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7th Medical Brigade, 67th Medical Detachment - Rank & Responsibilities


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At the request for clarification, below is a full listing of the current Ranks within the Medical Division and their IC/OOC responsibilities.





A Trooper who has expressed interest in joining the Medical Division. A non-trained individual who has been granted a probationary period / trial run. Assigned to one or more fully trained medics, they shadow Medical in the field during drops and work alongside their mentor handling wounded and getting a taste for the day to day life of a medic. After a few drops, their mentor reports to Medical Leadership who then make the decision. If they pass this probationary period, they're promoted to 3Spc. and begin the more advanced training pipeline, CLS/ALS, etc. 


Third Specialist (3Spc.)

A Junior level Medic who has begun the training pipeline within the Division. During this stage they are operating on the frontlines and working to perfect their ALS / CLS skills. They're becoming familiar with their loadouts and the wide array of equipment available to them, as well as how to effectively utilize it. They're assigned to a fully trained Specialist who is responsible for their progression. At all times, they're working to assist their fellow medical personnel both on and off ship.


Second Specialist (2Spc.)

A Medic who has progressed along the training pipeline for the division. At this point they've become largely familiar with their kit and the various equipment available to them. They're familiar with ALS / CLS procedure and by now would have begun looking into one of the higher certifications / internal specializations that exist within the division. Once one has been selected as the Specialization they wish to pursue, they're assigned to a member of that Specialization - Most commonly the Department Lead (SSpc) who begin familiarizing them with the role and, if applicable, begin training them in the certification. Beginning at this rank, the 2Spc. starts being given additional responsibilities - such as the mentoring of Trainees and 3Spc's.


Specialist (Spc.)

The bread and butter of the division who make up the bulk of its staff, this is a fully trained Medic who is well-versed in their equipment loadout and medical procedures. By this point they have most likely selected a Specialization to pursue and have begun (or completed) the process of training and certification for their chosen role. The primary role of the Specialist is to function as a mentor and teacher for lower ranking Medics and Trainees, as well as to begin familiarizing them with the internal Specializations that they may one day wish to pursue. 


Senior Specialist (SSpc.)

A Senior Medic that represents a part of Medical's Senior Staff. They are the Leads and Co-Leads of an internal Specialization / Department and at this stage, have taken part in a vast amount of deployments. They're well-versed in their equipment and pharmacology, as well as more advanced medical procedures. They have authority over the Medical Bay at all times and speak as a voice for the Division in the absence of higher leadership. Their primary role is to manage their respective Specialization/Department, including the recruiting of new staff and organizing training for their specialization and the division as a whole. They work closely with Medical's leadership to make decisions and changes that help shape the faction.


Master Specialist (MSpc./TSgt.)

A veteran of the Division who effectively acts as a third-in-command and provides crucial feedback and services to the division, including hosting trainings and serving as an immediate point of contact for members of the Division as well as the general population of the server. They are responsible for all aspects of the division's daily operations such as recruiting, assisting with technical aspects such as flows and organizational changes.


Executive Medical Officer (WO.)

The co-lead of the Division and Executive Officer, the XMO serves a critical role for the Division and its members. They function as second-in-command and have full authority to make important decisions on behalf of the faction and its members. They provide crucial feedback and implement changes, they also arrange training sessions and work one-on-one with individual personnel, providing mentoring and coaching when necessary. They assist with the behind-the-scenes technical aspects such as development of the flow system and texture work and serve as an easily accessible point of contact for all matters regarding the Division and its function and maintain a very close line of communication to the Faction Lead.


Chief Medical Officer (LT. /CWO.)

The primary leader of the Division/Faction. They are responsible for managing the 'bigger picture' of division operations. Their responsibilities cover a wide range, from day-to-day recruitment to expansion of technical aspects such as the flow system / internal organization, to overseeing all of the internal departments and Specializations within the division. They have the final say on all decisions regarding the Division and effectively utilize feedback from the community to maintain a constant state of improvement.


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