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Hiro "Curry" Kurei - "Last of the 118th Scarvis Scavengers"

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<FOLDER - 12th Infantry Division, 2nd Brigade, 58th Corsairs, Delta Company, 1st Platoon, Engineering Division>

<<<....ACCESSING FILE....>>>


> USER: ********

> PASS: ************

<<<'WELCOME, USER!'>>>

<ACCESSING FILE = ‘Kurei, Hiro'>



Background Information:

The many photos of Hiro Kurei



<Kurei on leave with friends>



<Kurei and his squad training in a forest on Scarvis>



<New Olympia Base, the Stalwart of Scarvis, the final resting place of the 118th>


Tarot Card







Personal Information:

Name: Kurei, Hiro

Aliases | Nicknames:


Birthplace: Huiren, Scarvis

Born: March 27th, 2282 [Age:19]

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11

Weight: 193lb

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Tanned

Spoken Languages: English|Hungarian

Orientation: Heterosexual

Mental Health: Tenuous but healing

Relationship Status: NA


Notes: He has a neutral expression on his face the majority of the time but will crack a smile when one of his friends says a joke or is happy. He is more reclusive as of late and tends to spend long periods of time in seclusion before coming out to speak with people. He is beginning to take more risks, throwing himself at enemy fortifications or bugs in order to help his brothers and sisters in arms. He feels responsible for the deaths of his comrades, and it weighs on him heavily. He is a believer that he will see his friends after death if he continues to fight hard and well for those he cares for.



Mother: Melissa, Kurei [Age:42] - Citizen|Last Employment: Mobile Infantry Combat Medic|118th Scarvis Scavengers, 1st Company|Last Updated Status: KIA, killed during Arachnid Invasion of Scarvis

Father: Ryuk, Kurei [Age: 45] - Citizen|Last Employment: Mobile Infantry Squad Leader|118th Scarvis Scavengers, 1st Company|Last Updated Status: KIA, killed during Arachnid Invasion of Scarvis

Sister: Yukino, Kurei [Age: 17] - Citizen|Last Employment: Mobile Infantry Rifleman|118th Scarvis Scavengers, 1st Company|Last Updated Status: KIA, killed during Arachnid Invasion of Scarvis

Sister: Kam, Kurei [Age: 12] - Civilian| Unemployed| Last Updated Status: KIA, killed during Arachnid Invasion of Scarvis


Adopted Family:

Mother: Lara, Aspira [Age: 39] - Citizen| Last Updated Employment: Registered Nurse | Last Updated Employment Location: Huiren City Medical Center | Last Updated Status: Alive
Father: Ambrus, Aspira [Age: 41] - Citizen | Last Updated Employment: Miner | Last Updated Employment Location: Agoston Civil Mining | Last Updated Status: Alive
Brother: Viktor, Aspira [Age: 25] - Civilian | Federal Military | Last Updated Posting: UCF FFG-241 Riah <<...CPO Aspira reported Killed in Action during naval action | Date: 12/09/2301...>>




"We cheat Death from his rightful victory. No one can defeat us. We are glad to plunge feet first into hell in the knowledge that we will rise." - Battle Cry of the 118th Scarvis Scavengers


   Started Service unofficially in 2300, linking up with the 118th Scarvis Scavengers. The 118th was comprised mainly of veterans and volunteers called up upon to aid in the defense of Scarvis. During the first months of the conflict, Kurei would tag along with the 118th as they made their way around the planet, being used as fodder in order to slow the tide of ever-encroaching bug swarms The Regiment suffered horrible losses in the battle of New Olympia Base, a Pyrrhic Federation victory that saw the bugs pushed back into the desert and secured the Northern Hemisphere long enough for Federation reinforcements to arrive from off-planet. His two sisters, mom, and dad would be killed in the conflict with him being severely wounded and only saved by the grace of his friend Cal Aspira. It was during this time in which the two of them would begin to train in earnest, eventually enlisting themselves officially into federal service on 10/04/2301. From there they would be transferred to 58th Corsairs, Delta Company, First Platoon alongside a variety of squad mates and friends he made on Scarvis. Slowly but surely that number was whittled down by the attrition of war until he was the only member left. He worked his way up the ranks until he hit the rank of Corporal. From there he made a side transfer to the Engineering Corps for reasons unknown. 



