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Formal Complaint against Members of Staff - Sting and Mist

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This is a formal complaint being lodged against Staff Members Sting and Mist. This is in regards to banning of the12thdoctor on both the forums and the server. Attached will be evidence of a random banning coordinated by Mist in which I and others believe is in retaliation for a group chat created by myself to relay questions and concerns regarding the handling of a matter the ship ICly and OOCly have been made aware of. 


Today, 12thdoctor was banned by Mist on server for “Toxic Behavior” and not ceasing ERP on server despite being asked to stop… even though logs show that ERP did not take place prior to 12thdoctor’s banning, as shown by a screenshot of recent chat and system logs. Before 12th’s banning, 12th was involved in MedRP and dialogue RP. I believe that since Mist had been the one to ban 12th, it’s highly likely this is connected to a group chat that I started to bring concerns of my own to Mist as well as ask critical questions concerning complaints involving the issue that happened between Yumi Nakamura, Cass Newman and Kat Roberts (this was resolved the other day with no ERP committed but rather after a counseling session with another member of Medical). Mist had not answered to questions relayed to him via the chat (which I will show) and had only said that he would reply when he had the time… well, apparently, he had enough time to ban 12th for “Toxic Behavior” and “ERP”, despite none of the sort happening prior to the ban.

Attached as well are screenshots of the ban on the forum as well as the point total of the warning given by Staff Member Sting. The reasoning for the banning on forums involved a specific line in the Character Bio alluding to a character’s past experience of having been raped. Let the record show that Cass Newman’s bio was created in 2017 and the new bio was made in January of this year, two months ago; this has been up for awhile without complaints being registered to 12th informing them that their bio is in violations of any rules. In fact, an immediate 1000 point warning was given rather than a simple warning; overkill for a bio that’s been up for several months without issues being brought up to the writer of this character bio. In fact, I’ll use Yumi Nakamura’s old character bio as an example. That bio was created in 2017 and flat out says that she was raped and a victim of human trafficking. Yet, no issues were taken upon it by Staff, even to this day. I believe Sting over-exerted himself in his ruling and ask that the issue be looked into, as the warning was a whopping 1000 perma-ban rather than a warning, asking or telling 12th to revise.


I believe that Mist and Sting’s ban of 12thdoctor is a setup, especially after recent IC events and after a group chat was created where I asked relevant questions to Mist regarding what’s been going on (I’ve even told Mist that I have no issue resolving the IC issue that’s gotten some complaints off server). The fact that Sting posted a celebratory gif in the general chat of the discord group is suspect after Mist’s banning of 12th,


I humbly ask for other Staff to look into this matter. If possible, I ask for the ban on the server AND on the forums to be re-evaluated based on provided evidence and logic. Again, all that I request is for both bans to be re-evaluated based on the provided materials and I ask that both Mist and Sting also be evaluated based on these issues: Sting for a 1000 Point warning for something that has existed on a character bio without issue for several months and Mist for banning 12th for events that did not occur before the ban, as shown by the console screenshot of the moment 12thdoctor was banned.


Thank you for your time.













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ERP is categorically bad for the health of the server. We cannot, no matter how hard we try, control the ages of our players. We have an out of sight policy for ERP- if it’s happening, it should not be known of, period. In the case of 12doctor, they have been told multiple times by different people to cease their activities, yet it persisted.


This is a conversation from the beginning of the month pertaining to a request from 12doctor to agreeing to cease their activities, but they have since continued. Evidence of this can be found on the logs of which you can see below, mainly of them soliciting others to ERP with them over Discord or Steam, but also of engaging in suggestive behavior on the server.





Here is what took place on 27 February during an RnR on Eden.






