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The Dream's Always The Same

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Ardi Kontaveit

They're gonna get it, all I have.



Name: Ardi Kontaveit

Aliases: Kont-Cubed, Konta-Kinte, Magic Mike, Cunt

Age: 23

Birthday: Feb 25

Ethnicity: Estonian

POB: Ahmovaara, Kredia, Gliese 163

Sex: Male

Height: 6'6"(1.99m)

Weight: ~160 lbs (72.6kg)

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black

Skin: Pale


Service Record

Currently Assigned to: The Black Cross, John Basilone, Sorrenson's Sailors

Previous Assignments:7th Psychic Operation Group, 27th Combat Support Center, 217th Mobile Infantry Psychic Operations Detachment

Disciplinary Report: N/A

Criminal Record: 1x Undocumented Interstellar Travel (Charges Dropped), 1x Evading Federal Service (Partial Time Served), Wanted for Treason, Desertion, Dereliction of Duty


Echoes of the Dead

(Feel free to ask to be added if your character is killed.)


Alamo Hudson, Hathor- I didn't know him well, but I knew he was a good man. Smart man. Enthusiastic and committed wholly to whatever task was given to him and attentive to those around him. His death was needless and far too grisly for a man like him.

Nadia Anzhelika, Hathor- A relative stranger that I met the day of the invasion. She seemed thoughtful and passionate. If what I heard about the circumstances behind her death are true, I am disappointed such an error was made.

Jochi Yuan, Hathor- This one hit hard. He was a friend, in his own way, and I'm proud to have known him. I hope the pillaging is good in the afterlife, and we'll keep stacking up the gachii.

Khaled el-Saidi, Hathor- I will lose sleep about this one for a long time. We'd hardly met, but I could feel he was wise and ready to share that wisdom at the first opportunity.

Elvira Lillebo, Hathor- Another face I'd only met the morning before her death. I hope the bullet met her in time.

Spc. Kaye Romero, Hathor- Another friend claimed by Hathor. I don't know what happened to him, but I hope it was a warrior's death.

LCpl. Anthony Trovato, the Basilone- God, this guy could hoop. I should've tried to get to know him better, seeing as we were Benevolents brothers. What a fucking wasteful way to die, but dying for Hathor's people while high as fuck is probably exactly how he wanted to go.

Brook Kidd, Allillon- I was genuinely worried someone was going to end up shooting her. First impressions count. She made it up, though. Solid rifleman, fun to be around. She fit right in with the other chaotic misfit teenagers that just wanted to shoot stuff. We have got to do something about the drug abuse.

Cassidy DuBauer, the Basilone- DuBauer's death haunts me. I can't say I was close to him in any manner but the circumstances are troubling. He gave everything he had for his comrades and for the refugees, even after total paralysis. Unless the paraplegic had some sort of secret plan to take over the Basilone or had a DOTON under his blanket, I cannot fathom what was egregious enough to die like that.

Madison Henley, Eden- Madison is like a sister to me. There is a lot about her I don't know, and a lot about me she doesn't know, but I know a kindred spirit when I feel one. It hurt watching her walk away, but I know she needs this more than I need her around. I hope you find what you're looking for, Madi.

Ksenyia Sevedottisyr, Duport- Every time this happens, I feel more and more bleak about my prospects of survival. Will that be me, one day? Sniped by a bug because I have a beacon in the back of my head?  I don't know. Nothing but respect for Dotty. She didn't need to stay with us, but she did. For Roosje, for Bishop, for me.

Vasilica Malenkov, ???- I don't know when Mal jumped ship, and I don't blame her, but I do resent she didn't say something to me first. I had some unrealistic expectations about what a Class D is supposed to be like, but she's just human. Just like me. I don't know why that surprised me, or why her being so kind to me was so surprising. I know we would've been inseparable friends had we actually had the chance to spend more time together, but life gets in the way sometimes. Maybe that will change. Can't fight a war forever.
Guillermus Beaumanoir, Dell- You stupid bastard. You had it all. You were free. You had a family, a home. You walked away, and you came back. Why? Was it for us, as we all said it was, or could you not stay away from the action? I get angry when I think about the fact you came back, but maybe because I see myself doing the same thing. You earned your rest, brat'ya.



Self Assessment


My war is over.






Ardi slipped away from the John Basilone without pomp or fanfare. A dramatic goodbye was not something he wanted to deal with, not like the one his sister had. His friends might've taken offense to that, but the future of the Corsairs was not his own. Few people, fewer psychics, get a chance to truly make their own fate.


He arrived on Eden, greeted by friends of Madison. She was still off on her personal mission, telling Cassidy's family the truth about his fate and trying to get her family on Earth to move to the very edge of human settlement. The man that killed Eden's Brain Bug found himself pretty popular among the Mormon settlers. That wasn't a solo mission, of course, but the attempts at humility fell on deaf ears. Being treated like a hero was pretty nice.


The mundanity of rural country life is not easy for a combat veteran, even a short term one, to settle in to. There was the ever-present expectation of the crack of bullets flying or the screech of charging Warriors which would never come. People who had never had to deal with open warfare could never really understand what it was like. It'd take years for him to learn how to show people. Still, the Mormons accepted the psyker as one of their own. It didn't take long for the dog to work his charms on a doe-eyed girl that had never even seen a bug before.


Making the transition from mercenary to goat-herd was not easy. The temptation to pack up and leave in the middle of the night constantly gnawed at him, but remembering Beaumanoir's bisected corpse was plenty motivation to live quietly. The only excitement came on the rare visits to Iskander to see Eluta. How proud he was that a Kredian rat somehow made her way to a Major in the Ministry of Paranormal Warfare, how much he anticipated her grand plans for the Federation and humanity. She was going to be big one day- the next Carl Jenkins! And Ardi was going to be a family man, perpetuating the Kontaveit line. The joy watching Eluta hold his newborn son....


But God hates Kredians, and he hates Psychics even more.


Ardi was feeding the goats out in the yard when it happened. The psychic link that existed ever since he was 4 years old began to crumble, then shattered like the space elevator over Hathor. He dropped where he stood, a hemorrhagic stroke and a seizure brought on by Eluta's burnout. 


God hates Kredians, and he hates Psychics. Maybe He thought it'd be a more suitable punishment for Ardi to pull through, or maybe He showed him great mercy. Three weeks in a coma. He'd need a cane to walk for years, and suffered enough brain damage to never really be the same again. 


But this isn't a completely tragic story. Time marched on. He wanted for nothing besides his beloved sest'ya. The community around him were far too kind, far too selfless to leave their own hero soldier languish. There weren't any Mormon terrorists here, just honest people living honest lives in the name of God, and that was far better than dying in some dusty wasteland. The loss of his final familial link was quite literally crippling, but Ardi carried on.


No matter how many times Ardi Kontaveit was knocked down, he always got back up. Too many memories, too many names, too many faces that would otherwise be lost to time were depending on it. Burning away the darkness that threatened to consume him so many times was love. The love of found family, of blood family, of marriage and of children. The love of his sister. The darkness consumed her, but maybe that was a message from God to stick to the path he was on. Ambition consumed people. It consumed her.


Oh, little sister, I should not have let you go a second time.


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