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Is this a Serious Roleplay server?




Is there voice?

No. We're text-based.



Is the server S2K or S2RP?

Mainly S2K. There will be moments S2RP is applied but those are rare occasions.



What does S2K and S2RP even mean?

Shoot to Kill. There is almost no roleplay behind this form of combat. You fire at the NPCs like you'd be playing a normal campaign, except you're communicating with your peers in-game via text in an In-Character manner, being it for banter or actual proper tactical communication and orders relay.


Shoot to Roleplay. Every action you take in combat is an emoted action via a /me. This system is inviable in large-scale and we won't be having it in such scenario. However, any PvP interactions will be strictly S2RP.



Is the server PvE or PvP?

We are a mainly PvE server. PvP can happen but at a very rare rate.



What does PvE and PvP even mean?

Player versus Entity. You, player, will be put up in combat against NPCs for enemies and not other players. Akin to a co-op experience.


Player versus Player. You, player, is put against another player in combat. Akin to a multiplayer experience.



How are injuries handled?

We have an automated injury system for S2K combat. See this thread for more information around it.



What year is it ICly?

We're in 2320.


Does that mean we're ahead regarding last iteration?

No! We did a full canon reset. The reason we're on 2320 regardless is because this time around we're going to stick more closely to the RPG canon, and Big K (Klendathu of SST1) was in 2320.


Can I bring back a character from a past iteration?

Short answer? No. Long answer? If you're willing to completely void all interactions your character had in the past, and know that any and all specializations they might have acquired during that time is now void, then sure. This feels like a kick to your knee though, so I'd rather recommend you start on a brand new character. It'll keep things refreshing and people won't give you silly looks because.. it'd be silly. Don't be creatively bankrupt.


Can I apply for a character who starts ahead of another character?

Short answers? Yes. Long answer? It is a case-by-case bias. We have most specialist and leadership roles already filled but we won't shut you down if you want to apply. This doesn't mean you're guaranteed to get what you want. For more information regarding this, contact a Senior Admin or above.


What is the Ship's name that we're in?

This has still to be decided. I'll update the answer here as soon as we have a definitive name.


Are we a hero-like platoon?

Depends on your point of view. We are, by essence, just another platoon in the sea of Mobile Infantrymen. This doesn't mean we won't be having moments of glory. We aren't the main characters of the story as is obvious, but we'll try our best to make you feel like you are from time to time.


Who are the Faction Leads?

Refer to this thread.


Who are the Staff Members?

Refer to this thread.


What are the purposes of Admins, Senior Admins, and Executive Admins?

Admins are our biggest workforce, responsible mainly for running events and dealing with menial tasks such as character name change, teleports, and stuff related to such.

Senior Admins are admins who were given specific or non-specific tasks that require a more trustworthy person to handle.

Executive Admins are admins who hold executive power over most if not all affairs of the server. They are the final deciders of complicated topics or drama that might ensue. The only person able to override an XA's decision is Xalphox (the owner) himself.


How do I join a faction?

Reach out to the specific faction either in-game or in the Discord. Most factions are eager to get new blood. Some will need an application, some just needs an express of interest from you.

How do I join the Staff Team?

Establish a presence in the community, volunteer to help run events, create content (either literal tangible content - or literally just create roleplay), get nominated by an admin: there's no formal process; If we think you'd be a good fit we'll tap you on the shoulder. Being an NCO doesn't automatically get you admin, but there's a great deal of overlap between being a Sergeant and being an admin.

I want more info about the SST lore. Where can I find that?

Good places to start would be the movies (particularly the first one), the Heinlein book, or the RPGs.

I've watched the movie, read the book, and peeked into the RPGs. How do I get more info about the server-specific lore?

There are threads in the Stories section of these forums with information about events that have happened, and planets or solar systems existent all with their own custom lore.


These are mostly player-made and if they haven't been removed twenty four hours past it's posting time, it can be considered canon to the server.


We'll soon also have a revamped wiki to draw information from. Stay tuned.



How do I get access to PAC?

PAC is free for all but is moderated and each character's PAC needs to be approved. PACs must be a reasonable file size, mustn't be an undue burden on other people's frames, and must fit within the bounds of what is reasonable in our universe. See this thread for more information. If you need help with PAC, there are plenty of folks in the Discord channel #pac who will be happy to help - including how to get most PACs under 30MB.



Is there PvP PKs?

Yes, but it is heavily moderated. Most if not all PvP interactions need to have an in-depth reasoning behind, this is assuming you want to kill the other character. More information about this in this thread.



Credits to @Xalphox & @Dark for this FAQ.


Last revision: November 5th, 2022.

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