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Draz Polo - The oversized loving giant

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<<<....ACCESSING FILE....>>>


> USER: ********

> PASS: ************

<<<'WELCOME, USER!'>>>




Background Information:

Beyond The Aquila Rift: Ending Explained (Love, Death And Robots)

<D. POLO, watching over the Tunas as they drop for a mission.>



You're the Moon! 

You're intuitive, moody, and probably more than a bit psychic. You sense things before they happen, and your emotions ebb and flow according to your surroundings and the people you're with at the time. Sometimes the intensity of your emotions or the depth of your insight frightens you. You know what you feel, but you don't always know why you feel it, and that can make you twitchy and nervous about what's yet to come.









NAME: Draz J Polo


AGE: 25

POB: Lardwick, Litae
DOB: November 28 - 2277



HEIGHT: 6'11


HAIR COLOR: Dirty Blonde

EYE COLOR: Bright Blue





Loved/crush | Respected | Trusted | Close Friend | Friend Noticed/like | Neutral | Mixed Disliked | HATE  = Alive | † = Deceased |  = Retired/Transferred

[Ask to be added]

[Also... It takes a lot for polo to hate people. If you get him hating you? THEN you know you fucked up]

Self View

Polo can tend to be a very up lifting and joyful being, but with in his own mind it is a super complex moves of thoughts and feelings. He tends not to express all his feelings, keeping them berried deep with in, only showing the true thing. Happiness. However, if he ever try's to express himself it may come out in a bundle of messiness. How ever polos feelings run deep and played over countless times to express his true meanings in different specials ways


How ever, how Polo views him self, he feels out of place, so many things flying by so fast, that world the galaxy in one shape or form is quicksand, getting ready to suck him up and under the ground yet even with in his single blind eye, there is hope to see with in all his friends, and in some shape or form a family... A new family that he would lay down his life anytime. Yet he wonder how his other family is, they still dont respond to him, and now... He feels forgotten with them.


Vika Logan - Polo finds this medic, a fairly enjoyable person to be around, a good chat here and there, and so far with how far she's been living, the large man is happy to see and talk to her more often when ever they get a change to


As the days go by, and living though each horrible wound, he has chatted more and more with the medic and at this rate can truly call them a friend and maybe even close to that of a close friend however more chatting is required. However! Polo is happy to call Vika a friend and helpful and trusted ally upon the battlefield.


As the days fly by, Polo finds him self growing more and more respect for Vika. A trusted friend, and ally anywhere. A deep respect for them, and you can bet. If they ever need a help from polo. he would come crashing down a door to aid them



Valerie De Groot - Polo finds this engineer, enjoyable to be around, not much of talking just overall watching and learning on how they are around people! How ever the big man did save her on one drop when she lost her leg, and he helps that shall not poor her down! Other then that? He wishes to get to know her better.




Samuel Sansregret - For this man, Polo has talked with him on occasions, though how ever... He doesn't know the man that well. Other then that one talk on how he's going to be stuck as a first class forever, though now? He's a lance and making quite a headway, Polo is proud and watching as he climbs the ranks slowly and surely.



Polo has learned a fair amount  about sans, and chatted with him off and on. Though lately learning he's been suffering all this time with PTSD, this as greatly hurt him and sadden him, that he was not told sooner. How ever, he is happy... That his friend is taking a much needed break and rest from fighting... PTSD can lead to many different places, that no man or woman's wants to go down towards. Other then that? Polo hopes his friend gets the much needed help.


There is no words for polo to form, on how proud he is of Samuel! He remembers the day when he first met Samuel broken and lost, and no idea where to turn. Now though he had sore though the ranks. And Polo has never been prouder. He would truly lay down his life for his respected friend.


Levi Armistead - Polo has seen this medic about, working including but never truly had a solid sit down, and chat. How ever, he has a good feeling that this means well, and very caring towards the people he cares for. At the end of the day, Polo wishes to learn more of this man.



Sydney Wyatt  -  Polo doesn't' know most about this medic however they have seen them about working and taking care of people. Wishing to learn more about them.  Though at first glance they feel like this person means well!



june o'riley - Polo thinks of this medic fairly interesting, even though he haven't talked to them much. He has learned a few things working at the bar. Though that's first impressions and he needs to learn more about them, how ever... The large man feels like they are caring and something must have hurted them in the past. However Polo does like them. And wish to speak more with this person


Naomi Vond - Polo cant say he knows Vond all that well... How ever! He's been watching closely of her.  Remembering some work she had him do that of stuffing that one poor recruit in the vents. Other then that? Polo sees Vond as a very caring and kind soul. Somewhat even reminding him of his mother guess it's true what everyone says of Vond.


