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Fleet Medals, Awards, & Commendations (WIP)


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Official Awards of the Federation Fleet

Approved by UCF Board of Admiralty






Fleet Cross


fleet cross.png


The Fleet Cross is the UCF Fleet's second-highest military decoration awarded for sailors and marines who distinguish themselves for extraordinary heroism in combat with an armed enemy force. It is equivalent to the Infantry Cross. This award must be approved by an RAdm+.




Fleet Distinguished Service Medal


The Fleet Distinguished Service Medal  is presented to sailors and marines to recognize distinguished and exceptionally meritorious service to humanity while serving in a duty or position of great responsibility.




Fleet Expeditionary Medal

Navexpmed front.jpg


The General Orders of the Board of Admiralty which established the medal states, "The medal will be awarded, to the officers and enlisted men of the Navy who shall have either landed on foreign territory and engaged in operations against armed opposition, or operated in foreign space under circumstances which, after full consideration, shall be deemed to merit special recognition and for which service no campaign medal has been awarded. "


Fleet Good Conduct Medal


USA - Navy Good Conduct Medal.png


 The Good Conduct Medal, each one specific to each of the branches of the UCF Armed Forces, is currently awarded to any active duty enlisted member of the United Citizens Federation military who completes three consecutive years of "honorable and faithful service". Such service implies that a standard enlistment was completed without any NJP(s), disciplinary infractions, or court martial offenses. If a service member commits an offense, the three-year mark "resets" and a service member must perform an additional three years of service without having to be disciplined, before the Good Conduct may be authorized.



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