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Valerie De Groot - Rock Hopper Grease Monkey

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Valerie De Groot



[User:~$] vdg
[Welcome to NET OS 11.04.1]







[vdg@pda:~$] record-lookup -cn "Valerie De Groot"




[NAME] Valerie De Groot
[Rank] Technical Sergeant

[Unit] Combat Engineering Detachment, 1st Pl, D Co, 58th "Corsairs" Bn, 2nd Bde, 12th "Mongrels" ID
[Qualifications] UET, BMUN, BSYS, BMECH, BFS, BRKT, ASYS



-Valorous Unit Medal

-Purple heart with silver oak leaf cluster and bronze oak leaf cluster

-Engineering Accomplishment Commendation with bronze oak leaf cluster

-Mobile Infantry Reconnaissance Commendation

-Emergency First Aid Commendation



[GENDER] Female
[AGE] 21

[LENGTH] 1.78 meters
[WEIGHT] 62 kilograms
[SKIN TONE] Normal






-Right arm, from the elbow down: T3 biotech

-Left arm, from the elbow down: T3 biotech


-Various minor shrapnel scars and cuts, whole body

-Surgical scar, rear base of the skull

-Resection and graft scars, lower left leg




[DATE OF BIRTH] 2280-04-08T00:00:00Z

[PLACE OF BIRTH] Epsilon Prime

[DOMICILE] MSV Demetrios

[KNOWN LANGUAGES] English, Spacer Creole
[RELIGION] Ietsism





[STATUS] Alive
[BLOOD GROUP] AB Rhesus D Negative







Lower right arm lost from mortar explosion during the defense of Asheville (Allillon), along with shrapnel wounds from metal fragments and wood splinters. Stabilized on the field before MEDEVAC. Shrapnel was removed without any complications or lasting damage. T1 biotech and neural chip placed.



Part of the lower left arm lost due to a kamikaze hopper while fighting on Cresporea IV. Explosion also caused spinal damage resulting in leg paralysis. This on top of an earlier sprained ankle and through-and-through wound from mites. Stabilized on the field before MEDEVAC. Injuries treated in the tank. Physical therapy sessions assigned. T2 biotech placed.



Open fracture of the right shin resulting from being crushed by a hopper bug on Hesperion IV. Wound stabilized and fracture splinted on the field. Initial MEDEVAC delayed, but eventually successfully completed. Bone re-aligned through surgery and temporary leg brace place for stability. Light duty assigned.



GSW, through-and-through on right shoulder from MG fire. GSW, through-and-through on left shoulder from MG fire. Wounds sustained during deployment on Shoreridge III and stabilized in the field. Surgically treated after EVAC. Light duty assigned.



Broken jaw from assault by friendly trooper during campaign on Allillon. MEDEVAC off the field for autodoc surgery. Returned to operation with supply drop.



Both knees broken as result of being picked up and dropped by a hopper bug during drop on Albedo I. Spinal damage and full loss of lower left arm after EVAC VTOL was taken down and crashed by hopper bug. Autodoc surgery performed to repair knees and spine. Autodoc surgery performed to prepare new BT attachment at the left elbow. Physical therapy sessions assigned.



Lower left leg crushed inside IFV turret due to vehicle frontal rollover on Albedo I. Engineers used E-WLC laser cutters to free the leg and provided transport via another IFV to EVAC. Stabilization via splint and fluid administration. Initial injury treatment performed in the tank. Further treatment via (autodoc) surgery and the tank. Physical therapy sessions assigned. Recovery with partial impairment expected.



Complex elbow fracture from being thrown freefall down 2 decks aboard the ship. Biotech sustained dents and warping. BT port suffered damage and required replacement. Warping of BT caused problems removing it, but got removed without further damage. BT port replaced and fracture repaired via autodoc. BT was repaired and re-attached.



Biotechs upgraded to T3 as per authorization from Cpt. Harker-Marlow.




[vdg@pda:~$] contacts --list-all --include-archive
[LOADING contacts]


[Armistead, Levi]

Saved my life like twice in one go when I lost my arm. First treating the thing in the middle of a bug shitshow, then again when he took the all the shrapnel from a HEDP blast for me. So yeah, I owe him one for that.

Also from what I've heard and seen, he's a good technical sergeant (medical is lucky like that). Reasonable guy, knows how things work, always up to give some advice. Need more of those people around.


We've been chatting a few times. Can't say we always agreed, but not like we can't get along. Just... he's the white knight while I will do whatever is necessary. Same goal, different way to go about it. Either way, he's been supportive and understanding for all the shit that's been dropped onto me. I just really got to figure out a way to pay him back, because I feel like the scales are only tipping more and more his way.


[Dawes, Avery]

Haven't talked to them too much yet... And in half the conversations they couldn't say anything because politics (which I can respect, no need to start drama). Anyway, they're like our best drop lead so good to have them around. Can think on their feet, gets shit done, leads from the front, and somehow still manages to be the only one to cover my ass at times.


