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shia ban appeal


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Character name: Pvt. Elijah Eoyang

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:91112514

Ban reason: 'Minge'

Was banned by Daark.

I walked into the VRDeck, saw some people in cars, and opened fire. I assumed the VRDeck wasn't intended to be a super-serious spot. Don't have any pictures, but I'm sure someone might. Not much else to say beyond that. I would've waited it out if the ban wasn't permanent. Don't know who banned me, nor do I have an exact time and place. Just happened last night, is all.

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Seeing you've went out of your way to appeal this ban, I'm inclined to unban you and leave you at a warning, making this ban somewhat around the 18 hour mark.

Just be mindful that randomly shooting someone isn't what you should normally do in a Serious Roleplay environment, even if you think it was at an 'unserious' time or place.

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