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Kate Larson -- Lioness of Kaladan

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Name: Kate Luna Larson


Aliases: Lasso, General, Lada, Legs


Gender: Female


Age: 18


DOB: 11/15/83     


POB: Fort Duncan, Syubi Highlands, Kaladan


FID Number: 451312-314245-KL






Height: 6'0  (1.82m)


Weight: 178 lbs (80.7 kg)




Standing at a tall six foot, Kate possesses an athletic, mesomorphic build-- ideal for Jumpball, skiing and, of course, soldiering. Her smooth face is accentuated with freckles, blue eyes, and framed by raven colored hair-- oftentimes tied back in a mid ponytail. Her accent appears to be an amalgamation of several different dialects-- likely due to a fusion brought on by colonization, the most prominent being American, German and Danish. She seems to habitually wear a stoic, even expression-- whether it is due to her military training or an attempt to hide how she feels remaining to be seen.




Jess Clements on Instagram: “Hi, I'm Jess and I'm in love with pasta🍝” | Jess  clement, Jessica clement, Beauty


Kate is seen by many as a pure and uncomplicated soldier.  Stoic, fierce and motivated, one can consider her the ideal warrior.  What many do not see however,  is the Kate lurking underneath-- lonely, self conscious and nerdy. Her stoic, strong exterior emerged as a result of necessity-- gathering the strength to bite her tongue and simply take the abuse of her peers in high school. Once one gets past her defenses however, Kate is a steadfastly loyal, ride-or-die friend. She's kind and caring to those who care to befriend her, and would happily risk her own life if it meant keeping them safe.


There is no call a Kaladanian will not answer. There is no faith they will betray.



Eluta Kontaveit


Lately, you've felt more at ease.


True to form, you were just overthinking things, as you always do. Now, you know that she's one of your best friends. You do stupid things together and watch stupid shows. You'd do anything for her, and you hope she'd do the same for you.


She's psychic, you've come to find. And the purple berets were quick to scoop her up. You're happy for her, yet you fear that one day, the bogeymen will come and rope her in, and then you'll never see her again. Friends like her are few and far between. You don't want to lose her.


Her world just got a lot more dangerous, but you feel that as long as you, her and Blaine are together, nothing can break you.


 Blaine Falkner


Much like Konta, Blaine has come to be one your best friends and confidants. You shoot the shit, banter back and forth and watch stupid movies and TV shows together. You've come to trust her, and if she asked you to jump, you'd probably ask how high.


You and her have become ride-or-die chums, or so you'd like to think. You don't know what you'd do if you lost her.


She's smart, rich and pretty. She seems to know her lot in life; a fact that you envy. You like her. A lot-- though you'd die before you'd come to admit that.


As long as the three of you are together, you can take on anything this galaxy throws at you.





Valo Gilles


Rarely has there ever been a problem you couldn't solve. 


For every hurdle that's come your way-- you've found a way to go over, under, around, or through it. No matter what came your way, you always knew what to do. 


But what do you do when faced with someone who's lost the only light in his life? 


You were there when DeClare was killed-- slaughtered like cattle on a dusty Kazanite street, and as you watched Valo's stonelike face, for the very first time you felt truly powerless. 


What are you to him? Are you his friend or just his protégé? You can never tell what's going on behind those dark glasses of his, but you're worried. You're more worried 

than you've ever been in your life. 


For every problem, there's a solution, but in the case of Valo Gilles, you don't know what to do.


You don't know what to do...


 Draz Polo


It wasn't your fault.


He gave his life willingly for the lives of you and the others. He knew what had to be done even if it was to cost his own life. You should hope to be so brave.


Still, you feel like you could have done something to help; that you could have saved him before it was too late. You understand deep down that you would have just died together, though. That, or the target would have gotten away. What, then, would have been the point?


You know he was beloved by the whole unit. You can sense the somber atmosphere in the air now that he's gone. Maybe if you had done something differently, he'd still be here. But what's done is done. 


You barely even knew his name, and yet you still mourn him.




 Alexandra Mills


Mills is one of your best friends.


Or at least you like to think she is. She enjoys your company and you hers. You liked her a lot, once upon a time. But it wasn't in the cards. Sure, you're jealous, but you can see that she's happy with who she picked. You should be happy for her, too. 


She keeps you grounded when the going gets tough. When you're with her, you feel like you can take a break from being Corporal Larson-- the pure and uncomplicated soldier, and just be Kate-- the tall dork who carries the plushie of a demonslayer on her hip. 


 You can guess that she and Dom have plans that don't involve Combat Gauze and Biogel. Plans that will being peace and love; not hate and war. By that token, you know that one day that you and her will have to go your separate ways, and that thought terrifies you. You don't want her to forget you. Even despite your efforts to the contrary: the gifts, your experiences and just being her friend, you know that you're in no position to demand anything of the universe.


You just hope that you mean as much to her as she does to you




 Sofie Bishop


Mutant. Freak. Psycho.  You've heard many names for the psychics in your time. They're ostracized by society-- considered freaks of nature.


And for the life of you, you can't understand why.


You don't know Bishop very well. What you do know is that she pulls her weight just like the rest. Many times she's fought shoulder-to-shoulder with you, and you know she's just as, if not a better soldier than her peers.


You're all running the same race. Why shouldn't we treat her with the same respect? Either way, you hope to get to know her better.




Mayumi Asuka


There are times when you lay awake at night and ponder the choices you've made.