Mar 7

[08:17:25]    [LOOC] Sgt. Grace 'Volley' Vahl: Goodnight
[08:17:29]    [OOC] Sgt. Grace 'Volley' Vahl: Goodnight
[08:17:30]    [OOC] Pvt. Eisus Licht: Won't stop me
[08:17:32]    [OOC] Pvt. Eisus Licht: Night
[08:17:35]    [OOC] Sgt. Grace 'Volley' Vahl: Hate it here
[08:17:36]    Spc. Cassie Newman used command '/PM Vahl ;-;'.
[08:17:44]    Sgt. Grace 'Volley' Vahl used command '/Reply *What*'.
[08:17:45]    [IT] Sgt. Igor 'Narrator' Pashmenkiv: Previous scans done by the Cheif show the damaged Popliteal vein, the burning of which 10cm up and down the leg from the bottom of the knee.
[08:17:48]    Spc. Cassie Newman used command '/PM vahl Wanted to RP more with you... ;-;'.
[08:18:00]    Pvt. Eisus Licht has gained £50 Federation Sterling.
[08:18:03]    [OOC] MSpc. Guillermus Beaumanoir: Night ;)
[08:18:13]    Spc. Cassie Newman has gained £70 Federation Sterling.
[08:18:49]    [OOC] Spc. Cassie Newman: Night Vahl.
[08:18:52]    Sgt. Grace 'Volley' Vahl used command '/Reply Argh, okay I gotchu.'.
[08:19:13]    Spc. Cassie Newman used command '/PM Vahl We could do it later through discord or steam if you wanted to.'.

[09:34:12]    [LOOC] Sgt. Grace 'Volley' Vahl: *tired8
[09:34:26]    [LOOC] Spc. Cassie Newman: Mhm, Was going to wrap this up with a cuddle.
[09:35:13]    [MEC] Spc. Cassie Newman: closed her eyes and gently smiled, nodding as she snuggled up to Vahl and kept her company.
[09:38:25]    [ME] Sgt. Grace 'Volley' Vahl: chuckled lightly as moved her arm to place it around the Cassie's shoulders squishing her slightly against the woman's side for a moment before relenting but leaving the arm where it was. 
[09:38:45]    [LOOC] Sgt. Grace 'Volley' Vahl: And scene
[09:38:59]    [LOOC] Spc. Cassie Newman: Yus goodnight.



Mar 8


[05:47:01]    Spc. Cassie Newman used command '/PM Vahl *points to Cassie's and Vahls cuddling last night.* XD'.

[06:30:11]    [MEC] Spc. Cassie Newman: leaned in and kissed Yumi deeply.



Violent sex acts, sex in general, is not a good look for the community now. Same goes for racism and homophobia- it took a long time to root out and dispose of, but none of the above have a place in the community, and will be subject to the same scrutiny. Starship Troopers, as a film, has a restricted audience. The server does not. As a result, we have to curtail references to sex, racism, extremism, or homophobia when we find them. The stakes are much higher now because many of us are adults with careers that could be jeopardized by allowing those to proliferate. But beyond that, I simply do not want people ERP'ing around minors, as a matter of principle. Full stop.


SSTRP takes place in a fictional universe where we explore dark topics, that is true. But there are lines that exist. Times have changed, and we can no longer afford to be lenient or turn a blind eye to activity that would otherwise endanger our prospects in real life. 


12doctor's ERP activities have continued, despite warnings for them to stop. It is an open secret on the server, and it has already gone on too long. Please refer to the first image.


I will be reviewing the forums once more, and will hold people accountable for racism, homophobia, or references to sex acts (consensual or otherwise). It may have flown in the past, but these are different times.



The ban is sustained.

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I'd like to add an addendum onto this for transparency:

As for why Sting was not addressed, Sting is not a member of SSTRP.Net's staff team. He formerly held a staff position, an executive one at that, but he no longer does.

Said abuse relates to banning Newman off the forums - He is categorically wrong in banning them when he is no longer staff; However he did such in good faith to remove content that could be perilous. He's lost his forum admin and I've gone through admins on forums to give it a cleaning. 

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