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PvP PKs Rules

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PvP CKs/PKs are permitted on SSTRP. There are consequences for actions IC, and this is the ultimate consequence for a character who is acting obnoxious. 

For a PvP PK to be legitimate the following tests need to be met:

1. There is a reasonable justification for the PKers to want to murder the PKee.
2. The manner in which the PK was conducted was plausible.
3. The PKers are not throwaway characters.
4. The PKers acted in good faith OOC.
5. The PK doesn't set a dangerous precedent for the server.


Players do not need to seek approval ahead of time for a PK and any roleplayed murder of a character should be presumed to be a PK unless there is a prima facie reason to believe it was illegitimate - which is to be arbitrated by an admin. 

A player who has been PKed can contest it by making a PK appeal here. Any ambiguities will, by default, be found in favour of the PKed player.

To prevent a PK being overturned, it would make sense to either record the PK, or ask an admin to supervise. You can also ask an SA+ for guidance on the likelihood of attaining a successful PK based on the above rules, but that advice is non-binding.

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