVED

She's one of your kids now. You imagine that given time she'll be a good one, too. Maybe as good as you, or better even, hard to tell this early on. The only problem is you don't have time. So up she goes, trial by fire. You feel bad for that, you wish you could go easier on them, but you have got to make do - that is a combat engineer's life.


You wish they do well - hope so as well, want it too, need it even. She's one of yours, and it will be over your dead body that anything happens to them. If only you could always be around, you wouldn't worry so.


She was ten times the person you were. Would have made twice the engineer as well given some time. Was and would have because you couldn't stop a warrior from getting to them. She is the first one of yours that you lost - the one you will never forget. She deserves to be remembered, at least, but you wish it had been someone else to get that honor if it meant Cal was still alive.


[Dawes, Avery] ARCHIVED

You liked him as a drop lead. He was the best, thinking on his feet, leading from the front, getting shot done. Managing a platoon while still being the only one to also manage to cover your ass. That is if you weren't trying to keep up with him instead.


When you were thinking of quitting engineer, he made you find your love for it again on Allillon. You weren't simply blowing things up there, you were saving people - his and your people. Things did not go perfectly, but it was a big win that could have cost ten times more.


People may not have realized that last bit though, maybe that is why someone tried to shoot him when it was all over and done with? You do not know, and you will never know - the fact is you did not hesitate to pull the trigger on his assailant. Might have saved his life, and you would do it again, it was one of the better things you ever did. The only regret is you weren't there 5 seconds sooner.


But you failed him in the end. You didn't pay attention and someone else got him. An accident, apparently. You still wonder how over-penetration with an overcharged E-44 is an accident. It was a mess down there though. You weren't even sure if it was real at first. That realization only came when you all got out, and he died under Albedo's sky. Why did you never get to know him better?


[Cleft, Calvin] ARCHIVED

Your Beratna. Your first friend. Spacalowda look out for each other. Speaking Creole with him reminded you of home. You were also glad to have someone else around that wasn't raised in a gravity well. He needed a translator to Federal English though, but you found that fun and didn't mind.


You both got injured badly on the same drop. He lost an eye, you lost an arm. Spend some time next to each other in the tank. Neither of you liked it. You were glad to have someone to sign to, it made you feel less alone. It had you wondering how all the wellowda live without knowing hand signals.


The bugs got him not long after that, unfortunately. Kamikaze hoppers, of course, the bane of your existence. You miss him badly. It's been months and nobody ever replaced him. Fo go wit wisdom's ways, beratna.


[Lerron, Maya] ARCHIVED

You could have been friends. You thought her to be a good engineer too. Unfortunately you never got further than that. Did you jinx her luck? Maybe you should not have called vehicles 'metal coffins on wheels'. Either way she proved you right. She'd have hated to know she proved your point. You didn't touch a vehicle for 2 months after that.


She was the first person you know who died. It hit you harder than you liked to admit.


[Lechner, Quinten] ARCHIVED

You hit it off on the wrong foot with him, and all went downhill from there. Very far downhill. He went too far in the end, though. You gave him a chance to stop, yet he did not.


You do not regret pulling the trigger - it was the right thing to do. And a mercy for him - nobody got to make a show out of hanging him.


You still have the gun, it has your name engraved on it now. A thank you from the lieutenant you saved. Is it the right thing to keep it? You don't know, yet you keep it.


[Polo, Draz] ARCHIVED

You mistook him for a stupid giant at first, such a cliche. You feel stupid about that now. You know now that gentle is the best word to describe him, as much as his size would want you to think otherwise.


He helped you once, on a drop, carrying you around while you had an open leg fracture and no MEDEVAC. He pushed himself so far doing that he ended up on the MEDEVAC with you. You commended him for it, and he got some small time award. His first award, for helping you. He was happy with it. You promised each other a dance.


He is a Hero of the Federation now. You are positively jealous of that - jealous because you will never be half the person he was. He died for it though, and you'd rather have had him alive than a Hero. He'd still be a Hero in your books without the medal. You know you had the cards to save him, but you played them in the wrong way. In hindsight that is easy, but still you want to do better the next. People like Polo deserve for you to do better, except he won't get a next time.


And you still owe him a dance.






[vdg@pda:~$] cat ./bucketlist
[LOADING bucketlist]



-Shoot 10 HEDP's on a drop

-Shoot 8 HEDP's in a single salvo

-Shoot a 2 3 8 TON's on a drop

-Shoot 3 TON's in a single salvo

-Shoot a TON danger close (270m)

-Set off a DOTON (besides shooting 3 TON's)

-Set off at least 10 PE bricks on one drop

-Drive a vehicle tank Ajax a drop

-Shoot injure cripple a (juvenile) Royal

-Touch stand on a Q-Bomb

-Kamikaze drone a kamikaze hopper

-Kamikaze drone a bug hive

-Fly a Marauder drone on a drop

-Fly a Mantis drone on a drop

-Get Senior Master Specialist Technical Sergeant Warrant Officer



-Shoot 10 TON's on a drop

-Set off multiple DOTON's on a drop

-Kill a Royal

-PE brick a tanker

-Kamikaze drone a tanker or plasma bug


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