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A complaint against a clear abuse of Staff powers to protect someone.

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Well... This is what we stand for now when we call Hicks out for being the creepy fucker that he is?!


Arrow has been here for years and TBH I will not stand for people defending Hicks after the way he TREATED this community. Its time to take a stand clearly against someone clearly protecting his friends on discord.

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Just to clarify, this ban happened months ago. Ace and me had been beefing for no specific reason other than we just didn't like how the other acted. Whatever, that's fine. It happens. I don't think Ace is a bad person or anything like that. Literally the circumstances of my ban was I confronted Hicks after he called me a retard and said I should've been banned a long time ago. Ace was in the VC at the same time. He banned me, after I insulted Hicks, without much reasoning. Other than 'yeah okay bye Arrow'. Banned off the discord. Not off the server because I had no intention of playing, unless he like IP banned me or something but I doubt Ace would go through that much effort. 

Honestly, I could've handled the situation better but that's what happened. I just didn't want some random guy to talk shit to me through text and then not back it up over voice. So really there isn't much context to the ban at all. It was a short altercation which I laughed about for a while. The idea of getting unbanned hadn't really popped up into my head until Cipher asked me if I wanted to keep playing.


Really the idea of rping isn't too exciting to me right now but I do miss a lot of the people on the platform. If I do get unbanned I'll keep a low-ish profile and enjoy the time I have left. Which is like half a year. So...Personally I don't really care about whatever drama is going on right now. Kinda' just want to play with people again. ik it's a pity party lmfao

So this is sort of a ban appeal on my part that cipher wanted to write so I'm very grateful to him. To clarify my stance.

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you've been banned from the discord only, thats correct.
i dont really wish to give this brainrotten attempt at an "exposé" much air cause there's no plot or agenda behind any of it.

arrow stopped playing the server and stuck around discord to throw passive agressive remarks around time to time.

do note he's been kicked by other staff members than myself at the time for similar ""offenses"" (the roleplay court finds you guilty, arrow. .. . .)
i did sit down and tell you to stop stirring drama and causing trouble for no reason other than quenching your boredom.
couldnt care less for throwing mean words at myself or hicks but you popped into a voice channel while we were playing a game and refused to stop after being told to, so i just issued a ban which frankly; only served the purpose at the time to prevent you from returning from a kick as you'd be able to rejoin instantly.

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I've deleted the verbal sparring between Cipher and OXY: I remind everyone that unless we say otherwise, do not reply to a complaint or an appeal unless you were involved and have something material to contribute - for example, your testimony of what happened, pictures of evidence. These aren't discussion threads, they are fact finding missions.


Given this is Arrow's appeal and all you really seem to have to contribute is overblown rhetoric we're in the peculiar circumstance that that also applies to you too Cipher.


@Ace Can you give your version of the events please?


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I've spoken to Ace and he has confirmed that it was only meant to be a temporary ban and he's happy for you to be unbanned - which settles the matter.


In terms of admin malfeasance I don't think it's worth investing the time to look into: (1) it was several months ago and corroborating anyone's versions of events would take hours or even days (if it is possible at all), (2) Ace is no longer an admin and so at best it would be for the record and (3) from what I've seen so far (including a screenshot from the time of Ace politely asking you to tone it down), it seems at best to have been a legitimate ban, at worse in error rather than wilful malice.


Appeal sustained - you're welcome back.


Cipher - do not make appeals on behalf of other people in the future; they are entitled to speak for themselves.

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