The Audio Logs of Hiro Kurei

Logs are made as if Hiro was having a conversation with someone else

Sydney Wyatt



"Never talked to her much but when I did it was always a pleasant time. She allowed me to crack a joke and didn't stab my eye out while I was trying to get a new one which is a massive plus in my book. I wish I could of gotten to know her better before she transferred...:"


Alicia Softmoore


"She's a friend. We hang out at the bar with the same group and shoot the shit from time to time. I feel like I am forgetting something important now that I'm taking about her but I'm not sure what. I should try and hang out with her more to be honest, maybe I'll remember then"


CHAS 920 "MOM"



"Haven't talked with em in forever. All I know for sure is that I want to see her fight Sevens in a strategy game"


John Damien



"God I still remember the late nights watching movies with him. Not only is he a fantastic NCO and solider, but he is a great friend as well. He allows anyone to watch movies with him, making people feel welcomed and included even if it was their first night on the ship. He has been there for me even if he doesn't know it. I would go through hell with him without a second of hesitation."


Rosalee Lavigne



"I'll be honest, I never thought Rosa cared for me that much. Sure we were friends but she always seemed closer to Beau and I always chose to give them space when they were together. When she came up to talk about... yeah... I figured that maybe she doesn't completely hate me after all. She's helped Beau through some tough times and will continue to if I have anything to say about it.


What do you mean that sounds ominous I'm saying I would protect her you idiot"


Sariah De Haan



"She seems nice enough.


am giving her a fair shot! She just has massive shoes to fill.


Fine, she's a good friend. She's accepted me into the engineering family despite my previous occupation as no thoughts, head empty grunt. She's on the list of people who I truly trust and would obey without question, which is high praise from me. She is probably one of the smartest people I know as well, being able to memorize and recite facts about engineering at the drop of a hat. Not only that, but she's capable at combat and at human interaction, you should of seen the look on Dooley's face when she shut the Engineering bay door on it"


Cassie Newman


"My first interaction with Cass was when she first joined the ship and started talking about balloons flying around the top deck. From then one she proceeded to impress me time and time again with her compassion and bearing towards others. When Mura was having a breakdown, she comforted her and even stood up to Larson and I when we were asking if she could fight.


Of course she sounds like you, you LOVE TO FUCKING ARGUE. But seriously, she is one of the nicest and supportive people I have ever met. If you ever have trouble or need a shoulder to cry on, she'll be there for you.


I would, she has earned my trust and respect.


What do you mean dude, I wouldn't risk my own neck for just anyone"


Yumi Nakamura



"When I first met Mura, I was more concerned than anything. It seemed like she was shell shocked, barely able to talk with us or interact. I had to talk with Cass in order to get any useful information about her.


Well wait a minute let me keep going. Eventually, she began to come more and more out of her shell, talking with others, making friends, usual soldier stuff. I remember when she was promoted, and she was so excited. She invited me out to celebrate with drinks after. The small occasion turned into a full blow party with her making tons of friends and hopefully fond memories.


I'm proud of her. She's turned into an amazing soldier and friend and I can't wait to see the amazing things she does in this platoon."


Guillermus Beaumanoir



"Oh god where do I even start. Beau is my best friend on this ship, I consider him my brother. We've been hell and back together, carrying each other out of hot zones and into safety. We do crazy shit together and stick with each other when things get tough.


One hundred percent, I would do anything for Beau. I would jump into the mouth of a bug hive with him. We're brothers, it's meant for us to do stupid shit together, as a team.


Visiting him in the med bay made me worry for him, we aren't invincible. I hope that he manages to find someone who is as passionate and caring as he is, god knows that he deserves to find someone like that.


Shut up dude, you're just jealous that you can't be best buds with Beau!"


Kate Larson


"Uhm, she is a really good lass...


What the fuck do you mean you want more, fine, she was the person who put me onto the SAW...


I wish I could talk with her again, maybe pretend that this entire situation isn't as fucked as it is...I miss my friend..."


Avra Sov


'She's a good engineer and a very interesting person to talk to. The last op we had we had to turn back on a reactor. I spent some time prepping it but had to return surface side. She managed to fix the reactor and finish the mission. When we got back she received an engineering reward and came up to me later to talk about it, giving me a rock as a way to say thanks for the work I did.


Yeah, she really was a nice soul, I wonder what she's doing now?"




A Scratched Knife - Several notches are seen around the blade, one on the hilt. It seems they were placed there on purpose.


118th Patch - A worn and abused patch, has a vulture on it standing atop a Morita Mark 1


A Bloody Book - A book that has a tear through the front of it and blood stains the pages. You will never see this person wIithout it on their person.


If you want to be added or updated feel free to comment or DM me


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