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The wind whipped against the debris of the building. Fucking glowies were already trying to make our planet their planet with their terraforming lasers. All righteous and angry like God's fury piercing into the crust of the dirt we walk on. God damn them. We'd been under fire trying to defend what used to be a Comms relay station for over 14 hours. Basically trench warfare at this point. What was the fucking point of hoveling in the god damn dirt like a trapped rat? No use asking questions to the dead. And that's what Kenyada was.


"I can't... She's... I don't have the tools to do anything further, Corporal." the Specialist quivered, shaking in his little red boots. I don't think he'd ever even seen a corpse. Maybe a missing appendage or two from a FUBAR training exercise. Nothing like this. None of us had ever seen anything quite like a full scale invasion. 



"Okay.. O-.. I guess we should... It's only right..." the Corporal stammered, also unaccustomed to the rigor of battle 


We were just homeguard forces. Not only that, we were homeguard for Terra. Ask any grunt, they'll tell you that's the fuckin' lottery. No muss, no fuss, full citizenship. It was a sweet deal. Nobody attacks Terra. No bug, no skinnie, only one. Only the fuckin' glowies. I'd be a foolhardy narrator if I didn't also admit, I was more than a little shook up. I'd barely seen blood since boot


The Medic nods, I speak up.

 "No way. No fuckin' way. You can't! Kenyada-..." 


"I know, Trooper. You don't think I know? I gotta'-... We gotta'-..."


"Well you fuckin' can't." I sobbed, "You just fuckin'-..."


Carlsson caught me in an embrace, shushing me like some kind of fuckin' newborn.

   "It's okay. I know. I know." they repeated, but I thrashed against the plates of their vest. 


"Fuck you! You don't fuckin' know!" I cried, lashing out at my superiors, lashing out at Sky Marshal Hudson, lashing out at God.


I was too late. There weren't any last rights. There weren't any ritual. Nothin'. They gunned my pal down in the street like a dog. My pal, who wanted so desperately to earn her citizenship in a world where nobody gave a fuck if she was ripped limb from limb, if she was disintegrated into plasma, if she was just another fuckin' piece of pod chow for those glow fucks. She just wanted to go to school. Now look at her.


My mind went blank as I drew my rifle. My finger, steadily on the trigger. No hesitation. No second thoughts. 


Before I could blink I put a hole in Carlsson. I put a hole in the Corporal. I put a hole in the Medic. I didn't stop until they were all like her. I killed them all.


 What have I done?  

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