Allillon... always full of surprises. Dawes made me find my love for being a combat engineer again. And I firmly believe we both need to take the credit for turning what could have been a giant shit show into a big steamroll. Yes, we lost people and yes, there were lots of injuries - but given what we achieved and how Allillon usually treats us, that was a big win.
And then when all was over... someone shot him. And I shot the someone. I let my guard down for five seconds and this happens. I don't know why it happened, I really wish I had been there 5 seconds sooner. But at least I prevented worse. I would do it again too, maybe less hesitation this time.


[Garret, Holly]

So much to say about her... She is a spacawala at least, maybe even a real spaca. I can give her a pass given we live on a spaceship, and she speaks creole so... Sesata it is! Best engineer on the ship, resident tank driver, all-around awesome... Makes me wonder how she ended up as a terminal master specialist.

We were friends before shit went down, but I feel that ever since Calvin died that we really connected. I guess we both lost a few too many people in such a short timeframe, and Calvin just was the aseroka that broke the kapuwu's spine. Misery loves company in the end, and as both spacers and wasps we look after each other.


[Hernandez, Jack]

Well... I kind of feel bad now. You have been great to me, put up with all my whining and told me exactly what I needed to hear regardless of the fact I didn't like hearing it at the time. And somehow through all that you still like me. But something tells me I should have seen that coming... Typical me that I didn't, of course, although I am going to blame all the distractions I had going on (losing 2 arms and nearly dying like four times counts, right?). I hope you really understand that I need time for this, I'm still figuring too many things out and don't want this added on top of all that.

Also hoping you get that bump to Corporal sometime. Even a toddler should be able to tell you'd make a better NCO than some of the ones we have right now.


[Polo, Draz]

You could easily mistake him for a giant retard (giant referring to his size here), but that would be a wrong first impression. I mean, he might not be the brightest of the bunch, but none of us are exactly very bright - otherwise we wouldn't be infantry. I think 'gentle giant' describes him better. He's a good trooper with his hart in the right place, and the infantry would be a lot better if they had more of him.

I owe him one too far hauling my wounded ass halfway across a drop to the point where they had to put him on the MEDEVAC with me.


[Wyatt, Sydney]

We haven't spoken too often yet. She has fixed me up a few times now, no complaints there. Hope I returned the favor when she lost an arm of her own. Seemed quite down in the same way that I was when I lost my first one. Tried to get her through it better then I did... Can I say I am jealous though that she got a tier 3?





[Cleft, Calvin] ARCHIVED

Beratna! Basically my first friend around here. Spacalowda have to look out for each other. You had me slip right back into creole, the only thing that was missing to make this place truly remind me of home. It's good to have someone else around who wasn't raised in a well. Hell, it is even fun being your translator.


Seems we both got fucked good on the same drop (sorry for your eye by the way), got to spend time being tank neighbors. Tanks are like... not fun, but at least neither of us had to go through that alone. And you got to translate for once! How do all these tulowda live without knowing any hand signals?


Heard the bugs got you. Fuck me. Actually, fuck those kamikaze hoppers. Fo go wit wisdom's ways, beratna.


[Lerron, Maya] ARCHIVED

Good engineer and almost as great with the Derringer as she liked to claim she was. I did not speak to her too much, but I liked what I saw and think we would have been friends. Unfortunately she had to prove that vehicles are metal coffins on wheels. She'd hate to know she proved the point.

Also the first person that I somewhat knew to kick the bucket... Hit me harder than I liked to admit. Might have hated that too.


[Lechner, Quinten] ARCHIVED

You were a good squad lead, but we hit it off on the wrong foot and I can only say it went downhill from there. Very far downhill. I like to think I can imagine what was going in your head in the end... but still, attacking an intel LT is a step too far. Trying to murder them... I gave you a chance to stop, should've taken it rather than continue with your crash landing. Can't say I regret pulling the trigger on you, it was the right thing to do. Merciful even, given you didn't live to see it to a general court-martial where you certainly would be hanged.


[Rez, Raven] ARCHIVED

She came in as Maya's replacement, and I can honestly say I have no doubts she will manage to fill her shoes. Maybe a bit more by the book, or they are just gunning more for that promotion to senior. Kind of hoping she will get that soon, given we are the same rank now while she has like 10 times more experience than me.

Either way, finally got around to getting to know each other somewhat better as of late and open up a bit. So far it's always been some genuinely fun conversation, assuming she isn't too busy flirting with Holly. Looking forward to having her around.

Shouldn't have said anything - she (got?) transferred out all of the sudden. What the fuck?






[vdg@pda:~$] cat ./bucketlist
[LOADING bucketlist]


-Shoot a 2 TON's on a drop

-Set off a DOTON

-Set off at least 10 PE bricks on one drop

-Drive a vehicle tank Ajax a drop

-Shoot injure cripple a Royal

-Touch ride on a Q-Bomb

-Kamikaze drone a kamikaze hopper

-Kamikaze drone a bug hive

-Fly a Marauder drone on a drop

-Fly a Mantis drone on a drop

-Get Senior Master Specialist Technical Sergeant



-Shoot 10 TON's on a drop

-Set off multiple DOTON's on a drop

-Kill a Royal

-Kamikaze drone a tanker or plasma bug

-Use power armor on a drop

-Get Warrant Officer


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