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Automated Injury System (Flows)

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In virtue of streamlining our S2K combat system, we've introduced in a past iteration the Flows system. During the course of it, we've come to improve and perfect it in order to offer a fair and balanced way to handle injuries that every player might get.

This system is based in RNG and percentages to determine the severity of your injury, and also a possible PK (rare). (PK reads: Permanent Kill)


As it stands today, the system counts with these percentages:

- 50.5% chance you receive a Minor Injury. (1 to 50 roll)

- 38.5% chance you receive a Moderate Injury. (50 to 89 roll)

- 5% chance you receive a Severe Injury. (90 to 94 roll)
- 3% chance you receive a Grievous Injury. (95 to 98 roll)

- 2% chance you receive a PK. (99 to 100 roll)


The way it works is that every time your character reach 0 HP during S2K combat, you'll roll a 1d100 dice and enter a downed state.

We have handcrafted a multitude of pre-written /event or /it text paragraphs to depict the injury of your character based on what caused them to reach 0 HP (damage type, such as Arachnid talons, or Bullets), taking then a gigantic load of work off the event runner's hands. These /events and /its are separated between the groups of Minor, Moderate, Severe, and Grievous injuries.


Addendum: As per executive decree, these injury chances based on this system are the norm in normal situations where the risk given to the Mobile Infantry is within what we consider 'normal level' OOCly. If by any reason a specific mission entails a higher risk endeavor, manual injuries can still be applied to negligent Troopers based on different types of rolls that are discretionary to the event runner. Essentially, this is a rare occasion, but its nice to mention the possibility of it happening.



What is the 'downed state'?


Think of Left 4 Dead's downed state. Your character is downed and you can barely use a weapon to defend yourself, needing the help of someone to stand back up. You can move very slowly and will also have a custom animation representing that you're downed. Your vision will also be blurry to represent the difficulty in shooting. Your recoil isn't affected.

Okay, but what does each level of injury mean?

- A Minor Injury is an injury that you can treat yourself, no real harm done.

- A Moderate Injury is an injury only certain trained personnel can treat, them being either CLS certified Troopers or actual Combat Medics from the Medical Detachment. These injuries aren't life-threatening, but they'll hinder your ability to perform on the field until it gets treated.


- A Severe Injury is an injury only Combat Medics from the Medical Detachment can treat. While not necessarily life-threatening, these injuries are, as said, severe. They need to be treated soon or otherwise they could develop into a life-threatening situation. Most cases you can still fight after getting treated, but at a hindered performance due to the injury you sustained.


- A Grievous Injury is an injury even Combat Medics from the Medical Detachment can't treat on field and thus they must stabilize you to the best they can on field and then send you back home on a MEDEVAC, essentially TKing (TK reads: Temporary Kill) your character for the rest of the mission. These are life-threatening and if not tended to quickly they can actually develop into a PK. Case-by-case bias. These injuries can also sometimes be permanent. These include but are not restricted to: loss of a limb (arm, leg), loss of an eye, permanent scars on body/face. All loss can be remedied by the use of prosthetics. More on that in the Medical Section of this forums.


- A PK is, as said, a Permanent Kill. These will not have automated injuries but rather a /event that says 'Death approaches Sgt. Example Exemplarius'. What this means is that we leave it open for the PK'd and the Event Runner to discuss the way the death of the character will go. It can be quick and painless, or slow and painful. Most times than not, up to player's discretion rather than event runner's. These are obviously appealable, but after extensive testing there's a high chance that PKs wont ever be overturned, save for server performance issues (rare), or unfairness created by the event runner during the time of the PK (overspawning of NPCs). If unsure about the rules around PKs, contact an Admin+.



Any further inquiries about this topic should be directed at the Staff Team via Discord.


Thanks to @Xalphox for concept/coding.

Thanks to @Luna for flows written.

Thanks to @Reverend for flows written/coding.

Thanks to @prim for flows written.

Thanks to @Gr4Ss for coding.

Thanks to @radical roach for coding.

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