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PAC Application | Amanda Dorian

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Hello! I used to play here a very long time ago, and I came back after my friend Virginia showed me how cool its become! I've made a pretty decent PAC I think, here's my application:


Name: Chiptune

Character Name: Amanda Dorian

Character division or position: Recruit - M.I (hopefully an engineer soon!)

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:7555424

PAC File Size: 9 643 Kb -> 9.6 Mb
Images of the PAC or link to load:







In order:

-File Size

-Armor no helmet

-Armor w/ helmet






I might make more variants in the near future depending on what's needed, but in that case I'll make another app for those changes! I think that's how it works?

I'll have to fix these fingers on the uniform one... they're naturally broken, sadly. 

This head model does have broken eyes in singleplayer (all white, pupils in the head), usually when it's in that case it's because the eyes have nothing to follow and on an actual server, it usually works... but if it doesn't, it won't matter at all considering the eyes will probably not be seen anyway, with the glasses and all that. :^)

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