As the days go on, and Vond and Polo have there small chats, there is and untold respect from the large man. She would lay down her life anytime for the people around her, and in some shape or form. Reminds him of him self, ready to lay down his life any moment for her, or them. Though however. Polo hopes to talk with them more about his dreams he enjoyed that moment. 

Veriah Woodrow - Polo has noted this person and can say, they did very deserve those rewards, other then that? Polo wishes to talk more with this person.

Johnny Vilish - As the many days fly by, vilish and polo bond grows stronger, well that's in the eyes of the large man, who knows what Vilish thinks of the large lug-head, anyways. Polo has grown a very strong respect and trust of the fellow solider, and at the end of the day? Polo would indeed throw his own life to aid this man when ever.

Mayumi Asuka - Polo doesn't know much about this lady. However Polo wishes to learn more about them, he's seen them flying though the ranks in all truth there is some sore of respect behind that. Other then that? There isn't that much to go off of.


Polo feels like they can call this person as a friend, they do enjoy them being around, they even gave them a new nickname. Known as Ashy or Ash. But deep with in that odd brain of his even he doesn't really know why he named her that, maybe it just fitted. Other then that? Polo hopes to chat with this person more! There also happy they did his tatt. 



William Pafford - As the countless nights and days fly by, the bond between these two men only grow stronger and stronger, chatting, laughing and so on. It will bring the greatest of pains when Pafford dies, however. Polo is doing his best to live in the moment every time when he chats with Pafford. 



† Harald  Eriksson - Polo found Harald as a close and somewhat trusted friend, sharing bunks with him, till having deep and meaningful chats about life and what will happen afterwards. when the death of Harald struck Polo. A deep pain watched over the trooper. The pain of that like losing a brother. On the other hand like any brother, they tend to dislike each other every now and then.


Jack Cook - Polo found this man somewhat annoying, though a very good solider on the field, until he charged head first into a tiger. And then blown up by some random rocket. A shame truly


 Bosede Abiodun - Polo found this lady a very nice, and funny person to be around. Finding them as a friend and helpful teammate upon the battle field. How ever he's yet to find out she has passed upon the battlefield 



† Brice McDonnah - Polo finds this engineer a very enjoyable and funny person to be around. Full of life, laugher  and a slight bit of dumbness, though how ever. He can still get a job done at the end of the day, and have a good talk when he's in the mood!


As the days go by, and the two chat more and more, the stronger there friendship grows and as all friendships go, there tends to be some disagreements, or annoyance  however! Polo sees this man as a great friend!


When Polo found out of his friends death, he broke down. And cried. Hidden away in the backs of the bunks.


† Emilio Ramirez - Polo did know much about this man, however when this man was alive, there was moment of laughter and joy by many that did know of him. Polo wished he could have gotten to learn more about the man, until that fateful day that took him out of this world. It's sad, though Polo shall forever remember him.



† Jacob Problem - Before death, Polo and Problem fought side by side, against the bugs until that fateful day, when that hopper sore from the sky's. And ripped the very earth they both stood upon. He always think of that day if he was only a bit more faster. If only he pushed Shaw away sooner and went to doggy pile Problem sooner, he might be still alive... But no, some things in this horrible world just doesn't. He him self nearly died that day, with Problem however Polo lived, and from this day. Polo still thinks it should have been him then Problem.



"Flashlight" (E-88) - A rather large bulky gun most of the MI tend to use, though to Polo it's a excellent bug splatter, that he holds very dear to him. And most likely get super pussy if someone touched his gun. With out his permission.

Photos of his family - A group photo of a fairly large family in-front of somewhat small house, covered in snow. You can make out that Polo is the tallest man out of the whole family a total of Seven.


And untold sadness has taken over the large man whenever viewing this once beloved photo now, it only brings hurt. Has he been only throwing away money to a family that doesn't even care?

Awards - Polo has taken a rather strong pride to these awards unaware that he was even gonna get any in his long two years, however he is happy of his work so far, and will continue with the hard work

"Bullet-hell" (Mini-Gun Emplacement.) - Polo got this weapon from the very nice chief of medical also known as Vond! He keeps this gun very close towards his heart and he's very ready to blow apart some bugs with his new found toy.

Gun charms - Polo got these as a gift from Vika and Vilish, he's very grateful to have such nice friends. He has put the charms upon his new mini gun, now named Bullet-Hell.

Peral necklace - Polo got this necklace from Mendoza, and the man told him to find a girl that he likes, to put that necklace around, for now... Polo is unsure who to give it to. So he just holds onto it for safe keeping though, he does like it alot though.


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Kermit sadly don't know anything about Kemal or seen them just yet, show me them then I shall add them! 





Added people/Updated theme song!


I would also like if you could put your full name down, for future adding. Don't got the best memory thanks though!

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