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Hideaki Hashimoto PAC Application

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Name: Jun

Character Name: Hideaki Hashimoto

Character Rank (EG: Private): Recruit
Character Division (EG: Engineer): Mobile Infantry

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:9772086

On-Duty or Off-Duty: Both
Total size of imported assets (if any): 25.8mb
Images/Videos of the PAC or Imgur link to load:






PAC Window.pngFront2.png


Explanation of any IC events leading up to this application (if necessary):

Hideaki's equipment is, like him, a little old. Still largely standard issue however, he has simply foregone making use of the kneepads as they didn't fit his legs comfortably.


Additional comments: Updated with a completely overhauled model

 - MI styled uniform, very similar in style (save for kneepads)

 - Ammo pouches now optional, I've tried to make them more SST-esque since it feels weird to go bare with the ammo we use, but if it's too out of style then I don't mind keeping them off and I'll remove the option if I ever do an update

 - Has the MI radio and MI patches

 - Helmet has been desaturated and adjusted to be much closer to the style of the present helmets

 - The helmet is also slightly too shiny still- It'll be fixed for the in-use version, I just forgot to adjust before snapping the pics

 - This is the warm version hence the gloves and fur around the neck, since we're on a cold planet for this campaign. I have a normal/warm climate version ready to bake when we get back to normal duty, which I will then apply for


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  • Executive Administrator

Helmet is too high quality, too shiny.

What is that WW2 looking mag bags? No. Use more modern stuff.

Arms are too shiny.

Dropping with a no sleeve telny? Nah. Full black, and small sleeve minimum.

Why did you change the pants? Just use the default one. It looks better, looks more modern, and is also the default.


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