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The Weaver Family

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((This is an OOC post being made solely to develop the letters sent between Madeline and Oscar, and further her relationship with characters back home.))






SSpc. Madeline "Wallaby" Weaver

Before enlisting with the Mobile Infantry, Madeline had a nasty falling out with her parents. Eager to escape their judgment and carve her own path in life, she enlisted some months before Buenos Aires was hit, and got shipped off to Klendathu shortly thereafter. Her brother, Oscar Weaver Jr., had agreed to send letters and try to keep Madeline company, even when she's half a galaxy away on the front against the Arachnid menace.






Ben told Mum you'd be shipping off soon...


Hey Mads, it's Oz!

Mum and Dad have been worrying themselves sick for you. They saw Buenos Aires on the TV and instantly started fretting over how they could try and get you out, and I haven't been able to calm them down since. Your friends haven't been helping, Ben told Mum you'd be shipping off soon, maybe to Klendathu. Don't worry too much, though, I've been able to keep them in their right minds, and they'll miss you but they won't do anything stupid.


Have you been told what company you're going to deploy with? I was with Benson's Blitzkrieg, maybe you'll get lucky and deploy with them? Whoever you fight alongside, I know you'll do wellamazing. You've always been my badass younger sister, I don't see that changing any time soon just because of a few bugs. If you really can't handle the pressure, pretend that the bugs are Jess' old bullies just like we used to for martial arts practice.


I haven't got much else to write, to be honest. Home's been boring. I almost went to enlist again, but Mum and Dad wouldn't have been able to handle the scare and I know you wouldn't want that. Worrying for you aside, we're all doing well for ourselves. Dad got promoted, he's a middle manager now. Mum is still teaching the same class. A few of your friends enlisted, Phoebe's trying to get into Fleet, Jorja wants Military Intelligence. If you ask me, I think they're both getting M.I.


I'll be looking forward to hearing from you again after your first drop! Tell me all about how it went and show your trophies over video, please!


Love you! Best wishes, Mum, Dad, Oz, and everyone at home.


P.S. I slipped in your old mixtape with those love songs you always listen to! Your punk mix is next!



Calming Meditation with Kyle Owens



A CD that has been wiped clean and recorded onto via a cheap webcam.


*** The camera blinks to life, Weaver quickly leaning away from it and falling back onto her bunk. Bags sit under her eyes, and she looks terribly fatigued.







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