Asuka saw something in you. She was the one that saw you through into the NCO Corps. She handed you Lance Corporal, then Corporal. You never let her down. You led men into battle with distinction. Bugs fell like wheat to a scythe, and you could tell that she knew that her faith wasn't misplaced. 


And yet, when it counted most, you let her down. 


The concerns you raised were brought up with the wellbeing of every trooper under you at heart. You thought it was just going to be a stern talking to, but then you got the memo that she'd transferred out. You keep telling yourself that it was for the best interests of the men, but even still, did this move fix anything?


Did you honestly make the right choice? 



Ridley Wilkes


She left you.


She left you when you needed her the most. You were getting close to her; you thought you could trust her, and she betrayed that trust. How hard was it to say goodbye? Or write a note? Instead, she just up and left, discarding you like a used toy.


Whatever. Fuck her.



 Cassidy 'Candy' DuBauer


A Pathfinder. The best of the best, or so you're told. Personally, you don't see what's so great about them. They're just significantly more capable troopers, not the second coming of Christ. Sure, they have experience, but the training you received on Kaladan was supposed to be second to none. Does that make you any less of a good soldier? 


You don't want to pick a fight. You're glad that the Federation has their skillset. You just wish some of them would be a little more approachable.


In terms of Cassidy, he's the only one you've spoken to with any regularity. For a spook, he seems nice enough. He even gave you a few cooking tips. You appreciated that greatly.


His personality is grating at times, though. You know he's a Pathfinder at heart, and it shows in some of his dealings with you and some of the others. You let it slide, though. It's just how people are, sometimes.


Either way, you think he's alright. Anyone that gives you food is good in your book.


Eric Shepard


A grunt, through and through.


He's not the best for conversation, most of the time. He seems to be the kind of man who would rather let the barrel of his gun do the talking. He certainly ticks off all the stereotypes, that's for sure. Still, there's no man finer to share a foxhole with, you've come to find.


He's a good trooper. You're glad to have his skillset.


Hui-Ying Yang


You don't know what to think about her. 


She seems to the ship shrink, someone who gets paid to listen to what ails you. Even still, you're hesitant to open up to her about everything. She's leant an ear to you time and time again, though. She has your gratitude for that. 


You're still wary around her, though. You take care not to reveal everything. Maybe that's your problem. Maybe one day, you'll learn to trust her.



 Sydney Wyatt


You're indebted to her.


She pushed you out of harm's way at the expense of her own safety. And to this very day, it's crippled her. Courage like hers is a sight rarely seen, If even a thousand troopers were to have bravery and conviction like hers in that moment, humanity may have a fighting chance in this war.


Then again, she is a medic. Such things are just part of the job description, aren't they? 


You know that she's good at what she does and she's respected by the others. But beyond that, you know so little about her. You should talk to her. 


She saved your life, and you can never find the words to adequately thank her


 CHAS #920 'Mom'


Metal Man.


Or... Metal Woman? You're never sure with the CHAS units. Mom, however, is an interesting one to interact with. Both the CHAS Units are. They're supposed to know everything there is to know, and yet they seem to know so little about the world at large. You've watched them explain the entire history of the Federation as a whole, and yet become perplexed at the sight of a middle finger, or the concept of a New Years Resolution. On the one hand, it's strange, and on the other, it's almost endearing. 


You never fight with Mom. They're the Pathfinders CHAS. But you still talk with them on the ship, and for being a robot, they're nice enough.


You're just glad they're on your side. 



 Dominik Scott


Are you selfish for feeling jealous? 


You want to say yes. Dominik has been nothing but kind to you. He's helped you up when you were down, listened to what ailed you, and all around been a good friend. He watched you die, for Christ's sake. Still, it's there-- a nagging feeling in the back of your mind.


You're Kaladanian; second to none. And yet all it takes is the envy of someone else getting the girl to remind you that you're still a stupid kid. 


With time, you'll get over it. You're happy for him and for Alex. You want to see them both get out of this place safely. They deserve better than this. 


But if he breaks her heart, he'll have to answer to you. And there will be hell to pay.




Ainslie DeClare


In the wake of her passing, all you're left with is the silence. 


You never knew her well, but you know that DeClare was well liked-- well loved. She was smart, pretty, and kind. For all her trials and tribulations, there was light at the end of the tunnel for her. You just knew it.


And then she was cut down in front of your eyes by a stubborn Bug. She was gone; gone like a candle blown out in the wind. 


You always wonder if there was something more you could have done to help. Could you have shot faster? Tried to warn her? Was there anything that could have been done? 


That's the thing about Bugs. There's no point in seeking revenge when your friend's killer can so easily be replaced. 


Ainslie was a troubled soul. You knew she took the death of Polo hard. You were there too, but you weren't the one that had to put the man out of his misery. Besides, she had her own group of friends. Maybe you were loath to think you could integrate into her circle. You wanted to be her friend, and yet you could never get her to notice you.


Ainslie had it all. But now all those moments have been lost to time; like tears in the rain. 





Aya Matsui


The Mad Dog.


You've served with her for some time, but your first personal interaction with her was when she challenged you to a round in the ring. You gave her a sound beating, but that didn't change the fact that she was perhaps the single most stubborn opponent you've ever faced. You knocked her out cold and she still came back swinging. It's commendable in its own way. 


You and her didn't get off on the right foot, you recall. You remember being prepared to beat her down when she hit Konta the first time, but you bit your tongue for fear of reprisal. Now, she and Konta are the best of friends, and you feel like you've gotten off well with her, too.


She's a warrior through and through. You trust her, and you hope she trusts you too.





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